Sometimes it seems that time passes by so fast and this is, unfortunately, the cruel reality. But when the time is well spent, then instead of feeling sad about aging you can always go back to the good memories and the great experiences you’ve had.

For most people, these good experiences come mainly with new adventures and with traveling. And of course, this is mainly how people learn something new, discover and explore and collect new episodes of their movie called life.

Exciting traveling challenges to do

So what we have here are some challenges to do to spice up your travel life a bit. They can lead you to new experiences and new feelings you haven’t encountered before and, as traveling works, they can leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller. Well, here you have it – a list of traveling challenges we recommend. Some of them may inspire you to go on a trip immediately, while some you might have already done, so check out how creative you are while you’re on the road.

  1. Try hitchhiking with your friends in a foreign country.
  2. Go camping on a deserted beach with your new lover.
  3. Run along the Chinese wall with your selfie stick up in the air.
  4. Watch the stunning Northern lights while having a glass of excellent wine.
  5. Skinny deep late at night in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  6. Take a selfie with a llama on Machu Picchu.
  7. Try to avoid social media during a trip – can you do it?
  8. Find the funniest looking person at the bus station and buy a ticket for a day trip to the destination he/she is going.
  9. Go on a Zipline anywhere you can in the world, but if you want an actual challenge then choose to do a zip line in Nepal.
  10. Try out tandem paragliding above a lovely surface such as a famous national park or a spectacular blue sea.
  11. Make a photo album (a real one, not on social media) about every trip you’ve had and keep it in a good place for eternal memory.
  12. Send postcards from places you visit your friends and the people you’ve met along the trips.
  13. Visit Disneyworld no matter how old you think you are (and you are never too old for Disneyland).
  14. Visit some of the most popular music festivals organized throughout the world.
  15. Pick a destination that is on the other side of the world from the point where you live.
  16. Don’t be scared to fall in love with whoever you find amusing and is nice to you along the way.
  17. Taste some traditional Asian food that includes insects and other stuff you might not feel like trying out at all.
  18. Take a ride on a train that goes through the most beautiful railways in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.
  19. Go on a cruise that lasts for more than a week and stops at exotic places.
  20. Learn a few interesting phrases in as many languages as you can.
  21. Visit a new city without a map, nor any knowledge of the city, just ask the people along the way for which places to visit, where to go and what to do.
  22. Use your money to travel more instead of buying unnecessary things for your home.
  23. Visit at least three continents.
  24. Have fun while you pretend that you’re a famous TV star visiting a foreign country.
  25. Sing your heart out with the street musicians you meet in a new city.
  26. Go on a camel ride through some of the deserts in Egypt.
  27. Visit the seven wonders of the world.
  28. Book a ticket to Bali, Indonesia and spend a few days relaxing at a spiritual retreat.
  29. Travel to China to hold baby pandas at panda research bases.
  30. Go snorkeling in Seychelles and get inspired by the most beautiful and colorful underwater world.
  31. Drive a motorbike and enjoy the scenic view from the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
  32. Watch the craziest soccer game on Earth called Superclasico played in Buenos Aires.
  33. Attend one of the most exciting and diverse street carnivals.
  34. Travel to China to be amazed by the Lantern Festival that is organized every year.
  35. Leave your problems behind whenever you go on a road trip.
  36. If you have kids, try to travel as much as you can with them and create memories together.
  37. Taste the local beverages and dessert specialties.
  38. Go on a bike tour whenever you visit a new city to feel the heartbeat of the town and not just its main attractions.
  39. Listen to some local music and learn traditional dances in a foreign country.
  40. Always take the seat next to the window whenever you fly with a plane and try to explore the world from above as much as you can.
  41. Take an enjoying bath in some of the hot springs in Iceland.
  42. Change at least four cities of living.
  43. Visit some of the tribes on this planet and spend a few days learning their habits and rituals.
  44. Swim under a big waterfall.
  45. Visit places you like no matter what people say they have experienced there.
  46. Collect things from places you have visited that will remind you of your lovely experience there.
  47. Attend a color run in a big city.
  48. Visit museums you like even though you may think that the price of the ticket is high.
  49. Create a traveling bucket list for the following ten years.
  50. Enjoy life to the fullest and make every traveling adventure worth.

So, what do you think of these challenges to do? Are you thinking of trying out some of these traveling challenges? Or maybe you have done the same things that are mentioned on this list? Let us know what your thoughts and feelings about this “kooky” traveling list are and share some of your adventurous traveling memories with us.


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