All over the world, you will come across museums that are quite fascinating, outstanding and educational, and yet there are also the boring, life-sucking ones that you instantly regret you`ve paid a ticket. However, there is no point in discussing which ones fall into which category, since people tend to grow and nurture different tastes and interests over time, including their preferences of what they find amusing or not.

Even though it might not seem that way, museum owners and exhibition organizers dedicate a lot of time to their museums, trying to achieve their goals by making their target audience satisfied with the visit in the museum. Serious, educational, funny, shocking, historical, artistic or whatever the type of the museum might be, people (especially tourists) visit the ones they find the topic interesting. Or the ones that are really famous – tourists love visiting these ones, even though they`re sometimes not aware of what they`re about to see.

Let`s put the average and well-known museum aside for a while and focus on something strange and awkward, but amazing. Not quite sure what I`m talking? Let me present you several museums that will make you very confused at the first moment, but guarantee you a lot of fun if you ever get the chance to visit them. Plus, they`re affordable.

Be prepared to be left speechless, because here are the museums you`ve been missing all your life:

  1. The Museum of Bad Art

Location: Brookline and Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Tired of feeling untalented and bored of all that great and overly complimented art? Then it`s time to pay a visit to MOBA, the museum that highlights the “beauty” of the bad art. Yes, it`s true – bad art in every form is present in this museum and it might even make you feel like you`re a better artist and you could produce something better than what`s shown at the exhibition. It`s a nice way to laugh at somebody else`s misfortune, without giving a care in the world.

  1. The Museum of Broken Relationships

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

First of all – it`s nothing pathetic and depressing as you might think it is. It`s actually a really interesting museum, where different objects and the stories connected to them are presented in several different rooms. And the great part is that the stories, as well as the objects in the Museum of Broken Relationships, are real and quite funny (well, at least some of them). There are also stories that might make you feel sad, so it`s definitely a museum that will get you leave with mixed up emotions. Also great thing about it is that you can actually participate in your own love story. So cool, right?

  1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Location: New Delhi, India

Strange as it might sound, this museum has a rare collection of facts, pictures and objects detailing the historic evolution of toilets through time. Even though this might not be your favourite room in your home, still it can be really funny to find out what kind of technology, sanitary conditions, toilet etiquettes and legislative efforts have been used through time, starting chronologically from 2500 BC to date. You will definitely see a lot of weird and unthinkable toilets from around the world, a bunch of strange stuff such as a toilet disguised as a bookcase.

  1. Avanos Hair Museum

Location: Avanos, Turkey

Creepy as it might sound, this museum has actually a really interesting story to tell. Starting off as a mere exhibition, this museum now holds an estimated 16,000 samples of hair and the number is growing every day. It is actually a museum opened by the owners of a pottery center/guest house and the idea of the museum started with a local potter that was saying goodbye to a dear old friend, asking her to leave something that he can remember her by. Eventually, she left a piece of her hair and afterwards everyone that heard the story and liked it, left a bit of hair to the potter.

  1. Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

Desperate for a fun afternoon? Take a ride to the museum of salt and pepper shakers, a place full of different types of salt and pepper shakers that you wouldn`t have even imagined. Actually, this museum has a really interesting story of how it has been established. It`s a story about a family in a desperate need of pepper mill at home and because of the lack of it, they have started a real quest to find one. After buying several, it has become their obsession to collect this type of objects, which finally fully occupied their house. So, in order not to throw them away – they opened a museum! The museum even provides historical and informative facts about the salt and pepper shakers.

  1. The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

If you weren`t surprised until now, let me present you a really weird museum – The Icelandic Phallological Museum. It`s basically a representation of the male private organ, found in many forms and types. Yes, what you just read is true and this museum exists. Located in the capital of Iceland, this museum consists of numerous and various private male organs, starting from the organ of a little hedgehog up to the one of a great whale. An organ of a real man has been added recently to the collection.

  1. Museum of Torture

Location: Amsterdam, Prague, London, San Diego…

Although it`s not only one and unique museum, the concept of the torture museums can be quite shocking and amusing at the same time. Just to look at the different instruments and to think about how they were used will give you goosebumps. If you visit this museum with a good and positive company, then you should be okay, but if you have a weak heart about stuff like this, then it`s better to skip this museum.

  1. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Location: Ikeda, Japan

It`s basically a museum created as a gratitude to Momofuku Ando`s great invention – the Cup Noodles! It may not sound attractive at all but this museum offers a very good time to its visitors, providing educational and interactive workshops, where you learn more about the creation and the use of cup noodles and you also get the chance to make your own noodles. You`ll have so much fun!

  1. International Cryptozoology Museum

Location: Portland, Maine, USA

The world’s only cryptozoology museum is located in downtown Portland, Maine and it is a must-visit museum, especially for all the non-believers that need more information regarding this topic. For all of you not acquainted with the term cryptozoology – it is the study of animals whose existence has not been proven due to the lack of evidence. Inside this museum, you will find many samples of some parts of the creatures, which might make you consider if they have existed at all.

  1. Funeral Carriage Museum

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Are you a fan of vehicles? What about funeral cars, how do you feel about them? Well, of course you don`t love them, but if you visit Barcelona and have some free time, pay a visit to the Funeral Carriage Museum, where you will find 13 beautiful funeral carriages and six coaches that were used to transport departed citizens to their eternal resting place. You`ll be surprised how fancy they were back then.

Even though some people find museums boring and time-wasting, they can be fascinating and useful. This list of museums is also proof that there is something for everyone in this world, so if you feel like visiting the famous museums – go ahead and enjoy them, but don`t forget to get out of your comfort zone once in a while and visit something strange and amusing, like these museums.


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