When asked why they don’t travel although they want to, people often answer it’s because they have no money. While in some cases it really is impossible or terrible to collect it, in most the problem is only imagined. The thing is, many people tend to spend money on stuff they don’t need instead of keeping it for what’s important. If you have some source of income and no serious obligations or issues, such as loans or family problems, you can tighten your belts and save up. Unfortunately, there are lots of temptations all around which you’ll have to face, especially if you’re not a thrifty type (yet). That’s why here’s a list of 8 tips that can help you to make priorities, remain motivated and simply save money for travels.

  1. Set your goals and stick to them

If you say you’re going to “save money for a trip” in “a couple of months,” there’s a great chance you’ll make it – but the money will be a few bucks and the months will turn into a year. You could then call the goal accomplished, but… for a couple of bucks you can perhaps get yourself a bus ticket to the airport or a sandwich for the road, no more. Whether you’re going for an around the world trip or short vacation, calculate how much you need. To do it, spend a bit of time researching. Check how much you might spend for plane tickets, accommodation, etc. Once you find the number, decide when you should have it on your account. You can also make a detailed plan and set some weekly or monthly goals.

  1. Share your plans with friends

Tell your friends, family members, acquaintances, colleagues and dogs that you’re saving for a trip. From time to time, they will most likely ask how it is going, which won’t necessary, be pleasant, but undoubtedly useful. After all, publicly admitting you’ve given up is neither nice nor easy. You can also ask your best friends to support and motivate you.

  1. Remember you don’t really need that stuff

There might be a moment you’ll feel tempted to buy another pair of shoes (because none of your seven pairs fit this outfit). A new computer (because the other one is old), this cute armchair you’ve seen on sale (because it’s pretty and on sale). Or a pair of amazing loudspeakers (because you could swear they have spoken to you from the display and begged to take them home). In such critical moments ask yourself: do you really need it? But really?! If not, just don’t buy it. Don’t eat it, don’t drink it and don’t spend your money on it. Remember the very same money could be invested into something you truly, sincerely and honestly dream of.

  1. Do some fun things that are cheap or free

You don’t have to move to a cave and live like a hermit. If your saving plans are too hardcore, you might quickly lose the motivation. Let yourself get something nice from time to time, but make it something cheap. Go for a cup of coffee with a good friend, buy a second-hand book that will keep you happily busy for many hours, cook a delicious lunch. These things don’t cost much but can give you as much (or more) joy than the expensive stuff you’d quickly get bored of anyway. Besides, you can always find some free things to do. Instead of going out and drinking fancy liquors one night after another, subscribe to an online course, watch a movie online, invite a friend and have a philosophical conversation or a pillow fight.

  1. Get extreme and leave yourself no other option

In case you have severe trust issues with yourself, and you’re afraid most methods won’t make you frugal, do something that will really push you. If you have at least some money, book a plane ticket or pay for a hotel. Are you planning a long journey and quitting your job? Give an early notice at work. Once you make a big step towards realizing your travel plans, it’ll be much harder to surrender.

  1. Let other travelers inspire you

Read books, blogs and magazines written by travelers. Watch videos and documentaries. Follow Globetrotters on social media. It might be driving you crazy sometimes to see some guys climbing mountains while you’re stuck at the office, but most importantly, it’ll boost up your motivation levels. Whether hearing from other travelers makes you feel jealousy or pure-hearted admiration, it can be helpful. Besides, seeing how real people do what you’ve been dreaming of, makes it seem more reachable.

  1. Make a game out of it

Saving can actually be fun. Sounds unbelievable? It’s true! With the right attitude and a bit of imagination, you can actually enjoy it. Don’t just keep money on the account, do something creative. Make notes and write what your weekly savings can be spent on when you begin the journey – week 1 goes for cocktails in beach bars, week 2 applies to backpacker hostels full of awesome people, week 3 goes for a train ticket for a ride on a scenic route, etc. Get a huge jar to store spare change and promise yourself you’re going to buy for it, let’s say, a ticket to this theater you want to visit so badly. Instead of writing down your plans in a boring sheet, make it colorful and nice. Use your creativity and turn it all into a game (with fantastic prizes!).

  1. Think of what you can lose if you don’t manage

Not at all pleasant, but fear can sometimes be beneficial. If you’re close to letting your plans go, remember what you’re actually giving up. Imagine all those beautiful places you could visit, the adventures waiting for you out there, the people you could meet, the things you could learn about yourself and the world. Watch some striking pictures of the destinations you’ve been planning to visit. Imagine how it would feel to walk around in a jungle. See yourself lying down on a golden sand of a gorgeous beach. Make it sentimental. Make it dramatic. Make it work.

Do you have your own saving money methods? Let us know. And share this article with your friends, especially those who repeat “I don’t have money to travel”!


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