Can you believe that we only have a few months left before we say goodbye to the old and fulfilling 2016 and a warm welcome to the new 2017? Yeah, it seems so strange how fast time passes by and yet there might be times when we felt like the clocked has stopped. And since we cannot turn back time, the best thing we can do is to enjoy it. Well, is there a better way to enjoy life than to travel and gain new experiences?

Places to go to before you welcome 2022

Since 2021 is coming to an end, and for some people, it has proven to be a fantastic year, we decided to look around a bit and help those looking for an adventure to seize the beauty of the year. Oh, but where to go first, what to do when there are so many amazing destinations scattered throughout the whole planet? Sure, you can have fun whenever you go, but why don’t you do something special to round up the entire year? For this purpose, we’ve gathered several exceptional destinations that will help you remember the year of 2021 for good. Hope you will have time to visit some of these places.

Summer in Australia

Well, first of all, if you like to travel and you’re not keen on feeling the cold in your bones, have in mind that you can always escape the winter. And since we only have a few months left out of 2021, which are going to be the colder ones – surviving the winter can really be a challenge. However, due to the difference in climate zones, Australia is a continent where the weather conditions of some other continents do not apply. Therefore, it is indeed strange but it’s definitely fascinating how spring starts in September and summer ends up in February. Having this in mind and the left over months of 2021, it is a great pleasure to conclude that traveling this period in Australia can be highly satisfying and not a bit freezing.

Catch the Northern Lights

It’s probably everyone’s dream to see the famous Aurora Borealis and people always keep asking about the ideal time and place to see this incredible performance in the sky. As much as a scientist are working on this matter, there is certainly no perfect time and location you can catch the Northern Lights. However, experts seem to recommend to skip the summer months since the intense light of the sun covers the visibility of the colorful lights. Therefore, this is a great chance for you to head off to an adventure and fulfill your dream of seeing the Northern Lights in person. As for the location, it is best for you to start planning a trip to Alaska and northern Canada. Additionally, you can enjoy these incredible natural phenomena in countries like Iceland, southern Greenland, Finland, Northern Norway and Sweden. All of these countries are excellent hosts of Northern Lights seekers and will do anything to increase your pleasure of observing them in the dark nights.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

What time is it? – It’s time for BEER! Starting from September up until mid-October, Germany is definitely the place to be. During this period the country is a real paradise for beer lovers. Of course, you have heard about the famous beer festival held in Germany. However, the central spot of events is Munich, a charming city in the Bavarian region. It’s a pure madness where beer, laughter, and joyful music come in large quantities. Hurry up – there’s plenty of beer, but the festival is going to finish up soon!

Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood

The 31st of October is approaching and with that day comes along one of the most exciting masquerades ever. Where do you plan on spending this spooky holiday? People are taking their time seriously preparing for this awesome event for which today you can easily find a Halloween celebration in a ton of places on Earth. However, if you’re looking for something spectacular, then you should definitely head down to West Hollywood. Something’s telling me that Santa Monica Boulevard will have the most bewitching party of all!

Bridge Day in West Virginia

All you restless adrenaline seekers should definitely mark the third Sunday of October and travel to New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia, in the USA. There you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing a spectacular event, known to be the world’s largest happening for extreme sports. The New River Gorge Bridge, known to be the second highest bridge in America, is the point from which professionals jump and open their parachutes before landing into the water, locally known by the “River of Death.”

Thanksgiving with your family

If it’s 24th of November and you’re not sure where to spend this lovely holiday – just consider going back home and spending it with your close family. Sure, going to a vacation at this time or traveling to a place you haven’t been before being nice, but don’t miss out on a chance to spend this heartwarming holiday with your family. Or at least take them away with you, create your own traveling adventure.

Christmas Markets in Europe

December brings along a beautiful atmosphere all around the world. People look forward to celebrating the New Year and are eager to share their love during the Christmas holidays. For this purpose, plenty of cities in Europe organize Christmas markets on large squares that raise up the spirit of the holiday.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve!

It’s never too early to start planning a trip for New Year’s Eve, so wherever you decide to go just remember to be in good company and enjoy the celebration with a satisfying closure of yet another year filled with memorable road trips.


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