Many people have a wish to travel, and all of them want to get to their destination as fast and as safe as possible. Speed can easily be calculated depending on the type of vehicle. However, safety is a relative that cannot be guaranteed. Yes, you can calculate the possibility of a special damage happening to one type of transport about another, but hardly can you guarantee that the chances of an accident happening are 100% not possible.

Yes, the fear of bad things and their consequences are what make us rethink our actions. And yet, we still “risk” just because the other factors are overruling.

Let`s talk about flying a bit. Flying an airplane is known to be one of the means of transportation that causes previous panic and fear for some passengers. There is also this type of people that just don`t care and feel indifferent about flying, or the people that find flying exciting and fun. If you belong to this group of people, then you`re obviously a happy and carefree person.

However, there are these people that can`t stand flying or even can`t imagine stepping their foot on an airplane. They experience flying as a threat to their life, and they don`t want to hear about it. But let`s be honest, flying is probably the fastest way of getting from one place to another. You can even go from one part of the world to another just in 1-2 days.

Another really significant benefit is that sometimes (depending on the route and the time of purchasing a ticket) a flight ticket can be even cheaper than any other type of transport. Seriously, traveling for only 10 euros from one to another country in Europe and arriving in just 2 hours? No other mode of transport can beat this.

Even if you find a lot more advantages about other means of transportation, some people simply don`t care. They`re afraid, and they can`t imagine traveling by a plane ever in their life. Well, if you find yourself belonging to this group, then let`s try to help you think about it and possibly get over your fear.

Phase 1: Before you buy the tickets

When you`re planning your trip, you always come to the point where you have to check and plan your route. If you tend to be careful with your budget, then you have to put a little more effort in the process of finding the best offers for transport. As a person that prefers flying less than traveling with other vehicles, you always seek for the best bus, train or boat option.

Now, you have found all possible options, and you have even checked the flight options as well. What you have to do next is to make a simple comparison between the time, price, comfort and every significant factor that you find necessary when traveling with the means of transportation you have found.

Decide if you want and need this

You hate to say it, but it`s entirely possible that the flying option is the best one. Probably even your only option. So, in a case like this, you have to ask yourself if you wish to travel is big enough to overrule the pressure and the panic that can occur with the flying itself. If you make up your mind and decide to be courageous, then it`s time for the next step.

Get rid of your negative thoughts

I know it`s hard, but try to stop thinking about all of the bad stuff that can happen while you`re up there in the air. Your life is not just another Hollywood movie. Bad things happen, but that doesn`t mean that something wrong is going to happen by default. If you think of it that way, then I`m sad to break it to you, but accidents while traveling by bus or a boat or even a train can happen. People make car accidents every day, and you still choose to drive your car daily.

Yes, it`s possible that something bad might happen but thinking like that every time you decide to fly is a little bit extreme, don`t you think?

Don`t let others thoughts and feelings affect you

People sometimes don`t know when to shut up. They keep talking about the latest plane accident, and they`re unintentionally making your head full of negative thoughts, making you have mixed emotions about your trip. Even the ones that intentionally tell you how bad your idea of flying is, if they don`t have a strong reason behind their talk, then tell them not to worry and be positive. However, be prepared to hear a lot of stories and experiences. Better yet, try to find a person who is supportive and will encourage you to fly.

Phase II: When you enter the airplane

Did you buy the plane tickets? That`s great, your first step of getting over your fear of flying has been accomplished. What`s up next is the actual act of flying. It`s time to get on that plane and fly up in the air. The boarding is not stressful, but it`s not the place where you can panic. The long lines, the passengers waiting to sit on the plane, everything about that place will make anxious. That`s why you have to get your mind off of the busy line and think about your trip and what you`ll visit when you get there.

Choose your seat wisely!

When you enter the airplane, you`ll probably have an already arranged sit on your ticket, but if you don`t prefer it, you can always ask someone to change seats. There are a lot of people that just don`t care where they sit. However, you might care and here`s why.

Sitting next to the window can be exciting and scary at the same time, it depends on the way you experience it. From one point it can be scary because you`re watching the ground or water beneath you. But it can be amazing experiencing the world from above and going through the clouds made out of cotton.

Sitting in the middle of the plane is more relaxing since you can look the seats nearby and imagine that you are on a bus or a train. Additionally, the flight attendants are also passing by you so you can always call them if you need something or don`t feel well. However, sitting here – you`re missing the view from the window, which can be magical.

Sitting in between other seats can be bad for you, especially when sitting next to strangers. You might feel uncomfortable, but you can have the benefits of the previous two sitting options.

Find someone to talk to

When traveling alone, you don`t have the opportunity to speak with someone that is aware of your fear, so if you are an extrovert, it can be fun to find someone compatible to share your thoughts. If you find someone communicative, try not to talk about the flight at all, but more about the destination, about you, about the newest trends or whatever. Just not how awful it would be to have a plane accident.

Do something fun

If you are more of an introvert or you simply don`t want to talk while you`re flying, then it`s the best for you to take a book or listen to your favorite relaxing music, so that you can keep your mind off of the flight. You can even take some brain games or even watch a movie on your device, but don`t forget to put in on flight mode.

Order something on the plane

If you think that a glass of alcohol can make you relax more, then order something on the aircraft. It`s not an embarrassing thing to do. In fact, many people do it. Just try not to drink too much.

Try to sleep

If you try to relax and close your eyes, you might fall asleep, which will be great because you will not be thinking about the flight for some time. The time will pass quickly, and you`ll even rest a bit. Phase III: After the flight If your flight was safe, then you must remember it that way and don`t exaggerate when you`re talking about your experience. If your flight was wrong, don`t tell yourself that it will always be that way and that you will never fly again. However, it`s still good that you have even given it a try.

So, do you think you can fly now?


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