Zip lining is often offered at vacation destinations. Located on a slope or mountain, lines are installed that use the force of gravity to propel a person down the cable to the other end. The rider is harnessed in, sitting in the harness as you would sit in a chair, and attached by a pulley that extends upward and that rests on the line. Most zip lines do have weight limits, so check the rules and restrictions before you decide to commit. Zip Lining offers a fantastic way to get an aerial view of the place you are exploring. Jungles, mountains, and water features are popular zip lining destinations, allowing the traveler to see the beauty of the area from up above.

Arbortrek in Vermont

The Arbortrek Smugglers Notch is located in Vermont and ranks as one of the best zip lining experiences. The Zip Line Canopy Tour is a favorite, as multiple zip lines are used and bridges to cross. The zip lines give views of the green forest and treetops of Vermont, offering what no hiker can ever see. Some of the travel down through the lines can reach up to 40 mph, so it is geared more towards adults. You will zip line in small groups, led by two outstanding and informative guides, so hang on and enjoy the green forests of beautiful Vermont.

Big Sky Resort Zip Line Adventures

The Big Sky Resort is located in Big Sky, Montana and offers a couple of different zip line adventures for you to experience. Conveniently located close to Yellowstone National Park, the Big Sky Resort is a great place to see and do many things. Try the Adventure Zip, where you ride up a mountain and zip line down at high rates of speed. This line also features a twin line not too far away, so you can race your friend or significant other as you scream your way to the bottom. The Nature Zip is also available. Hike up the Lone Mountain for about 20 minutes, and prepare to zip your way down! This line consists of two lines separated by another short walk, so you get to enjoy the beautiful forests and mountains surrounding you.

Zip lining over a river

Ka’anapali Zip and Dip

Who wouldn’t want to zipline over one of the Hawaiian Islands? On the Ka’anapali Zip and Dip tours, you do just that, zip line over beautiful Maui. The first option consists of 8 areas over four hours that give travelers views of the ocean and the Maui Mountains, an unforgettable experience. The second option is a Zip and Dip tour, lasting about three hours, and includes four lines to zip line. It has a twin line you can race on, as well as water time in a mountain pool to cool off your hot zip lining. Do you want to do both? The ultimate tour is also offered, lasting over four hours and has a 9-line system. You can get all the fantastic views and water time on this trip.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Ohio offers the Super Zip, an amazing zip line experience through a forest, a cliff, and over the Hocking River. The Super Zip as it is called offers speeds of up to 5o miles per hour! While reaching this eye-watering speed, you will do so lying on your stomach, flying through the forests as Superman would. The tour does offer the sitting position for those that get too nervous or would rather sit up during the fast-paced zip tour. Due to such high speeds, fliers under eight years old are not allowed. The Super Zip offers the chance to fly like Superman for about an hour, no cape included.

sliding on a zip line in an adventure park

Xtreme ZipRider in Utah’s Olympic National Park

If you want the steepest, fastest zip lining thrill, this is it. This zip line runs along Nordic jump, a skiing training jump used in competition and in the Olympics which combines ski jumps and cross-country skiing. It has four cables side by side, so let the race begin! The drop is 500 feet on this zip line experience, so hang on and yell your lungs out for you could reach up to 60 miles per hour.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Colorado offers the longest zip lining experience available. With 27 different lines, you can fly over the San Juan Mountains, across a river and through the pine trees of beautiful Colorado. Soaring Tree offers a train ride that is included in your zip line experience to the top, allowing slower viewing of the best of Colorado’s scenery before zipping your way through it to the bottom. Enjoy lunch in the trees and have the snacks that are provided because zip lining 27 cables will be an all-day experience! Open May through October, enjoy the cool air of the mountains and get away from the summer heat.

Boy Prepared to go Zip Lining

Zip to an Awesome Experience

Zip lining gives travelers aerial views unlike any other. Flying over mountains, forest, and rivers is exhilarating and something you will always remember. Whether it’s racing a friend down a mountainside or through a forest or accumulating speeds up to 60 miles per hour, zip lining can be a fun time had for all, and a fantastic opportunity to see the sights. Located conveniently near parks and other attractions, zip lining can be part of your trip as you experience everything the area has to offer. So try out your superhero cape for a short while, as you fly through amazing scenery in destinations across the U.S.


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