I`m sure you have noticed lately that the number of people owning a selfie stick is rising day by day. I bet you have one as well! Well good for you, I hope this way you`re making better pictures than the ordinary way of taking selfies.

For those of you leaving in a cave, a selfie stick is a monopod that is designed to take photographs of yourself (widely known as selfies), while using a smartphone or a camera connected to the stick itself. Often connected by Bluetooth, the selfie sticks help in the process of taking photos beyond the usual range of the arm.

Tourists have gone utterly crazy about them, and they simply don`t care about the comments from the others, describing them as narcissistic. However, if you love carrying your selfie stick everywhere with you and you like to take your selfies in every city you visit, you have to keep the places where your selfie stick is not welcome in mind!

You may wonder why they don`t let selfie sticks to be used in those particular places and you might even argue with them, but they might have a really good reason for forbidding something like that. Imagine going to the museum and not being able to enjoy the art presented in front of you, just because you can`t see through the jungle of selfie sticks spreading its branches everywhere. Or you go to watch your favorite game, and a selfie stick is blocking your view. What about when you`re walking in a place full of tourists, and you suddenly hit someone`s head with your selfie stick. Well, that`s not nice, is it?

Here is a list where the selfie sticks are banned:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Detroit Institute of the Arts
  • The Albertina museum in Vienna, Austria
  • Brazilian soccer stadiums
  • Football stadiums for Arsenal and Tottenham in England
  • The Seattle Art Museum
  • The Getty Center, Los Angeles
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Wembley Stadium, London
  • The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • The Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • The Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • The Frick Museum, New York
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  • The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
  • Six Flags Amusement Park
  • Coachella Music Festival
  • Lollapalooza Music Festival
  • The Frick Pittsburgh
  • Music venues O2 Academy Brixton and O2 Arena, England
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas
  • The National Portrait Gallery, Australia
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  • The Sugarmill nightclub, England
  • The 2015 Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Florida
  • The Soundwave Music Festival, Australia
  • The Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney
  • Etihad Stadium in Melbourne
  • The Dallas Museum of Art
  • Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
  • The MTS Centre, a sports arena in Winnipeg
  • The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
  • The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra
  • Domain Stadium in Western Australia
  • Perth Arena
  • Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane
  • The Hermitage in Amsterdam
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Wimbledon
  • Disney World
  • Lake Winnepesaukah
  • Comic-Con
  • Palace of Versailles, Versailles
  • The Smithsonian, Washington DC
  • Colosseum, Rome

Oh no, you were planning on attending some of these places, and you already packed your selfie stick with you, hoping to get beautiful shots? Well, I`m sorry I have to disappoint you, but the employees of these places won`t certainly allow you to use your selfie stick here. And most of them have a brilliant reason behind it. Let`s check out why some of the owners decided this.

Disney World: The main reason why Disney banned the selfie stick is that of safety reasons. In their opinion, people can easily get hurt while using this tech gadget.

A Disney representative told the Washington Post: “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.”

Paris museums: Some of the museums have banned the selfie stick, and some just don`t like to have them inside. They say that the selfie stick increases the chances of the pieces in the museum to get damaged. Mainly in the codex of behavior, it says: “Users must follow the rules and not point any objects at paintings, sculptures.” Therefore, no selfie sticks are allowed in the Paris museums.

Seattle`s Museum of Art: This museum also puts an accent on the damage and safety factor. However, when a spokesperson was talking about this topic, she mentioned something that every “hater” of the selfie stick has in mind. She added: “There’s also the obnoxious factor” and that comment is simply enough.

Colosseum in Rome: There`s this fear of damage again. When reading the rules for behavior in the Colosseum, you will notice the following: “Tourists are being asked to refrain from using the device to take photos of themselves against Rome’s famous backdrop for fear it may get damaged.”

Premier League Clubs: Too bad you can`t take a selfie with the…green field! These clubs banned the selfie sticks, and you can obviously see why by reading the statement of an Arsenal spokesman: “We can confirm that ‘selfie sticks’ are banned on match days at Emirates Stadium. The club’s ground regulations prohibit any object that could be used as a weapon or could compromise public safety.”

Well, I know what you`re thinking – life`s not fair. You couldn`t wait to buy your new toy, and now they won`t even let you play with it. What happened to the good old-fashioned: “Excuse me, can you take a photo of us, please”? Is it that trendy to have a selfie photo rather than somebody taking it for you? I am curious what`s the next “big” invention going to be, do you maybe have a clue?


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