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Do you love traveling? Do you ache for stories of inspiration, adventure, and wonder? You have come to the right place. Here at The Best Travel Places, this is simply what we offer: stories. We have unlimited ones to share – of personal experiences, tips, guides, and advice.

We tailor some posts to solo travelers, families or singles. Others focus on cheap, sustainable or slow travel. We can recommend attractions, tours, and specific locations. Articles cover luxurious retreats as well as backpacker advice. They range from the epic beauty of national parks to individual, small experiences. We discuss whole continents and single villages. Indeed, our interests and possibilities are endless!

We are full to the brim with reliable information, all of it powered by the personal investment of our writers. The Best Travel Places is more than just a travel site. It provides the personal touch of individual stories. Our articles stem from the first-hand experience of cultural exploration. We find endless inspiration in the simple joy of traveling. We are 100% involved in all the content we create, including personal photography and individual advice. All of our content is innovative. All of it is independent, all is creative, and all is inspired.

Who are we?

We are The Best Travel Places writers! We are merely crazy travel addicts over excited about our love for journeys. Genuinely just needing to share our experiences, we spill them out into compelling articles for you to read. There is an undeniable buzz to The Best Travel Places, created by the energy and enthusiasm of our writers. All of us are independent and choose to invest in our own creative portrayals of travel. Yet, we share one significant connection: a dream of the open road, and the joy that comes from following it.

We are vagabonds, wanderers, travelers. Yet we are skilled and experienced in providing you with fresh daily content and up-to-date travel news. Those who do what they love in life, do it well. Well, we love to write, we love to travel, and we love to share our stories. Working together, we portray the unlimited possibilities that travel has to offer. Be part of our team by reading our stories and join our tight, buzzing community. We invite you to consume our words and let us know what you think.

Join in! Accept our invitation into the world of travel.

Meet the Team

The Best Travel Places is not just a website it is a team. We are a collection of writers dedicated to sharing our stories. We are proud and open about the content we create. Each of us holds an individual voice. Together, we work harmoniously to provide you with the best travel information out there. Learn more about us below!

Oscar Buurkes - CEO

Oscar Buurkes is an internet marketer from the Netherlands. His business Websyflex has filled the internet with useful websites informing readers of great content and services. This company combines two passions: travel and online business. Oscar founded The Best Travel Places, which simply aims to provide readers with the travel news they long to consume.

Oscar studied techniques and management and worked in business for over 20 years. He used this accumulation of experience to start his own internet business. His motivation is the idea that work should be fun, rather than boring. The internet is full of potential. By adding his own passion, energy and skills, he contributes to these endless possibilities.

He believes in teamwork and enjoys working with young, motivated people and rising businesses. The focus in on developing relationships and working together with businesses.

By working with The Best Travel Places, Oscar is fulfilling these dreams. It is exactly what he wants to be doing: online business and working with people, travel and the world.

Ceri Savage - Author

Ceri is a freelance writer based in England. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, she decided to peruse the dream of travel writing. The dream is a simple, yet powerful one: freedom through always moving and always writing.

Studying for a year in Victoria, BC Canada inspired a deep love for new experiences. She explored the west coast of North America and returned with a fresh perspective of possibility. Since then, Ceri has traveled through Europe, especially developing a love for German culture, beauty – and beer.

Specifically, her interests orientate around adventures experienced in slow, simple and mindful ways. She loves to write about cheap and sustainable travel. The essential focus is appreciating the exceptional moments of a journey – especially the small moments. To grasp a constant sense of gratitude for the beauty of travel is the ultimate goal. In craving pure, immediate experience, she hopes to share that energy and enthusiasm through the power of words and stories.

Tiana Grosheva - Author

Coming from a small country in Europe, Tiana was born with the deep aspiration to see the world and explore new cultures. As from the student years, she decided to break the conventional ways of traveling and search for possibilities that will get her places. The adventures only got bigger once she started studying abroad, living in countries like Slovenia and Germany.

Right now she’s determined to visit every corner of Europe and search for affordable ways to delve into the charm of the other continents. Traveling cheap and exciting, you can get some really useful tips from this passionate traveler, immodestly sharing her experiences and interests with the world. Even though studying business informatics, she found her passion in writing about the magnificent destinations on this planet, restlessly looking for new inspiration that guides her lively spirit.

Katy Bracket - Author

Katy was born and raised in the U.S. and has lived and traveled to many of the states. Avid horseback rider and competitor, sushi lover, sunset photographer, and spider-killer, she loves seeing and exploring different areas. Her goal is to dip her feet into every ocean on the planet and has successfully touched both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Katy firmly believes that exploration should be shared to encourage others to explore this beautiful world we live in. Whether its man-made or a creation purely by nature, people should have the opportunity to see and learn about what is out there. While there is plenty to see in the states, she hopes to “cross the pond” and explore what Europe has to offer.

Kira Neu - Author

Kira was born a vagabond – while the others wanted to be astronauts, teachers and firefighters, her feet were always itching to get away. Skipping school for a day trip to Amsterdam, camping by herself in the forest and an exchange year to Canada: Weekly she made new plans for her trip of a lifetime, compiling endless lists of destinations.

Finally, when high school graduation came around, she quit her job, sold her furniture and found a new home for her cats. Since then she’s been traveling, working and learning constantly. Sometimes roughing it, and always winging it, she’s now making her way around the world.