Pralines, ice-cream, chocolate cakes – that’s what we usually imagine when speaking of desserts. In some countries, though the concept of dessert is much wider. You’ve probably never thought that someone can prepare chicken with sugar, cricketers with chocolate, or pancakes with blood. It’s not a joke – these dishes are real, and some people actually enjoy them. Here’s a list of world’s 11 weirdest desserts.

  1. Veriohukainen/blodplättar(Blood Pancakes), Finland and Sweden

They look innocent, and you could easily mistake them for chocolate pancakes. They’re made of whipped blood though, not cream and cocoa. The main ingredients of Veriohukainen include milk and pig blood. They’re sometimes served with pork, reindeer meat or lingonberry jam. The dish isn’t especially popular nowadays, but can still be found in some stores and restaurants.

  1. Deep-fried Mars bar, Scotland

If an ordinary Mars bar isn’t fatty, filling and heavy enough for you, Scottish people have a solution: you may get it fried. The bar is first chilled so that it wouldn’t melt in the pan, then coated in a batter and deep-fried. It goes very well with ice-cream. A small warning for your good: make sure to eat a light dinner if you’re planning on having such a dessert. Otherwise, you might end up sick and regretful.

Deep-fried Mars bar, Scotland

Photo: Flickr

  1. Sultan’s Golden Cake, Turkey

People tend to pay a lot of money for cars, leather sofas, and fancy boots. It’s eccentric, but relatively understandable if you compare it with spending lots of money to get cake. The Sultan’s Golden Cake costs about $1000. It’s made of various fruit marinated in rum from Jamaica, French Polynesian vanilla, caramel, black truffles and – the best part – 24-karat edible gold flakes. As a result, it looks more like a sculpture than a dessert. It’d present itself equally well in an elegant living room as on a plate.

  1. (Ice beans), Malaysia

This ice-cream not only looks impressive, but it’s also made of quite unusual ingredients. The colorful, oddly shaped dessert consists of shaved ice and beans. Different variations might be done with an addition of sweet corn, palm seed, grass jelly and agar cubes. Ice-cream can be topped with condensed milk, coconut milk, fruit, peanuts, chocolate, sweet syrups or anything else a cook thinks would suit – creativity’s more than welcome.

Ais kacang (Ice beans), Malaysia

  1. Mákos Tészta, Hungary

For most people, pasta is something that naturally comes as a part of salty dishes, but Hungarians seem not to agree with this assumption. Instead of covering their pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, they combine poppy seeds with sugar and pour the mixture over the noodles. It’s a typical dish, often prepared both at homes and in cafeterias.

Mákos Tészta

  1. Tavuk göğsü, Turkey

Would you ever imagine chicken being served as a dessert? The Turkish cooks not only did believe it, but they also made it. Tavuk göğsü was a traditional delicacy in the times of Ottoman Empire. Sultans in the marvelous Topkapı Palace used to enjoy this particular dessert so much that till now it’s being considered a Turkish specialty. The meat is boiled until it’s soft enough to be separated into strips or pounded into powder. Then chicken gets mixed with sugar, milk, rice and different flavorings, for example, cinnamon.

TavukPhoto: Flickr

  1. The Golden Opulence Sundae, the United States

In 2007, this unique dessert was listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive one. It’s being served in Serendipity 3, a restaurant situated in the New York City. To order it, you should let the staff know at least 48 hours before your planned visit to the restaurant. That’s because the ingredients must be brought from different places around the world. There’s vanilla from Madagascar, syrup made of Italian chocolate, exotic fruit, chocolate made from cocoa grown on the Caribbean coast, chocolate truffles, edible gold flakes and several more original ingredients. As if it wasn’t enough, the dessert comes with a bowl of Grand Passion Caviar.

  1. Yōkan, Japan

Once again red beans prove to be a great dessert ingredient, even though most people would never expect it from them. Combined with agar and sugar, they make a delicious Japanese dessert. Different variations might contain azuki beans, figs, honey, brown sugar, chestnuts, sweet potato, persimmons, salt or molasses. The ingredients are formed into blocks. When chilled, Yōkan makes a nice summer snack.

  1. Champorado, Philippines

In Philippines rice is not only a typical dinner ingredient, but it’s also used to prepare dessert, such as Champorado. Boiled and mixed with cocoa powder, the rice reminds a chocolate porridge. Milk and sugar are usually used to make it even softer and sweeter. It doesn’t sound that eccentric? Well, you should also know that Champorado is often served with salty dried fish.

Champorado, Philippines

  1. Maple bacon donut, the United States

Donuts are one of Americans’ favorite sweets. Bacon is one of Americans’ favorite foods. Why not combine them then? Just because it sounds weird – that’s not enough of an argument for a fat-and-sugar seeker. It’s being said by the media that Americans have a bacon mania and it’s true. Everything tastes better with bacon, as Americans tend to say, and the popularity of bacon donuts proves this rule applies even to desserts. To make them even more attractive, the donuts are often topped with maple syrup.

Maple bacon donut, the United States

Photo: Commons Wikimedia

  1. Chocolate Covered Crickets, Thailand

As if eating insects wasn’t weird enough, some people also mix them with chocolate. This peculiar delicacy can be found mostly in Thailand. Once you first see them, you might assume it’s just chocolates shaped as crickets for some odd aesthetic reasons, but no. They are real insects. With real chocolate, served as a real dessert.

Would you like to try one of these desserts? Let us know which one you’d choose! And don’t forget to share this article with all your foodie friends.


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