With the arrival of spring everything started blooming and so has our invincible wish to travel the world. Are you also one of those people daydreaming about your next big trip? Do you wish to start your new incredible journey immediately? Well, you’re not alone. Most of us are in this very moment waiting for an opportunity to pack up our things and go! And who can blame us? The weather is great, the enthusiasm is rising and the cities are coming to life by organizing more and more events as the weather is getting warmer.

Festivals in April

So, traveling this April – have you thought about it? And even if you can afford it and you totally have the free time and the people to go along with, you’re still not sure where to go and what to do? Of course you have a few destinations in mind, but are these your best options for this April? Let’s take your mind a bit off your bucket list and take a look at some cool festivals organized this April throughout the whole world. Are you prepared to travel to these places in order to attend the following festivals?


Location: Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa

Dates: April 25 – May 01

An exciting experience, a burning adventure – part from your desire that the festival would last longer and part from the actual fire caused at the end of every year’s festival. This incredible manifestation was first organized in 2007 and from then on it is organized annually in a semi-desert environment in Tankwa Karoo National Park. AfrikaBurn is the result of plenty of various souls gathering every year to use their freedom of expression and create a temporary city of art. Here, you are most welcome to enjoy any type of art, from creating theme camps and costumes to some spectacular musical and theatrical performances. It is a great place to feel free to create and evolve your ideas together with a bunch of people that completely understand your mindset. In the end it all bursts in fire, just like your bursting flames of desire to reveal your ideas to the world and constantly create.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Location: Empire Polo Clube, Indio, California, USA

Dates: April 15-17 and April 22-24

You’ve probably heard about this musical madness, a festival that gathers millions of visitors every year from throughout the whole world. Well, in case you’ve been interested in attending then now it’s your chance – in the half of April one of the greatest music and arts festival experience is starting!

Located somewhere in the Colorado Desert, the name of the festival takes by the name of the Valley where this spectacular event is organized. Offering you an incredibly big choice of music genres and worldwide famous artists, Coachella is definitely the place to be if you want to feel young and free. Art, music, entertainment, adrenaline activities, circus, Coachella is a true adult’s playground. A colorful event that lasts for a few days can simply make you feel reborn again.

Care to see who’s performing on this year’s edition?

Further Future

Location: Moapa River Indian Reservation, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Dates: April 29 – May 01

Now this is something fresh – a new kind of music and lifestyle festival for those who are looking for a complete lifestyle experience. Have you seen all those wellness events organized throughout your country? Well this event connects the opportunity to enjoy in some good music while you’re getting informed and creating your perfect lifestyle. Doing Yoga while you’re listening to your favorite band playing live? Sure at any other festival this may seem somewhat weird, but at the Further Future this is probably the essential way to participate in such an amazing event.

The mission of Further Future is to think outside the box and create an event where the focus will not be mainly music but it will connect several fields together, like they are putting an accent on wellness. Apart from the famous musicians, there are plenty of experts in different fields that are available to teach you and answer to every question you have regarding wellness, technology, art and so on.

If you’re up for a different kind of experience.

King’s Day

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dates: 27 April

Known to be one of the biggest and most spectacular street parties in the world, King’s Day is being organized every year on 27th of April in the lovely city of Amsterdam. This orange-colored madness has been first organized in 2014 on the day of the King’s birthday, an event that was formerly known to be called the Queen’s Day. It seems like people are experiencing endless fun during this day, that is why many tourists tend to visit what is known to be the biggest street party in the world, occupying every street, square and park in the city.

Since Frank Sinatra said that orange is the happiest color, don’t forget to wear it on yourself during King’s Day. If it is your first time in Amsterdam, you will be surprised by the number of people on the streets and even in the canals – there may not be even space for boats to pass by. In any case, if you’re interested in experiencing the ultimate joy of life, then book your tickets for Amsterdam this 27th of April.


Location: Thailand

Dates: April 13

Songkran is one of the most exciting festivals in Thailand, also known to be one of the most memorable water festivals you’ll ever get to experience in this part of the world. This event is actually celebrating Thai’s New Year by presenting tons of water fun activities. Songkran was first intended to be an event in which the Thai people would splash water to their family members as a way of seeking good fortune. However, the visitors of Thailand during Songkran have turned this interesting water activity into a festival, which is something they describe as an unbelievable experience.


Location: Vadakkunnathan Temple, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Dates: April 17

Thrissur is a Hindu temple festival held every year on the Pooram day. For those of you not familiar with the Indian culture, the Pooram day is actually the day when the moon rises with the Pooram star in the Malayalam Calendar month of Medam. However, the Pooram celebration is not only organized during this day, but the overall celebration starts seven days before the main manifestation. The event consists of several activities, starting with the hosting of the flag in several temples, to display of fireworks and caparisons. The most significant part of this festival is when numerous colorfully costumed elephants start parading through the town and continue their way to the Vadakkunnathan temple. This festival is over 200 years old and is one of the most spectacular events organized in India. It is worth visiting not just because of its grandiosity, but because of the enlightening cultural shock and the great amount of fun and delight you can enjoy during the festival.

Vive Latino – Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical

Location: Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico

Dates: Apr 23 – Apr 24

Are you ready to rock on? Because here comes the biggest rock music festival in Mexico. Vive Latino is a great event where you can listen to some good rock music, played by a great variety of Latin and Spanish groups. Of course, this is not a festival completely dedicated to rock music, but there can also be heard several of other genres. The main concept of Vive Latino is to gather the most important and the newest bands from all over Ibero-America for three days of fun and entertainment, provided for visitors from all over the world.


Location: Blocksberg, Germany

Dates: April 30

The end of the month is marked in Germany with the organization of Walpurgisnacht, also known as the Witches’ Night. People from around Germany gather in order to welcome spring and chase away the bad spirits by creating a bonfire and conducting some witchcraft. Visitors are heading to the Blocksberg Mountain for the final stage of the manifestation, usually dressed up as something scary while dancing to drive away the evil spirits. It may seem weird and superstitious, but don’t be too sceptic to try it out – you may enjoy it a lot!

Oh my, there are so many festivals! How can you choose the right one? Well, good thing is that all of these events are organized every year, so if you skip them this year – you will always have the chance to visit them next time. But what about this year, which of these are you planning on visiting? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.


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