There is this event you have probably heard of but may not have tried it out yet. It is called the Color run and is raising people’s level of joy and contentment to a whole new level. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numerous photos of people throughout the world, covered in various colors and smiling like they are having the times of their lives.

What is the Color Run?

For those of you not familiar with the concept of the color run, we provide you with a hint. The Color Run is mainly an event series of a five-kilometer paint race and every year it is attracting more and more visitors to the cities where this event is being organized. You may think of it as a regular running marathon, but it is way better. Why? Well just imagine running and all of a sudden somebody throws colors at you and your fellow runners, mixing the powder of different colors in the air and raising the spirit of the race. It’s like their main moto says – you start off nice and clean and you ended up happy and covered in different colors.

The great thing about this marathon is that the event doesn’t end up after the 5 kilometers run. Instead, when you’ve already finished the run excited and pumped up, that is when the additional fun starts – usually a huge open-air party, something they like to call the Finish Festival. So partying after everyone is covered in various colors is the right thing to do if you want to celebrate the fun you’ve had during the marathon.

What is the Color run

Why should you participate?

The Color Run is a great event to participate in, and there is no doubt that you will have tons of fun. But is this the only reason why you should take part in such an event? Well, for some people this purpose may be enough for them to put the right clothes and head off to a city organizing a color run. However what some people may be looking is a deeper meaning than this. That is why it is important to mention that this event also promotes the healthy way of living and supports the people that choose to be active and healthy in their daily lives. So there is always a place for those who are fans of the promotion of health and wellness.

Another great reason why this event is such a great way of spending your day in the city is that part of the money gathered from the Color Run is given to charity. So it is not only that the participants of this marathon are happy and satisfied at the end of the day, but also those people that need help regarding the financial situation are supported by part of the fund gathered during the marathon. It is somewhat known that up until now the Color Run has donated more than 4 million dollars to charity. So, what do you think? Are you prepared to have fun to help those in need?

Where to find the Color Run?

This event has become quite successful lately, and it is organized in different cities throughout the whole world. However, there is a chain of such events in the USA, which some of them have already been arranged in particular towns in the USA. This year’s first Color Run was organized on January 16th in Orlando, Florida, and after it, more such events followed in other cities and other states of the USA. However, since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, more marathons are yet to be organized so don’t worry that you might have missed your chance of being a part of such a fantastic event.

How it all started?

This event and a bunch of other connected manifestations are organized by The Color Run LLC, a for-profit company. However, the idea goes back to March 2011, when in Utah an effort was made to encourage professionals and amateurs to run together to promote a healthy lifestyle, wellness, and endless joy and happiness. However, what most people think about when they see a festival with people covered in various colors is the Holi Festival organized in India and Nepal, where people share love and joy. And this is precisely the main inspiration for adding some colorful ingredients to an ordinary running marathon.

How to prepare for a Color Run

If you’re going to a marathon like this for the first time, then you should probably remember that whatever you decide to wear – it will not be the same after you pass the 5 kilometers. On color events like these, people usually go for something simple like a white t-shirt or dress, one that does not cost a fortune and that you can easily manage to find a new one if you wish so. This is because on every kilometer during the run you are being attacked by colorful powders that stick up to your clothes and your skin and, unlike your skin, they are a bit hard to get off from the clothing.

Participants also choose white t-shirts because they want to enjoy the colorful rainbows they have on their clothes after the run finishes and while the party lasts. It reminds people of how happy and careless they are at that very moment, and it helps them enjoy the day well spent. Plus, we all can agree that after the run the photos of the smiling people covered in paint are spectacular.

The Color Run is known as “The Happiest 5 Kilometers on the Planet” and once you take part of it – you will make sure that this is not just a catchy slogan, but the truth. This unique paint race praises the happiness, the healthy life and the individuality of every person in this world. It also connects the people that share a passion for running and for having an active sports life. And the best thing is – if you take part in the night run then you will encounter the magical world of the people around you covered in glowing colors. There’s nothing more fascinating than an event where you can run your heart out and then enjoy a long and crazy party. So make sure to share this article with your friends and share the passion for a good run followed by even better entertainment.


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