What’s the last place you’ve been to that made you feel like you’re in paradise? Was it in your dreams or a specified destination you’ve traveled to recently? Or maybe you still haven’t felt that strange feeling of discovering something beautiful that it almost made you cry? No worries – we are here to help you see the world. How do you feel about visiting a few waterfalls in Europe that will make your heart cry out of happiness?

Discover the waterfalls in Europe

In case you didn’t know, Europe has some stunning destinations when it comes to natural sights. The whole continent enjoys a considerable number of tourists every year, many of them visiting the scenic landscapes and relaxing at the natural wonders of Europe. Part of these destinations has the pleasure to satisfy the senses of its visitors with some incredible waterfalls. Eager to see where you can find them? Check out some of the most amazing falls in Europe and grab your map – you will want to mark them down:

Strbacki Buk in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strbacki Buk is the name of the falls that are on the Una River. The location of this stunning destination is interesting, as Strbacki Buk is found to be somewhere close to the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The nearest settlements are villages in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. However, the waterfalls together with the canyon, the river, and other natural features comprise the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Strbacki Buk is such an exciting place to be at, and you can always improve your experience by spending some time kayaking here – you will love it!

Strbacki buk

Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

Iceland is known for its remarkable natural features, especially the ones connected to water. The waterfalls in this country and this region are out of this world. They are so amazing that once you see them and try to remember them, you think your memory has been Photoshopped! Well, Seljalandsfoss is no exception! Seljalandsfoss may also be one of the most well-known waterfalls in Iceland, located in the South Region right by the Ring Road. However, if you’re looking for the most incredible view over the Seljalandsfoss, then you have to walk behind it into a small cave from where you can enjoy the spectacular 60 meters drop of the falls.


Duden Waterfall in Turkey

If you want to have the chance to explore the fascinating city of Antalya and still enjoy the beauty of its nature, then you can have it all without leaving the city center. The Duden Waterfall flows heavily down a huge rock, and it’s a big tourist attraction in Antalya. It is near the city center, and it’s a great spot to relax and catch a break from all that sightseeing.

Duden Waterfall

The Rhine Falls in Switzerland

The Rhine Falls are the largest plain waterfalls in Europe, a big attraction for people that are passionate about nature. It is located on the High Rhine between the municipalities of Neuhausen am Rheinfall and Laufen-Uhwiesen, somewhere in northern Switzerland. The falls are easily accessible by car, bicycle, and public transport, but for an even better experience, you can always catch a boat ride that will take you directly to the place. From there you can get a beautiful view of the Rhine falls by picking the best spot at the nicely built wooden platforms.

Rhine falls

Seven Sisters in Norway

Meet the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway – the Seven Sisters. As you may have guessed, the name takes the fact that the waterfall consists of seven separate streams flowing down a cliff located along the Geirangerfjord in Møre Og Romsdal County. On the other side of this lovely sight, directly across the fjord, you can see another waterfall called “The Suitor.” Visiting this destination can be interesting as you will enjoy watching the Seven Sisters playfully flowing down, while The Suitor flirts with them from the other side of the fjord.

Seven Sisters

Plitvice Waterfalls in Croatia

The falls of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is something you have to see at least once in your life. The whole national park is of great significance to the country and the natural wonders of Europe, so you can expect to see some stunning sights. And if you’re looking for the highest falls then tell your tour guide to take you to the Large Waterfall at the end of the Lower Lakes and Galovački Buk at the Upper Lakes. However, don’t focus only on the highest falls, as the smaller can still be as mesmerizing and amusing as the others.

Plitvice Waterfalls

Les Cascades des Tufs in France

If you’re heading to Baume-Les-Messieurs, have in mind to visit the Cascades des Tufs and worship the incredible natural attraction. Located in eastern France, the falls of this area will enchant you as you will keep on exploring the park and its fascinating caves.

Les Cascades des Tufs in France

Krimml Waterfalls in Austria

Krimml Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Austria with a total height of 380 meters and is located near the village of Krimml in the High Tauern National Park in Austria. The Krimmler Falls a tiered waterfall, flowing down in three stages. To see the beauty of Krimml, you will have to walk up the created path. However, if you’re looking for a more panoramic view, then you should know that thanks to the improvements of the road by Austrian Alpine Club this is also possible. Visit it and fall in love with the magical connection between the falls and the surrounding flora – such a precious sight.

Krimml Waterfalls in Austria

Foradada Waterfall in Spain

The Foradada waterfall is located near Cantonigros and happens to be in central Catalonia, near Barcelona. It isn’t hard to get to the place since all it is required is a casual hike. La Foradada is located right next to a big hole in the limestone rock which sheds light in the natural pool and makes the whole place look magical. The natural pool is a great feature of this place since it is quite visited during the warmer days.

Foradada waterfall in Cantonigros

Don’t fantasize too much, but go outside and explore – some places are even better than your fantasies. Visit these waterfalls in Europe and recommend them to your friends.


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