Weather is ruthless and, whether we like it or not, the European summer has ended. It’s hard to find destinations that are still sunny enough for you to swim and sunbathe. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to explore the old continent. Many of the European cities are bustling all year long. No rain can outshout the music in Berlin’s clubs, and no wind can stop historians from visiting the museums of Paris. Besides, cozy cafés and restaurants serving warm, traditional dishes, are ready to welcome you anytime. There’s no reason to lock yourself in the house and escape the cold. Instead, you can face it with a smile and sense of adventure. Here’s a list of city breaks for singles. In addition to sight-seeing, admiring art pieces and tasting a variety of flavors, you’ll also have a chance to meet new friends and, perhaps, find this particular someone.

Paris City Tour

Chic, stylish, glamorous… There aren’t enough of epithets to describe the elegance of Paris. The city’s a legend, a fairy tale, a romantic film and dramatic history book. Fascinating museums, lovely bakeries, and cafés, famous buildings and monuments are to be found at each street corner. If you haven’t been to Paris yet, now is the time. The tour includes a train trip from London, so you’ll also get the chance to pass through other cities and admire views from your comfy seat. Then, as you reach Paris, you’ll be accommodated in a great hotel, fed with delicious foods and taken for fantastic walks around the city. You can also choose one of the optional excursions and, for example, join a night tour around the city (a dinner in the Montparnasse Tower included).

Tours for Singles through Paris

Florence by Foot

In the world of art, Florence is an extraordinary gem. It’s not a big city, but its historical and artistic value is enormous. Castles, fortresses, sculptures, and paintings; bronze, gold, and stones; atmospheric plazas, gardens, and charming streets – the treasures of Florence are countless. During this short trip, you’ll be able to see many of them, from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Piazza Della Repubblica, and the Porcellino Fountain, to Piazza Della Signoria and the Medieval Palazzo Vecchio. After the guided walking tour, you’ll have plenty of time to discover the city on your own. It’s a perfect option for single travelers who enjoy a great amount of independence.

Magnificent view of Ponte Veccio in Florence, Italy

Budapest & Balaton Christmas Markets

Budapest is magic all year long, but its atmosphere is never as alluring as in December. During this tour, you can explore the city’s fascinating architecture, art, and history. The itinerary includes guided tours to the Parliament, Castle district, the beautiful Roman Catholic St. Stephen’s Basilica, Váci Street and other fascinating parts of the town. There’s also a traditional Gypsy show, during which you’ll have a chance to dance, eat Hungary’s best dishes and taste the wines in Budapest’s oldest cellar. You’ll visit the Budapest Opera House and be invited to a small private recital, enjoy the thousands of lights on the Christmas market and, after exploring plentiful of Budapest’s charms, go to the Lake Balaton for another wine tasting.

New Year in Berlin, Solos Holidays

One of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Berlin is an ideal New Year’s Eve destination. Few cities can boast with such a bustling nightlife. There are so many fantastic clubs, bars, and pubs that instead of celebrating only the New Year’s Eve, you might ending up partying away all the three nights. If it doesn’t sound like your thing, though, Berlin offers lots of other activities as well. The itinerary includes a guided tour around the city and a New Year’s Eve dinner at a local restaurant. You can use the remaining free time to discover Berlin’s art, visit historical museums, do some shopping or simply stroll around and soak up the unique atmosphere.

New Years Eve in Berlin

London Explores

Contiki’s offer is designed for young travelers who appreciate the chance to be independent. It’s a self-guided tour, so although some of the activities are planned, you’ll have lots of free time. As for the inclusion, you’ll get a ticket to a West End musical, a guided tour, and tickets to various museums which then you can visit on your own (or, of course, with other travelers you’ll surely meet!). Besides of exploring the captivating city of London, you’ll have an opportunity to visit Bath and Stonehenge, one of United Kingdom’s most famous and mysterious sites.

Explore London Solo

Singles Holidays to Malta

Holidays in Malta are for those who can’t decide whether they prefer big, culturally vibrant cities, or small, enchanting towns. The abundance of nature mixes with the abundance of culture, providing great opportunities for people with diverse interests. Sliema, where your base will be, is a lovely town that used to be Malta’s capital. Its center is incredibly well-preserved and kept away from vehicle traffic. Within short distances from Sliema, you can find many others towns, including the bustling St. Julien’s and historical Valetta (the current capital). The itinerary includes day trips to different cities, as well as visits to beautiful nature sites.


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