Giuseppe Verdi once said: “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” If you have been even once to Italy, you would understand perfectly what he`s talking about. If you haven`t, then one of the most magical countries in Europe is waiting for you to explore it. And you won`t make a mistake choosing whichever city to start with because all of them are simply amazing. However, it is widely known that the cradle of art and culture is the city Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany.

Around 16 million tourists visit Florence ever year. And the reason is quite evident. The city is famous because of its history, being the center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time. It`s also a home to the most valuable pieces of work ever made by various painters and artists. Florence is also the birthplace of Renaissance.

But apart from all the general information tourists have about Florence or the more in-depth information usually students from the Faculty of Arts and History have. It is nice to know what period of the day you should visit a particular part of the city. Florence is magical. But if you want to experience it the best way, then have a look at the following part where the perfect day in the city is explained.


Start off the day nice and slow

As the sun rises, don`t rush to see everything on your to-visit list. But go and buy yourself the usual Italian breakfast: cappuccino e cornetto, which is basically coffee and croissant. Take some time to enjoy the meal and head down to the “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower,” settled in the heart of the city. There you will start feeling the touristic tension of the city. As it is the meeting point of many tourist groups and, of course, the cathedral is one of the main attractions, so tourists can always be found here.

Before noon, take a tour of the city

No matter if you`re traveling on a big or small budget while visiting Florence it`s always better to waste less money on other stuff because the museum and galleries tickets can be quite expensive. That is why I recommend you to take some of the free tours available in Florence. At these tours, you pay a small fee (this is optional) as gratitude for the service. The tourist guides are really prepared and full of useful information and fun facts.

Yeah, it`s time for a delicious lunch!

Italy, also known as EAT-aly, is famous for its culinary wonders. Pasta, Pizza, and many other Italian specialties are widely used and spread throughout the world. And of course, for this matter, it`s the best to search for an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious meal in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. But, come on – you`re in Italy! You don`t just get to sit down and enjoy your lunch! You have to feel the passion of the Italians and the dynamics of their attitudes.

That`s why you need to take a stroll down the San Lorenzo Market and Sant’Ambrogio Market. Buy yourself some fruits if you feel like it and then head to Mercato Centrale (known as the Central Market). It is an indoor market where on the first floor you can find a lot of stuff sold on stands. On the second floor, there are a lot of restaurants with various food. I suggest you grab a dish or more and take a sit, enjoying your lunch in a real loud and dynamic atmosphere particular for the Italians.

Take your time-out and relax

If you have visited a lot of attractions, and you need some time to digest what you`ve already seen, experienced and eaten. Then you should head to the other part of the city. Go across the bridge, where you can find many attractive and famous parks and palaces that used to belong to significant people from the past. There you can lay on the green grass and have your moment of peace and quiet since only tourists usually go and pay to enter the castles.

Catch the sunset above Florence

Just in time before you say goodbye to the sun accompanying you all day. Go up to Piazzale Michelangelo and let the view of Florence take your breath away. Sit down on the stairs next to the statue and enjoy the sunset over the city. The best thing about this place and this time of day are that a talented musician usually comes to Piazzale Michelangelo and starts singing and playing different songs that only make the atmosphere more perfect.

The night is young, enjoy it completely

After this lovely happening, you might feel like your day is complete and it can come to its end. But the night in Florence still has some surprises left for you. After the magical farewell of the sun, grab some drinks and go to the most famous bridge, the Ponte Vecchio. Groove on to the music of the live band playing at the heart of the bridge.

Finish your day like a real hedonist

If you`re accompanied by your partner or friends, take some good Italian wine and few glasses and head on to Piazza Della Signoria, where the Italians usually organize Philharmonic concerts. Don`t be shy to sit on the ground, as everybody else is sitting. Open up your wine, cheer with your friend and enjoy the enchanting classical music. It`s the perfect way to end your beautiful day in Florence, as you will remember it forever.

Just to be clear, all of the previously explained events are not happening every day. But it`s definitely most possible to have a day like this during the summer time. However, there`s no doubt that Italy has a lot of cities worth visiting, even before Florence. But there`s something that only this city can do to make you fall in love with it instantly.


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