In the spirit of Halloween, we went on a quest to find the scariest and most horrifying sculptures made throughout the world. And the result was fascinating!

People are known to be creative, but sometimes their imagination goes so far beyond reality that what they come up with can be at the border between amazing and creepy. But that’s what attracts the human’s eyes and interest – the unusual and extraordinary things in life.

So, inspired by the creative minds of sculptors, we decided to present you an interesting list with the creepiest sculptures in the world. However, we don’t recommend you to visit them as they might hunt you in your dreams. Yes, they are that scary! Have a look at these creepy bastards:

Commendatore statue in Prague

The capital of Czech Republic is famous for its mysterious and gothic architecture that brings the horrifying feeling to the whole city. The dark corners and alleys are perfect for a horror movie, as the city is full of picturesque places and interesting buildings. There are also many sculptures in the city that are found to be quite amusing and scary, but there’s this one that can creep you out. It’s a sculpture of an empty cloak in a sitting position, found next to the Estates Theatre in Prague. The sculpture represents a ghost character from a very famous opera by Mozart – Don Giovanni. The theatre is the place where Mozart had his first premiere of the opera in 1787.

The Cloak of Conscience in Prague

Baby fighter sculpture in Oslo

There are times that you notice something so strange and awful at the same time that you get so confused and you can’t think of any words to describe it. Well, that’s what happens when you take a walk in a beautiful park such as the Frogner Park in Oslo, and you come across several sculptures that not only scare you out but will also confuse you when you try to think about their meaning. Well, there’s a particular sculpture in this very park that presents a man kicking and beating babies all around. What are the motive and the story behind? We’re not sure but whatever it may be it is not something nice.

Baby fighter sculpture in Oslo

The split man near Roundwood

There’s an attractive park near Roundwood in Ireland, that is called the Indian Sculpture Park in Victoria’s Way, and it is quite an attraction when it comes to people visiting some grotesque and authentic sculptures. Most of the sculptures here are connected to the Hindu and spiritual side of the sculptor’s preferences. Honestly, all of them are kind of freaky, but the split man is scary on its way. And despite the many sculptures that are strange and meaningless, this one represents the terrible mental state of the undecided. The strong message and the powerful realization will place the picture of this sculpture in your memory.

Sculpture in the Indian Sculpture Parkin Ireland

Maman in Ottawa

Are you scared of spiders? If so, then this sculpture will be your worst nightmare! Why you might ask. Well, let’s just say that Maman is a sculpture of a huge spider placed at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. With over 30 feet high, Maman is among the world’s largest sculptures. The word Maman means a mother and the sculpture itself represents the strength of Bourgeois’ mother and the metaphors of nurturing and protection. But apart from its excellent and powerful meaning, you have to admit that seeing this sculpture, even in the daylight, can be quite bizarre.

Maman in Ottawa

The Hare in Nuremberg

This hideous bunny can creep you out while you’re taking a casual walk down the streets of Nuremberg in Germany. This dazed or possibly dead rabbit is positioned outside of Albert Dürer’s house in Nuremberg, and the meaning is based on Albrecht Dürer’s beautiful watercolor work. However, if you take a closer look – there’s nothing nice about this sculpture since it shows a big rabbit fallen out of a wooden crate with several smaller bunnies falling out of it and laying under the big one. But what many people seem to lose focus in is the man lying underneath the rabbit. Yes, if you take a closer look you’ll see there’s a human hand underneath the leg of the rabbit. Quite hideous, right?


Kiss of Death in Barcelona

Death itself is quite scary and a sculpture representing the kiss of death? Well, of course, it gives you the creeps! And it has the perfect location for it – the Kiss of Death is a marble sculpture located in the Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona, Spain. The winged skeleton, which apparently represents the death, plants a kiss on a man’s forehead, thus announcing death to the poor man. This sculpture will amaze you and scare you at the same time. The kiss of death itself and the calm state of the person will give you mixed emotions about death, wondering whether this sculpture tells you to see death as an enemy or a friend.

Kiss of Death in Barcelona

Creations like these might make you ask yourself what the sculptors have been thinking at that time and why did they decide to do something so terrifying that will repeal rather than attract visitors. The truth is – many artists create when they have the motive and desire as a way to express themselves. Okay, there are also artists that want to be known and liked by people, so they create to impress than to express. But whatever the case may be, we can say that these sculptures were made to freak out people and that way they will always be remembered.


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