Singles vacations are a very simple and wonderful concept. They bring together lovers of travel. Also, they bring together similar minds. They bring together independent adventurers. By collecting travelers with identical intentions, these holidays guarantee passionate, energized and inspiring experiences for everyone involved.

Below you will find out why we love singles vacations. What makes them so amazing? Why are they so ideal for every age group? Every personality type? Every traveler? We have the answers. So let’s find out this kind of travel is one of best options out there.

Why we love singles vacations!

Singles vacations are empowering. Embrace the opportunity to rediscover yourself! You can find a new passion, do something you’ve never done before, gain new skills and interests. Leaving your environment gives you a chance to observe yourself in a whole new context.

Singles vacations are convenient. Traveling is incredible, but there is no denying it is full of stressful moments. At some points, a million questions hit you at once. Where am I? Where do I go? Is this the right street? During singles vacations, the operator takes care of all arrangements. You just enjoy every single moment of your vacation.

Singles vacations are sociable. Share the great times and unique moments of travel with new people. You will likely make long-term friendships. You can even use the opportunity to meet fellow singletons. Travel is fun; dating is fun – why not put them together? Travelling can be intense, full of joy, and full of small and big moments to share with others. It’s an exceptional circumstance in which to meet someone special.

Singles vacations are affordable. In fact, they often save you a lot of money. Organizers know the cheapest deals and have connections around the world. Traveling a group is often cheaper anyway. You can split costs and make arrangements for larger numbers – giving you more cash for other experiences and lovely souvenirs.

Singles vacations are an adventure. There is the myth that all-inclusive is not the most authentic travel experience; this is simply not true. They can be more local and immersive as you get local guides and insight. Themed categories depend on your expectations, intentions of interests of travel. You can narrow down your options through a number of categories:


Location matters. If you are living in a big city and feel like to have a rest, you would be better off picking peaceful holidays somewhere in the countryside than a trip to another large, loud metropolis. In contrary, if you want to attend cultural events, explore galleries, boutiques, and exotic restaurants, going to a capital city would probably be a great decision. Different locations offer different attractions. Moreover, you should also mind the climate, for instance – don’t go to a hot country if you are not fond of high temperatures.


Don’t have an unlimited amount of free time? Firstly check if the dates are fine for you. Always read the itinerary – that’s the exciting part! You will see what kind of activities are available and the locations included, as well as the accommodation and transportation provided. Descriptions usually don’t contain detailed information, but itineraries do.


If you’re on a budget, you can filter your choices by price. Singles holidays usually range from one or two hundred to thousands of dollars. When analyzing costs, take into consideration everything included. Do you need to book flights to the destination or the organizer takes care of it? Does the accommodation look okay? Is it worth the price? After all, you want to (and should) get good value for your money!


Another way to reduce your search is to consider the style or type of vacation. Perhaps you know you want to experience a yoga retreat. But there are numerous categories within this category. Acro Yoga, Kalari Yoga, Yin Yoga, Tantra Yoga – these are just some of your many options. Similarly, culinary vacations divide into cuisines, and safari vacations categorize themselves by wildlife. So think in detail about what you desire. If there is a particular thing, you want to experience – go and get it!


Our favorite way of narrowing down choices is through age. So below, we’ve divided our thoughts on singles vacations into age categories and provided a suggested theme for each group. It’s NOT  because we love to put age in a box and NOT because some age groups are limited, but simply because we like to highlight how awesome it is that singles vacations are available to everyone of all ages. That’s the point – there are no limits!

Singles vacations over 20s – First Steps upon Long Roads

Most people begin their first adventures in their 20s. It’s a time of new journeys, fresh ideas and the first steps upon long roads. For some, this young energy is the best outlet through traveling. Searching for guidance and purpose after study or work, more and more young travelers are hitting the road alone.

Solo vacations can be pretty intimidating for younger travelers. Without experience, long roads can seem mysterious and exciting but also daunting and lonely. Looking for a personal adventure without the anxiety of traveling alone?  Single vacations are a fantastic option for over 20s.

Taking a singles holidays, you meet people your age to inspire, support and enhance your traveling experience. It’s also an excellent way to meet people in their late 20s, who can share experienced but relatable advice. You can make friends for life; those who share the same passion and energy for seeing the world.

Our suggestion for over 20s: Surfing Holidays

An active example of singles vacations, surfing holidays are an adventurous choice perfect for young travelers. Want a theme for your trip? Determine a route by hitting the best waves of the world!

This trip offers an eight-day beach experience. Discover how to surf in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Algarve of Portugal in the beautiful coastal city of Lagos. You can embrace the best of Portuguese culture by staying in a local villa, tasting the national cuisine and immersing yourself in its nature. Surf by day and party by night. What more could you want?

Taking your first solo vacation? Check out the surfing holidays. If anything, they make a great metaphor for traveling. If you resist the waves of new cultures, people and places, you’ll get overpowered by the whole experience. You have to dive in head first.

Singles vacations over 30s – Time to Chase Horizons

Over 30s possibly have a bit more confidence in travel. You might have traveled a lot in your 20s, experienced the world and discovered your individual style of exploring it. Alternatively, maybe you’ve not have traveled at all. Setting up a career, a family or establishing routine might have taken all your energy. And now, you have decided, it’s time to chase some horizons.

Thankfully, singles vacations are perfectly catered for over 30s wanting to follow the road. It’s a very good time of life to travel, without the distractions and insecurities of being in your 20s. Maybe you’re more aware of what you want and can choose a trip that fits your style. Alternatively, you can try something new and embrace a fresh passion. Either way, it’s a time to focus on yourself – your dreams, your desires and your destinations!

Our suggestion for over 30s: Detox Vacations

There are some myths and false expectations about detox retreats. They aren’t about staying inside all day, lounging around, or just drinking a smoothie and going back to bed (although you can if you want!). In reality, they are much more interesting and exciting than this. Instead, you learn how to face life, its challenges in rewards, with a boost of confidence, health, and self-love. Detox vacations are an excellent way to learn how to stay healthy in both life and while traveling.

Treat yourself to a vacation like the seven day Bali retreat. It includes a week-long organic diet, detox therapy sessions and workshops to help you change your mind and attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s about cleansing all the negative out of your life; refreshing you to get back home and tackle everything with a fresh body, mind, and perspective.

Singles vacations over 40s – Exploring your interests

For over 40s, singles vacations are an excellent way to meet people in a similar stage of life. Many people are looking for some company and shared experiences. Travelling can be intense, full of joy, and full of small and big moments to share with others. It’s an exceptional circumstance in which to meet special, like-minded friends.

A lot of the fun of traveling can be in the spontaneity and not knowing exactly where the road will take you. However, at some points, you just want the fun of travel without the stress of being lost, alone and confused in a different country. You’re probably over this stressful experience of traveling. Do you finally want a break from being the one always to sort everything out? Luckily, singles holidays have one central purpose: to make your holiday as stress-free as possible.

Our suggestion for over 40s: Yoga Retreats

Perhaps by the time you are over 40, you have solidified interests. You know what you want to get better at have always wanted to try. Or maybe you’re already a pro at something and want to embrace your hobby through a themed vacation. Either way, yoga retreats cater for beginners to experts; offering a unique and engaging experience for everybody.

The 10 Day One Light Meditation and Yoga Retreat takes you to the heart of traditional yoga in India. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery, living a local life, sleeping in traditional accommodation and tasting national cuisine on a daily basis immerses you in the experience. The days of crazy party weekends or sleeping rough in noisy hostels might be behind you but singles yoga holidays balance out the scales. They are relaxed, the setting is comfortable, and you get the peace to practice yoga and meditation techniques correctly.

Singles vacations over 50s – No age limit on perspective shifts

Age does not limit shifts of perspective. A common misconception is that over 50s, more or less, have their lives sorted out by now. However, everyone is continually harnessing their greater potential. There is no final mode of being or living. Travel has the most amazing way of making that fact very clear to us. It inspires a fresh perspective.

For over 50s, a fresh perspective is often a welcome thing. Perhaps with years of a routine, you are looking for a change. Or, after years of hard work, you are looking for a break. Or, after years of the same perspective, you are looking for a fresh start. Singles vacations do everything they can to make those moments, and perspectives, available to you.

Our suggestion for over 50s: Safari Vacations

Not only does travel remind us of the possibilities of life; it throws them right in front of our faces. New cultures, new people, new places. All these things heighten our awareness of the world. To travel is to live in the moment and be grateful for all the incredible things you are witnessing. How better to witness something exceptional than experiencing a safari?

The five-day Safari in Lodge Kruger National Park forces you to dive out of your comfort zone. You stay at tree house lodges with views of the Klaserie River, where wild animals roam. Every day, you will journey out into the Savannah and trek through the bush with professional guides. See some of the most impressive wildlife in the world, up close in a natural environment, through a purely exceptional experience.

Singles vacations over 60s – Precious time to travel in style

Vacation for singles over 60 allows you to have the adventure of a lifetime. Without the discomfort, excessiveness, and uncertainty that often comes with younger travel, older travelers get all the adventure but in style. Through singles vacations, you receive the raw and immediate experience with all the management and practicalities done for you. Once it’s all booked, you just have to do is relax, embrace the activity and enjoy the best times of your life.

One thing to consider is the activity level of each trip. What do you like more – relaxing on the beach or climbing mountains? Some people rest through sweet laziness, and others prefer to spend time actively, doing sports or practicing skills. Specify how much activity you can enjoy. Even an active trip can either be pretty mellow or very intense.

Our suggestion for over 60s: Cooking Holidays

Sometimes we lack the energy for creativity, because of the practical hassles of travel. This applies in particular when traveling solo. But singles vacations offer the security to focus on the best parts of travel, just with a bit more support. They offer you the precious time to get back to yourself, and for creative minds, that’s the most important thing.

One option is to harness that creativity into cooking. Cooking is a great example of something that is often neglected by routine and busy lifestyles. Through trips like this culinary vacation in Florence, Italy, activities like this can become a priority, full of fun, lessons, skills, and creativity. How best to embrace a culture than to embrace its cuisine? Food is at the heart of a country, its traditions and way of life. Whether you are a complete beginner or aspiring chef, combine a cultural experience with culinary learning. You will soon discover there is no greater way to travel.


Tripaneer is a company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through singles vacations. They endorse the beauty of travel by valuing the memories and experiences that are created on the road. Journeys enhance personal growth. We become happier by focusing on ourselves and developing connections with other people, cultures, and countries. The mission of this company is to support these personal and positive attributes of travel by offering themed holidays and singles vacations. 

They divide their singles holidays into nine themed categories: 

Worn down by a fast-paced society? Recharge your body and mind by experiencing a Detox Vacation.

Hit the long, open and winding road in style by taking a Motorcycle Tour.

Test your palate and taste the fresh flavors of the world on a Culinary Vacation.

Find balance, rest your mind and learn to let go by experiencing a Meditation Retreat.

Train your fitness through an ancient tradition during a Martial Arts Camp.

Step into the wild and enjoy the raw experience of a Safari Holiday.

Connect with your body and get back to yourself during a Yoga Retreat.

Learn how to teach from the sources of ancient knowledge through a Yoga Teacher Training.

Live the dream and surf waves around the world on a Surfing Holiday.

Have you had a great experience of a singles vacations? Leave your comments below!


    • Dear Konnie, thank you for your comment. If you look at the end of the article, their is a link to our partner that is specialised in single vacations. They also offer a lot of cruises. They are a trusted partner that we highly can recommend to any single. Let me know if you need any help.

  1. 55 years old single male….looking for a great all-inclusive vacation in the caribbean….looking for beautiful beaches, healthy food, exercise, and fun, good company. any suggestions?

    • Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to say but for beach holidays especially for single people is very hard to find. Most of the single vacations are not only for singles, but you will be mixed up with a group of other guests as well. That’s why we also advise doing a theme vacation such as Yoga retreats. Those vacations are excellent for singles, and some are also near the beach. The Yoga I can highly advise. Wish you good luck finding the perfect holiday. Please share your experience with us.

  2. I think it’s a great idea for singles group tours – I went on a similar tour when I was in my twenties, only it was designed for people in their twenties, and it was great. I met lots of people with similar interests, the activities were designed for our age group and I made a tonne of friends. It also took all the stress out of the trip because everything was planned and organised for me, all I needed to do was show up, relax and have an awesome time. I definitely recommend trying out one of these tours.

  3. Looking for singles holidays in Victoria and across rest of Australia.
    Age range 40s to 50s. Wanting to meet new like minded people and hopefully that special lady.


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