No plans for Christmas break yet? No company either? Instead of complaining and feeling lonely, you can escape the dullness and go on an exciting adventure. In the last few years tours for single travelers have gained popularity – not without reason. They provide solo travelers with a chance of meeting people with similar interests. It’s a great solution for those who’re ready to step through their door alone, but not necessarily enthusiastic about crossing whole countries on their own. Even though you start the trip by yourself, you’re soon surrounded by like-minded companions and new friends.

 Why should you do it?

Many people tend to say they want to travel, but not alone. Since their friends don’t want to join, they simply give up on the idea. It’s a pity, especially that nowadays there are plenty of possibilities for solo travelers who want to meet up with other vagabonds. It’s certainly not a fun experience to end up in a hotel alone, surrounded by couples and families. Luckily, numerous travel agencies organize tours

Fortunately, various travel agencies arrange tours exclusively for singles, during which they have a chance to meet each other and share the journey. There are also tours open for everyone, but since agencies encourage solo travelers to join, they eventually make a majority of participants. This way during the trip you’re accompanied by a group of people who, just like you, love to travel and, just like you, are open to socializing. Moving together bonds people in a unique way, so you have a chance to make wonderful friends. Who knows, perhaps you’ll also get to meet this particular someone who’ll make your holidays lovely and romantic. Besides, you won’t have to spend Christmas once again at home. You may be better off using the holidays to travel and explore than do the same things you’ve been doing for years.

We’ve found a few great and diverse examples of Christmas/New Year tours for singles:

The Canaries Christmas & New Year by Titan

The cruise offered by Titan gives solo travelers a chance to escape the winter and enjoy Europe’s warmest destinations. The itinerary includes stays in Portuguese cities, the island of Madeira and Spanish Canaries. Christmas Eve is spent in Porto and the New Year’s Eve in vibrant Lisbon. Before and after the celebrations, you’re visiting fascinating historical sites, beautiful beaches, and national parks. During the cruise itself, you can enjoy the luxuries of Boudicca, the ship that carries you from one port to another. It has numerous restaurants, clubs, a spa, and library.

Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Christmas for Solo Travelers by Saga

Have you been thinking of spending holidays in the United Kingdom? You can do it in a truly Victorian manner then and discover the authentic British style. Saga offers accommodation in a 19th-century hotel near Sheffield as well as various activities. You have time to relax, socialize with other guests and explore the charming surroundings. The program includes meals during which the guests have to meet each other, day-trips to nearby towns, live entertainment, and traditional English tea breaks.

Canyon Xmas Vegas New Year by Trek America

The tour isn’t exclusively made for solo travelers, but they usually make up for 70% of participants. The groups in all Trek America’s trips are small (10-12 people) which has lots of advantages: it’s more comfortable than traveling with a large group and makes it easier to get really to know other participants. Canyon Xmas Vegas New Year is prepared for young, energetic travelers who’re ready to embrace the wilderness of American nature. Traveling through several national parks, hiking impressive mountains, admiring the striking beauty of Grand Canyon, celebrating New Year’s Eve in the crazy city of Las Vegas – these are some of the activities included in the program.

Nepal Walking Adventure by Encounter Travel

This trip to Nepal is made for travelers who seek a real adventure. After arriving in Nepal, you first get to see its captivating capital, Katmandu. The next step is Pokhara situated on the scenic lake Phew Tal, where the group has a New Year’s Eve dinner. The first days of the New Year you’re spending in the Annapurna range, trekking in the marvelous Himalayas, accompanied by an expert guide and other participants of the tour.

If none of these examples appeal to you, you may also check other offers prepared by travel agencies we listed here:

Would you consider spending Christmas and New Year this way? Let us know what you think. And remember to share this article with your friends!


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