Visiting new cities is almost always a pleasure for people traveling abroad. However, there`s that enormous pressure to visit and experience everything the city is known for, to see the stuff your friends have recommended to you and to have fun.

Despite what you`ve already written on your to-do list or what you`ve already had in mind to visit, it`s always nice to participate in a guided tour of the city. Tourist guides have a lot of useful information to share with you, and the tours are designed in a way that helps you visit most of the main attractions in the city. And you can always find them for an excellent price.

However, it`s possible that you`re not into the regular tour of the city`s most visited attractions and you want to experience the city differently, entering secret passages that you wouldn`t have seen as a typical tourist and finding out non-commercial stories about the people and certain spots of the city. If this is the case, then we recommend you to take a look at the list of what it might seem like a bizarre, strange or spooky thing to do, but they actually might be the best-guided tours you have ever participated. Take a look at the following:

Bob Marley ganja tour in Jamaica

When you think of Jamaica, the first things that pop into your mind are the clear blue water, the white sandy beaches and, of course, a Bob Marley`s song playing in the background. The people of Jamaica love and respect the icon of the reggae music, and because of the international fame he accomplished, they found many ways how to earn money on his behalf. If you are interested in the life of Bob Marley and the Rastafarian culture, then you`ll have fun taking a tour like this.

The exciting and “secret” part of the tour is that they take you to several plantations where they grow different vegetables, fruits and marijuana. You even have the opportunity to buy ganja at local secret shops. However, if you plan on going to this tour with your kids, immediately change your plans since this tour is recommended for 18+.

Bob Marley ganja tour in Jamaica

Ghost tours of Prague

The capital of Czech Republic is a must visit city in Europe. The architecture, the history and the weather, all of them make this city a mysterious and creepy, yet exciting place to visit. If you are interested in the unexplained and in supernatural mysteries, then you have to participate in the ghost tours of Prague that will show you the dark side of the city.

To be even scarier and exciting, these tours are at night, when the moon shines bright and the fog covers your eyes. The tour guides are often dressed up in black cloaks, revealing secrets of murders, mysteries, and magic, taking you to dark lanes and allies with only an old lantern lighting up your way.

Ghost tours of Prague, Czech Republic

Red light district tours in Amsterdam

You`ve already done the Heineken Museum tour in the daytime, so you want to have a bit more fun on the night as well? What about taking a guided tour through the most controversial part of Amsterdam – the red light district. You`ve probably heard about this street where prostitutes “advertise” themselves in storefront windows. If you`re interested in taking a curious walk down the street, then it`s best to take a guided tour, where the tour guide will not only help you stay out of trouble, but also will tell you the history and the secrets of the Red Light District.

As a part of the tour, you`ll also visit a few sex museums and giggle at the products in the sex shops. Make sure to visit Warmoestraat, the hardcore leather neighborhood, where you can try out stuff just for fun.

Redlight District in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Voodoo tours in Haiti

If you`re planning on visiting Haiti, you must previously do a little research on the culture and traditions of this Caribbean country. For example, the Haitians refer to their island as the “Land where Time does not exist.” However, if you take a guided tour, everything will be explained to you perfectly. But one type of tour is the most interesting one, and it`s called the Mystical Voodoo tour of Haiti.

As part of this tour, tourists are taken to see a voodoo show at first. Then they have the chance to meet voodoo priests and practitioners, which can tell and answer every question about the powerful and magical religion of the Haitians. The tour then invites only the “intellectually curious travelers” to join the voodoo ceremony which might involve ritual live animal sacrifices. So, if you`re up to a tour like this, make sure to be prepared!

Ritualistic Haitian Voodoo Prayer

Crop Circle tours in the United Kingdom

Do you believe in aliens? Perfect! You`ll enjoy this trip. But even if you don`t believe in aliens, you`ll still have so much fun visiting the most beautiful Crop Circles in the world, found in the county of Wiltshire in England. Even the stories you`ll hear connected to this attractions will give you goosebumps, regardless of what you believe or not.

As strange as it might sound, when taking a tour of this kind, you will not be allowed to bring a pacemaker with you, and you`ll be warned about the technology devices that you`ll be carrying. That`s because, believe it or not; this place has some energy that is mysterious and unknown for the humankind. However, as a part of the tour, you also have a chance to fly and see the crop circles from above. So cool, right?

Crop Circle in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Illegal border crossing tour

As strange as it might sound, this tour exists! It`s a guided tour where the tourist guides show a group of tourists how to cross the U.S. border illegally. This seven and a half mile trek takes you through the desert hills of Parquet EcoAlberto right in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo.

This tour is organized so that you get the feeling that you are doing that – you are illegally crossing the U.S. border. Just to make it more fun, Mexican actors dress up as fellow immigrants and guide you through extreme conditions, making you crawl through barbed wire, run from fake petrol cars and even risk the chance of getting shot by border patrollers (luckily, with blanks).

USA - Mexican Border

Guided tours can provide you with a lot of fun when you`re in a new city, especially weird guided tours like the ones above. You can always go for a typical standard tour in the city, but you have to admit that it`s interesting and creative to hear the stories of the underdogs and to experience the city differently. So, for your next trip, we suggest you take a look at the tours offered by that town and pick the one you think it`s the most extraordinary.


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