Budapest, the lovely capital of Hungary, has always been attracting visitors from throughout the world. Because of its authentic architecture, rich historical and cultural aspects and pleasant atmosphere, Budapest is every year visited by many tourists that are traveling in Europe.

But apart from the various attractions you can visit in Budapest, and there are quite a lot of them, there are also many interesting places and activities that can be included in your daily agenda. That is not as popular as visiting a particular castle or eating in the best restaurant, but are still quite important if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Budapest.

For sure when you go to Budapest you will immediately wish to cruise down the Danube and enjoy the beautiful sight of the Hungarian Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Buda Castle, and the Liberty Statue, etc. You will also probably arrange a tour to see the Heroes’ Square and many other attractions that can be found in the heart of the city. But if you’re looking for something more than just a standard sightseeing of the city, then you need to have a look at the following places and activities that will only make you visit Budapest even more:

Relax at the Széchenyi thermal bath

If you’re going to Budapest, regardless of the time of year, you should visit the unique thermal bath and swim pool, Széchenyi. This place is quite visited the past few years, as tourists arrange at least one day from their trip to relax and spend some quality time at Széchenyi. Interesting is how this is the first thermal bath of Pest. Later it became the official Széchenyi thermal bath, built in 1913. The owners saw peoples’ interest for the thermal bath that they even incorporated a big swimming pool, open for visitors. As for the entrance fee, the tickets are quite affordable, and there are plenty of additional services you can enjoy special spa treatments, massages, pedicures, and solarium and so on. It is perfect for a day of relaxation after you get tired from your long and exciting trip.

You should visit the Széchenyi thermal bath regardless of the period of the year you’re traveling to Budapest. And even if the main pools and baths are outdoors, it is quite an experience to enjoy its services even in the winter time, since it’s freezing outside but that doesn’t matter since the thermal water is with an adapted heath for the needs of the human body. Visit it; you’ll have loads of fun for sure!

Stretch your legs in the Erzsebet Ter park

There’s a beautiful and green park in the center of the city, close to the Danube River, where you can rest your legs after the long walks through the city. Apart from the broad green fields occupied by mostly young people enjoying their time in the city, there’s also a big pool that’s meant to be a fountain, where you can dip your legs inside and enjoy. What’s great about this place is that it’s pretty close to places where you can grab a coffee, an ice cream or even a fruity cocktail that will refresh and prepare you for the upcoming sightseeing.

Erzsebet Ter park is a great place to take your time off and still feel the pulse of the city, enjoying the atmosphere of Hungary’s capital.

Erzsebet ter park, Budapest, Hungary

Walk around the Margaret Island

In the waters of the Danube River, there’s a lovely island that was used to be called the island of rabbits, as there were many rabbits there. However, today the Margaret Island is a great place to get away from the crowd and enjoy the nature, while you’re still in the heart of Budapest. The island can easily be reached, and there are a few attractions that are worth visiting. However, what this island is most known for is the world-famous music festival Sziget that is being organized every summer. Every August the island is transforming into a festive madness, where people from all over the world come to see their favorite music stars and enjoy plenty of other types of performances, workshops and various parties. The festival called after the original name of the island is known to be organized at the island of freedom, an actual name of the Margaret Island during the festival.

The festival lasts for seven days so in case you’re considering going to Budapest during summer, have in mind that this festival is taking place in Budapest and the whole city is alive and full of tourists. Also, consider going to the festival even just for a day, as you will have a lifetime experience.

Sziget festival

Go for a drink in Szimpla Kert

Care to explore the nightlife of Budapest? Then make sure to start with the coolest bars and pubs there are. Don’t miss your chance to visit the most authentic pub in Budapest, a huge place consisting of many rooms, all different and unique, decorated in various styles and concepts applicable for every taste. Have you imagined yourself sitting in a bathtub and enjoying your beer? What about having drinks with your friends in a pub, sitting in a car located inside the bar? Crazy, huh? Well, that’s what this pub is all about – variety and amusement. Szimpla Kert is a great place to visit during the day, but also an excellent place to party during the night, up until the early mornings.

If you’re going to Budapest, make sure to check out the various events they organize, as you might find something fascinating to attend to. Fun fact about this place is that it used to be an old factory which was then converted into an enormous open-air cinema and pub, a perfect place for hosting various music and theatre shows and other cultural events. If you go there, you’ll find plenty of weird and extraordinary objects that have been donated to the pub during its opening, at least that’s what the urban legend says about this pub.

Interior of The Buddha Restaurant in Budapest

Enjoy the view from 360 bar

Probably the best place from where you can benefit from the view of the city from above. The 360 bar is the place to be if you’re looking to have a drink or enjoy a nicely prepared lunch in the clouds of Budapest. The view from above is, by all means, fascinating and it is an excellent way to experience the city from a different perspective. Apart from the relaxing atmosphere and the chill time it provides, there are also plenty of parties organized in this bar, so imagine partying above Budapest and waiting for the sun to rise. Amazing, right?

Tourists are falling in love with Budapest every time they visit it, so there are plenty of reasons why this tends to happen. Other than the numerous places where you can discover the beauty of the city, it is also important to notice that the people are friendly and helpful, which will only make your trip better. In case you get lost, there’s no need to freak out since maps can be found everywhere from the city. Also, there are info points spread everywhere throughout the city, waiting for you to approach them with a question. One thing that can be kind of tricky is that their national currency is Hungarian Forint, which when exchanged from euros they might appear like you’re having a lot of money in your wallet, so be careful not to lose count when it comes to things like this. Other than that, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time in the beautiful city of Budapest, especially if you get to visit at least some of the places mentioned above.


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