I think we can all agree that everybody enjoys a little shopping from time to time. You know, taking a walk down a street full of stores, doing a little window shopping, feel your heart aching because you can’t afford to buy everything you like, but still feel happy while trying out new stuff and buying at least some of them.

However, there are those people that are addicted to shopping sprees, and there’s nothing bad about it if you know how to control your budget. But can you blame a person for buying too many sweet stuff, when there are tons of enormous shopping malls in the world that are kindly inviting the people to visit the malls and spend some of their money in the numerous stores? Well, of course, you can, but then again, you have to remind yourself that everybody has something that is providing him/her with some guilty pleasure.

Nowadays, it is straightforward to get to your desired piece of clothing or jewelry, thanks to all the brands spreading everywhere and online retail shops operating worldwide. But what is familiar to every passionate shopaholic is that a good old-fashioned stroll in the mall is like a rainbow on a rainy day. And because I understand the need of shoppers to go in a mall and have the chance to visit as many and as various stores as possible, here I present to you the ten biggest shopping malls in the USA:

  1. Woodfield Mall

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

The Woodfield Mall was officially opened on 9th of September, 1971, and attracts more than 27 million visitors each year. It contains 300 stores, and it’s the mall that has the country’s largest Sears store. It’s open every day, even on Sundays, which is great if you’re into having fun during the most boring day of the week.

  1. Roosevelt Field

Location: East Garden City, New York

Even though it takes the 9th spot on this list, Roosevelt Field is the second largest full price shopping mall in the state of New York. The mall has 294 various stores, and more are planned to be opened during the year 2016. It was inaugurated in 1956, and it’s interesting that it was constructed on the site of an airport and military airfield.

  1. The Galleria

Location: Houston, Texas

Opened on November 16th, 1970, the Galleria represents a great mixture of style and urban development, located in the Uptown District of Houston. Despite the shopping mall, the Galleria also features some offices, hotels and a private health club. The Galleria itself is a genuine attraction, with a store number exceeding to 375 and 35 million visitors per year.

  1. Sawgrass Mills

Location: Sunrise, Florida

The Sawgrass Mills may be the 7th largest shopping mall in the USA, but it takes the first place in the run for the biggest single-story mall in the U.S. The mall opened in 1990, and it contains 350 different stores. The Sawgrass Mills is huge, and to be easily accessible since it is a single story shopping mall, it is divided into three parts, called the Avenue, the Fashion Avenue and the Oasis.

  1. Destiny USA

Location: Syracuse, New York

Another huge shopping mall in the state of New York, but this time in Syracuse. Destiny USA is a six-story super-regional shopping and entertainment complex with more than 300 stores. It was opened on 15th of October, 1990, and it is the largest shopping mall in the state of New York. Despite the numerous shops, dining facilities and entertainment service providers, there are plenty of events organized in this shopping mall, such as kids Halloween party, black Fridays, music performances and many others.

  1. Millcreek Mall

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Even though we’re talking about a huge shopping mall, it is a bit disappointing to point out that the Millcreek Mall has the smallest number of stores from this list. With only 175 stores, it is still fascinating that we’re talking about a massive complex that also features a health center that’s actively supporting the good and healthy life of people.

  1. South Coast Plaza

Location: Costa Mesa, California

If you’re into some high-class shopping time, then this is the place to be. Opened on 15th of March, 1967, this mall consists of 280 stores and, despite its fancy modern boutiques and classy visitors, it is also attractive because of its impressive architecture. As part of the South Coast Plaza, you can find the grand theatre and concert halls that are organizing great art performances for its high-class visitors. And if you are a true lover of fashion, make sure to attend some of the luxurious fashion shows held in this mall.

  1. Aventura Mall

Location: Aventura, Florida

Like the name itself, this mall calls for some shopping adventure. And don’t worry: if you get tired walking through the 300 and more different stores settled on three floors, you can rest down a bit, catch a breath and get some fast food to fill up your energy.

  1. King of Prussia Mall

Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Meet the King of Prussia Mall – the second largest shopping mall in the USA, but the 1st largest shopping mall regarding leasable space. With some stores of over 400, this mall is comprised of two sections, which are the Plaza at King of Prussia and the Court at King of Prussia. The mall does not only contain retail stores, but it also provides some entertainment, dining restaurants, and special events.

  1. Mall of America

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

Opened in 1992 and taking over the title for the largest shopping mall in the U.S., I think the name of this mall sums it all up. The Mall of America (MoA) is a massive complex consisting of over 520 different stores visited from people from around the world. Despite the stores, this mall provides the ultimate fun by having several amusement parks and aquariums that will make you want to come back again and again. What’s going on in this mall is a real shopping madness and is visited by a lot of people during the special events organized in the mall.

Houston, we have a problem. Now, you want to go shopping for a whole day in one of these malls right? Well, who wouldn’t – these places are heaven for shopaholics. Well, if you don’t have the money to buy something right now, at least have in mind that the winter holidays are coming, so these malls will have plenty of good offers and exciting events worth the visit.


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