Whenever people visit a new city, they tend to buy several travel souvenirs for home. Travel souvenirs are that big amount of objects around the house that we don`t know where to put, but we just can`t get enough of buying them.

Some may say they`re a waste of money. However, it is accepted that souvenirs bring good memories to the people that have traveled abroad. Also, they can be a great decoration for the house. If you`re the type of person that not only buys souvenirs for yourself, but also for the close family and relatives, then this kind of gifts are the most interesting and most symbolic ones. They will always remember who gave them the keychain from Las Vegas, the mini Eiffel Tower from Paris or the postcard from Mumbai and will mean a lot to them that you have remembered to surprise them with a gift.

Travel souvenirs

Every tourism developed city has many shops that offer a big choice of souvenirs. It`s up to the one that travels to choose the preferred one and buy it. What you haven`t known until now, is that the type of souvenir you prefer can tell a little something about yourself. Check out the following travel souvenirs and their characteristics and try to find in which group you belong.

travel souvenir


One does not just buy only one postcard! Depending on the type of postcard, this might be the cheapest type of souvenir you will ever get in the city you`re visiting. And just because they`re cheap, easy to send and represent the attractions of the city, tourists tend to buy many postcards so that they can send them to their friends or decorate their walls with them.

If you`re the type of person obsessed with buying and sending postcards, then you are friendly and selfless. You think about the people you love wherever you go, and you want to spread your joy with them. If you also buy postcards for yourself instead of expensive mugs, t-shirt, etc., then you are a modest person, satisfied with simplicity.


Magnets are the typical travel souvenir, found in almost every corner of a city`s center. If you are the person buying a magnet from every city you visit and you always seek for the most interesting one, regardless of the fact if it`s a ceramic or a photo magnet, then you can quickly adapt to changes, and you are addicted to traveling. You put your magnets on the fridge and always check to see how much free space you have left. You just can`t wait for that moment to come, when there`s no free space in the fridge for you to put your next magnet.


If you prefer buying a keychain only from your favorite places, rather than purchase a souvenir from every city you visit, then you are a practical and mature person who knows what he/she wants. You`ve enjoyed your stay in a new city, and you connected so much with that place, that you need something that will remind you of it wherever you go. And you`ve chosen the right souvenir! Not only that the keychain is a nice sentimental reminder of your favorite city, but it`s also useful to own it.

Cups, mugs, and spoons

This type of souvenirs can be fascinating, but rarely are they usable like something more than a souvenir. Okay, if we`re talking about mugs and cups, then perhaps you can use them, but it`s entirely possible that their print can be ruined.

If you are the type of person that buys souvenirs like these, then you are a sophisticated person, someone that likes to keep control of their life and home. You don`t just go for the first mug you see, but you tend to find the one that will perfectly match your home décor. When you spot the perfect souvenir, you believe that the money spent for it is worth it.

Street art

You walk through the city, and you`re blinded by the beautiful pieces of art created by the street artists? Then you`re going to end up buying a piece of their work! And that`s a great souvenir, except for the fact that it`s complicated to transport it back home.

If you`re the person buying paintings of the city, rather than other souvenirs, then it means that you are a creative person and you want to support and compliment the street artists. You love art, and you prefer to have paintings on your walls reminding you of the select cities you`ve visited, then various, dusty objects on the shelf.

Clothes and bags

If you love going to a city with culture and traditions different than yours and you buy different types of traditional clothes, hats or shoes from there, then it means that you are more into the deeper values of the city than just the beauty of the attractions. You are emotional, sensitive and smart, interested in the deeper meaning of things, like the culture, traditions, and history of a city.

On the other hand, you might be into buying branded bags with the name of the city or t-shirts like I love (heart) NY. This means that you`re an outgoing person but also a bit of a show-off. You want to wear your souvenir, and you want to be noticed by the people around you. You are also a modern person, often with a great sense of fashion.

Regional cookbooks

Well, you love to cook! If you love buying local cookbooks, then you are a hardworking and open-minded person, always seeking for new challenges. Cooking makes you happy, and you`re always eager to try a new recipe. You`re not afraid of tasting traditional food and drinks, and you even want to prepare a delicious dish by yourself.

Coins, metro and museum tickets

Keeping even the smallest coins and used tickets only show that you get easily attached to things and places. Everything that you possess from a particular city represents a sort of memory to you, and you can`t get rid of it easily, even if it`s a used package from a local chocolate. You are a loyal and honest person, and you respect every tiny thing in life.

Mascots and stuffed animals

Buying a moose toy from Canada or a bear from Berlin shows that you are the kid that never grew up. As old as you might be, you are playful and confident, and you love to buy iconic toys from different cities. You don`t care about what others think of you, and you are determined to do what you want. Having a room full of stuffed animals even when you`re older? Who cares, you love it!

So travelers, having this list in mind – what do you think? Which group do you belong to?

Travel souvenirs are a great reminder of the cities you`ve visited, but even if you don`t have the opportunity or wish to buy them – then, it`s not a big deal! They are just a visual reminder of the real travel souvenirs we have in our hearts and minds – the memories! Just go, explore, use every chance to experience something new in this world and create unforgettable stories. The world is waiting for you!


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