The Scrape Map is a wall map with a layer to scratch off once you have visited that country. You simply take a coin and scrape – it transforms from a black and white map into a colorful and personalized masterpiece.

The Story of the Scrape Map

Every good product begins with a personal story. The Scrape Map is no exception. The inspired design came from the mind of Miranda Aresu, who quit her job to travel the world. After returning, saturated in experience and inspiration, she decided to create a single product with a million possibilities. The idea came from a desire to share her story. Further, it orientates around a single, simple mission: to spread the joy of travel.

scrape maps

With traveling becoming a normalized phenomenon, everyone is a globetrotter. Plane tickets are cheap. New cultures are accessible. Planning is easy and spontaneous. With rising technology, inspiration is everywhere, and opportunity is at our fingertips.

In our society, everyone has a spark of wanderlust – and that is a great thing. There is one downside. It is becoming harder and harder to make your travels unique. But, like everything, it is possible.

After all, what is the only difference between you and the millions of others who have walked through the same city? The difference between you and those who have seen the same sights, met the same people, experienced the same experiences? The answer is one simple thing: your story.

Because no two experiences are the same. No two perspectives are the same. And certainly, no two stories are the same.

That is exactly what the Scrape Map offers: the idea that each person’s travel story is unique. The product not only comes from a story, that of Miranda, but it also depends upon the stories of every individual. And the Scrape Map is the perfect way to portray your own to the world.

The Purpose

“My mission is to create an awesome travelers map that will make globetrotters smile every time they look at it.”


With so many products out there with the intention of making money, it is refreshing find a product based on happiness. With a manifesto of joy, the Scrape Map basis is with a genuine passion for travel. A map to ignite joy – to create a smile.

The Scrape Map is a colorful addition to your wall. More than this, it is a strong and purposeful idea. The more you travel, the more colorful the map gets. More than a map, it is a symbol. It reveals the vibrancy of the journey, and the color it brings to your life.

Travel is the opportunity to enhance life experiences. To push yourself out of what you know, and find a reward of rich and colorful moments. To travel is to live life to its fullest.

To travel is to turn a black and white map into a fountain of color.

For Memories

“What she wanted to prevent is that beautiful travel memories fade away to the background.”

Another purpose of the Scrape Map is to capture memories. To scratch off another country on the map is an active decision to remember that place. The memory of travel remains, present and colorful on the map on your wall.

You can relive, as well as remember. The Scrape Map records the past – your journeys and adventures. On a bad day, can look up at the map and remember good times. It is a conversation piece with visitors, inspiring talks about shared destinations and encouraging people to share travel stories.

black and white map

For Inspiration

As well as a memory of past travels, the Scrape Map is an inspiration for new ones. It acts as a constant reminder of the possibilities of travel. In contrast to all the colorful, scratched off countries, there is an abundance of unvisited places.

You see those black and white countries you are longing to scratch off the map. Looking to the future, you can make a plan to get up and go finally.

On a bad day or a day full of hard work, the Scrape Map can be a great source of motivation. You know you must work now to travel later. Or you know you must stop working to peruse the dream of a big trip. Perhaps you have a plan in mind – you will soon buy a plane ticket, and come home to scratch off another country on the map.

The Perfect Present

We all have friends who love to travel. Those who live for the joys of movement. Those who have big stories, big memories, and big plans for the future. The Scrape Map is the perfect gift for them. Indeed, it is the perfect gift for anyone, and everyone, possessing a love for seeing the world.

Polaroid pictures, a bucket list, and travel stamps decorate the outlines of the map. Magnifying glasses reveal hidden and exotic places usually denied by standard maps. Therefore, wherever you have been in the world, from the capital cities of Europe to secret islands of the Caribbean, you can always mark your favorite travel destinations.

The Scrape Map is a present that will not break the bank. It is fantastic for any age. And a map is a universal item of interest. It is good quality, personally designed and, most of all – fun!

The map is full of hidden secrets waiting for you to reveal. It is almost like a game, to scratch away your favorite countries. Not only does it show a color, but the scratched countries also have city names and famous landmarks within them. The more you travel, the more the map exposes hidden pictures and places beneath the surface.

Are you searching for the perfect present for a friend? Especially if you have been traveling together, the Scrape Map is the choice for you. Before you wrap it, you can scratch off some of the countries you explored together. It is not only a great gift but has endless opportunities to be personalized.

Watch this space, because there are plans for more versions of the Scrape Map in the future.


  1. This is actually a really cool idea! I know a few people who would love it! Heck, I love it! I may have to get a few as gifts in the future. I am always looking for something fun and unique to gift to friends and family so I will be adding this to my list.


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