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Enjoying a delicious dish or a tasty dessert is one of the most favorite activities of almost all people on the planet. However, it is known that if you try to prepare your lunch, no matter how unprofessional and sloppy it may seem, it tends to be delicious all because you made it with love and dedication. After all, eating is a necessity, but cooking is art, don’t you agree? Why not try one of these cooking vacations?

Cooking vacations – are they worth the trip?

Have you ever thought of strengthening your culinary skills and signing up for a cooking class? Don’t feel sorry to admit it – no matter how good you think you can cook, it is always good to learn some new skills and tricks, experiment with various cuisines and find new ways to conquer your stomach. So here’s an idea: would you travel to a particular destination and, besides the joy of traveling, participate in a cooking class with a group of people sharing the same passion? Or just book a gastronomic vacation of such kind that will completely take over your senses by only testing a new type of food? Not sure whether you should try it out? Take a look at these reasons for going on such journey and consider your decision once more:

Explore new flavors and eating habits while enjoying a cooking vacation

Traveling to a place that you have never been before, or even country that you have not heard of can be perfect for one unforgettable adventure. But going to that certain destination to gain a special and irreplaceable gastronomic experience is an even bigger reason to convince yourself to start the journey. Get to know new destinations by tasting their specific and traditional flavors, while getting acquainted with various cuisines and local eating habits. For example, wouldn’t you like to learn how to eat with chopsticks properly while traveling through Korea?

Learn how to cook with professionals from different cultures

The courses that are part of the organized cooking vacations are guided by professional chefs that are entirely devoted to their work and are quite generous when it comes to sharing their unique skills and tips & tricks. A great thing about learning from professionals that don’t live in the same country as you do or have the same habits is that the cultural differences between the professional and the student will only make the knowledge transfer more interesting and inspiring. Their positive attitude towards your interest in learning something more about a new cuisine will motivate you and help you acquire new recipes better and faster.

Meet new friends that share the same passion for good food

The great thing about culinary vacations is that you won’t be traveling alone, but rather be accompanied by people that are also looking forward to gaining new cooking skills or simply enjoy the local cuisine and some traditional specialties. This guarantees a positive and friendly atmosphere, a chance to meet new people with similar interests and to share some experiences with each other. However, you are not obliged to socialize in case you feel like enjoying the cooking vacation only by yourself.

Pick the right cooking vacations for your taste

If this previous part reassured you that you should start looking for a culinary tour that will best suit your needs, then it’s time for you to take a look at some offers and prepare for an exciting gastronomic adventure. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions to push your creativity forward and start thinking about the most suitable tour:

Sign up for some incredible cooking classes in Italy

Cooking classes in Italy – how didn’t you think of this cooking vacation before?! This sounds like probably the perfect culinary tour ever! Italy, or also known as “EATaly,” is one of the countries in the world where food is cooked with so much passion and art that their specialties and food culture are worshiped by many people throughout the world. The country from where pizza (the most popular fast food) and pasta originate is a dream destination for anyone craving the love for food. Oh and let’s not forget the most refreshing dessert of all – “gelato.” It seems like Italy is the best choice for anyone looking to warm up her/his heart by filling up her/his stomach.

So, wouldn’t you be interested in trying out some original pizza or learn how to cook delicious and mind-blowing pasta? Don’t you find amazing the idea to enjoy the surroundings and the spectacular landscapes of Italy, while satisfying your senses with an excellent choice of food and wine? We think you are already drooling over your computer, so we suggest you take a look at some great gastronomic tours and enjoy the rest of the day planning your most impressive cooking vacation ever.

Try out some great cooking vacations in the USA

Diverse and dynamic, the cooking vacations in the USA are organized in a way to provide enormous pleasure for its tourists. Whether you’re up to gaining some new cooking skills, giving into the great feeling of tasting some delicious food or even combining yoga with vegan cooking – the choice is up to you! There are plenty of opportunities and various deals that will make your choice harder, but the result can guarantee complete satisfaction and culinary transformation. Do you dare to look at your next impeccable getaway? Check out the options for some fabulous cooking vacations in the USA.

Exciting cooking vacations to try

Imagine learning to prepare a pasta meal in Italy or French cuisine in Paris. There are many different food tours that you can enjoy while learning to create delicious meals. Here are just three new cooking tours for those who love to cook.

Five-day cooking vacation in Italy

Explore the amazing scenery of Italy while learning to cook, using the local produce of the region. This five-day cooking holiday takes place in the Abruzzo region of Italy and features things like learning how to use the local food along with visiting local cheese producers and learning how to prepare authentic Italian meals with a professional chef as your instructor.

This cooking tour provides you with four days of direct instruction, and you can also take part in local activities surrounding the cooking classes. Learn how to identify the best produce to use and to select a great wine to go with your meal. You will also experience hunting for truffles, how cheese is made and take an exclusive wine tour of the area. While taking the cooking tour, you will get to stay in a local guesthouse in the Italian countryside of the Abruzzi National Park. When you’re not in cooking class, enjoy the country by going horseback riding or relaxing next to a refreshing waterfall.

For more about the 5 Day Cooking Holiday in Italy, go to this website to book the tour.

Seven-day Spanish cooking vacation in Cordoba, Spain

Experience fantastic Spanish cuisine and learn how to prepare some of the best Spanish dishes when you take the seven-day Spanish cooking vacation in Cordoba, Spain. During this wonderful cooking tour, you will learn how to prepare excellent Tapas recipes among many other Spanish delights.

During your time in Cordoba, you will stay in a luxury suite in Finca Las Encinas, which includes a view of the local woods along with a private terrace and garden view. Finca Las Encinas is more than 100 years old and includes plenty of olive groves that were planted during the early Roman occupation of the area. Your Suite is close to a golf course as well as a health club and horseback riding nearby. There is a refreshing swimming pool for relaxation and kayaking is close by.

Your cooking vacation includes learning about the history and culture of the cuisine regarding the recipes and unique ingredients used in Spanish cooking. You will have four days of cooking classes with a variety of themes, including cooking tapas. The classes are led by a professional chef who will provide you with hands-on instruction in creating 3 and five-course tapas meals. During your classes, you will have the chance to enjoy trying your cooking creations as well as enjoying meals prepared by professional chefs of the area.

For more about the seven-day Spanish cooking vacation in Cordoba, Spain, go to this website to book.

Eight-day wine and food holiday in France

Enjoy a cooking vacation that features fantastic French cuisine in one of the best places in the world to study cooking. During this eight-day wine and food vacation in France, you will learn about the history and culture of French foods while learning to prepare some of the best French cuisines including Foie Gras, Soupe à l’oignon and Magret de Canard to name just a few.

While you’re learning about French cooking, you will stay in a quaint 150-year-old farmhouse that features guest suites with air conditioning and beaches nearby set near rolling countryside and large inviting meadows filled with wildflowers. The farmhouse is also close to local activities like horseback riding, swimming, basketball, archery and more.

During your wine and food vacation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy wine tastings and learn how to pair different wines and cheeses with your meal. The wine and food vacation will also include day trips to such influential places in French cuisine such as Toulouse, the Pyrenees Mountains and the region of Bordeaux. The vacation also includes enjoying lunch in a Michelin star restaurant, visiting local village markets, Armagnac tasting, gourmet dinners and plenty of other activities to enjoy.

For more details about the eight-day gourmet wine and food vacation in France, go to this website.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is not something that you can deny quickly, as food is found in various forms and tastes that can win over your heart with the first sniff of its captivating aroma. So wake up the gourmand in you, give into your guilty pleasure and find cooking vacations that will let you explore the taste of the world’s cuisines.


  1. My aunt and uncle recently went to Italy for the first time and they actually did a cooking class there. They both had a wonderful time and really enjoyed being able to create their own meals while being trained on the spot. And yes, a MILLION times yes! Gelato makes ice cream look like a generic candy bar! I had Gelato for the first time last year and have been hooked since. There is a brand in the US called Talenti and it is worth a taste. It isn’t cheap but it is the closest to real Italian gelato I have found here.


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