As you stuff your suitcase with a variety of different clothes and shoes, while trying to search for what the weather will be at your destination, as well as searching to see if your flights are on time or delayed can cause pre-trip panic and stress. Is my hotel reservation still valid? What about the shuttle to pick me up? When I get there, I’ll be hungry, where can I eat? These are all questions that may occur to us at the last minute while trying to sit on our suitcase to get it closed and zipped. There is good news, though, and if you have an Android or an iPhone, there are travel apps to take the chaos out of traveling, leaving you being the calm, cool, and collected traveler that everyone will envy.


TripIt is an app that is similar to having your travel agent. Every second of your trip can be planned from flights restaurants, hotels, and custom itineraries. Is that too much for you to handle right now? Send all your reservation and confirmation emails and send them to TripIt and it will construct an itinerary for you! It organizes them all into an easy read document and not a chaos of emails. TripIt will scan the forwards you send it. Looking for any dates and times, and will add them to your calendar for you. TripIt one of the most favorite travel apps, and you can sit back and relax with TripIt.

Trip Journal

Awarded by Google for innovation and design, this app is indeed well-organized and easy to use. With its excellent tracking, documenting and recording features, the Trip Journal is perfect for scatty globetrotters. The next time someone asks you how to find this lovely restaurant you’ve recommended them, or what the prettiest street in a city was you’ve recently wandered around; you won’t have to dig deep into your chaotic memory. The app will remember. While you enjoy the journey, the Trip Journal tracks your itinerary in real life. It can be integrated with Google Maps or Open Maps. You can also use the application to store photos, videos and blog entries, be it for your sentimental reasons or to share them with friends. Whether you’re a user of Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube or all of them, with the Journal you can quickly transfer your digital souvenirs to these social platforms.


There are always so many things to do before you finally hit the road; bringing spare keys to your best friend, cleaning the apartment to prevent some strange creatures from moving into your kitchen while you’re away, buying insurance, dealing with the last tasks at work… and packing. It’s hard to remember everything when you’ve got so many things to organize. If you don’t want to realize your passport stayed at home when you’ll already be on the border of an exotic country, you should pack carefully. It’s going to be way easier with the PackPoint application. You don’t have to watch weather forecasts on television or look through a complicated website of your airlines; the app will do it for you. PackPoint checks the weather at your destination and builds your custom packing list. You can use fellow travelers’ suggestions or post your list to advise those who head to the same destinations. 


The big cities tend to be so chaotic even with the greatest spatial awareness you may get lost in the midst of streets and buildings. Citymapper will sweep up all dilemmas and confusions out of your way. It’s better than most maps and applications, because apart from presenting a route from point A to B, Citymapper also shows you a variety of options, such as metro, bicycle tracks or walking routes. If somewhere in the city a road is closed, or there’s a terrible traffic jam, you’ll know about it. No more long, exhausting and pointless walks around the city. Now you can spend more time exploring the places you’re most interested in, instead of losing time in some strange, suspiciously looking outskirts. 

Free Wi-Fi Finder

We all need internet access at some point to catch up, research, organize, and connect. Finding WI-Fi spots in a foreign or unknown location can be confusing and challenging. Never fear, because with the Free Wi-Fi Finder app by JWire it will show you where all the free spots are in an urban area. Switch on the Wi-Fi scanner to find free Wi-Fi spots, or you can use the directory to search for them.

JiWire’s WiFi Finder

Doing anything without the Internet is hard nowadays. Everyone’s used to being constantly online, so that’s how we usually communicate and share information. As a traveler in a foreign country, sooner or later you’ll most likely start looking for hot spots, whether it’s to check something, post or send a message. You don’t have to run around a city anymore, holding your phone in hand like an antenna and checking if it has finally caught some WiFi. The WiFi Finder made by JiWire will lead you through urban areas and show where you can find free hotspots. Use a moment when you’re connected and download the Offline Finder before you hit the town.


Excellent application for business travelers, Expensify helps to keep a simple and transparent expense report. Even for the most focused professionals, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of expenses when they’re traveling. Many things constantly happen around; the phone is ringing, meetings are being scheduled, taxis are late, you’ve got to manage it all while remembering of financial issues. With Expensify you can manually track the expenses, scan and save receipts. Another great feature is importing purchases from your credit card. To make traveling easier, Expensify also features automatic currency conversion, input options for time-based expenses and travel mileage. You can get it for yourself or your employees.

Google Translate

While most of us do not have the time or want to put forth the effort in mastering a foreign language, we can learn a few phrases and words to get us by. The Google Translate app can come to the rescue. This app can translate entire paragraphs of spoken words or texts. Say a phrase in English and the app will repeat what you said in the language of your choosing. Google translate is a smart and excellent app to have when traveling to foreign countries and will prevent you from possibly saying something offensive or worse.

Gas Buddy

If you’re driving through Canada or the United States, take a travel mate with you – Gas Buddy will keep you company and share a great piece of advice. With this app, you won’t ever overpay for gas again. Travel Buddy tells you what the cheapest gas stations in your area are and how to reach them. There’s a tab showing the lowest prices and a very clear map. To avoid getting broke in the middle of the trip, you can check how much money you’ll need before you hit the road – trip cost calculator will do the math for you. The prices are reported by other travelers, so all information is first hand and up-to-date. If you share some info too, you’ll collect points which you can later exchange for prizes.

OANDA Currency Converter

International and foreign travel can leave you scratching your head when it comes to converting your money. Downloading the OANDA Currency Converter can assist you in giving the correct change or paying the right amount. It can also factor in an ATM rate and credit card rate for your convenience. It is straightforward and quick to use and a favorite among international travelers.

Hotel Tonight

Did your hotel reservation fall, though? Or perhaps, you got stranded in an airport due to a delayed or canceled flight? The Hotel Tonight app can come to your rescue. This app will post local hotels and their room rates for any vacancies they may have last-minute. This app can be very useful if your plans are derailed, and can find you a decent place to sleep for the night.


Instagram is a popular app that uses mainly photos to connect with viewers and users. You can research your destination or a place you are interested in by searching for it and viewing people’s pictures they have taken while visiting. Do you have questions? Reach out to the photographer and ask about their trip or the picture they posted while visiting. You may be able to find off-the-beaten-path places to drink, dine, and visit, making for an unforgettable experience.

JetLag Rooster

Everyone who has ever suffered from jet lag knows how annoying it is, especially when you’re on a business trip or reach a new, exciting destination. Instead of working or enjoying tropical beaches, you end up sick, dizzy and exhausted. It’s hard to eliminate jet lag entirely, but you can make the process of adjustment easier and faster. JetLag Rooster was created by medical experts and is often used by frequent travelers or airlines training new crew members. The app provides you with an individual plan suggesting whether you should sleep during the flight or not when it’s the best time for light exposure and melatonin. Research has shown it reduces Jetlag, so don’t forget to get the app before your next journey.


Looking for the cheap flight? Flight research can be exhausting, but with the Hopper app, you can score that cheap flight you’ve been waiting for. It analyzes millions of fares and alerts you when any of your fares you’ve been searching for a drop in price. If you have flexible dates, a color-coded option will show you what days of the week or month will be the cheapest to buy your fares.

Download and Become the Master of All Travel

These apps help you get organized and stay organized. Vacationing or visiting a foreign place can be exciting and scary, and with apps that can convert money, and find you a hotel, you won’t have to worry. Airfares just became cheaper and your itineraries secure and ready to go with some of these travel apps, letting you enjoy that trip. Did I mention that all of these apps are free? Not only are they nice to your budget, but they are also useful and easy to acquire. Your friends and family will wonder as you arrived stress-free and happy, as you become the master of all travel with your magical army of savvy apps.


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