Few things are better than a bottle of delicious, cold, high-quality beer. It’s more than just a drink; in many places around the world, the beer’s a significant part of the culture. Which ones? To find out, check out the list of 7 best countries for beer lovers.

  1. Czech Republic

With the highest consumption per capita, Czech Republic deserves to be called the world’s capital of beer. An average Czech person drinks over 142,6 liters per year. Czechs are the greatest beer drinkers, and nobody can compare to them. It’s not only about quantity, though, but quality as well. Beer is excellent, and it makes an important part of the Czechs’ culture. The history of their drinking habits dates back to 10th century when the Břevnov Monastery was brewing first original beers. Today there are many theme festivals held in the country, such as the Pilsner Fest in Pilsen or Czech Beer Festival in Prague.

Czech Beer

  1. Belgium

For Belgians drinking beer is a ritual, so important that they even have specific glasses for various kinds of beers. No wonder it’s such a serious matter – Belgian beers deserve to be treated with the greatest respect. Before visiting museums, castles, and other attractions, you should make a tour around the rural areas and visit breweries. If you don’t have time to drive all around the country, one evening in any pub will be an enjoyable experience too. Good beers are to be found all across Belgium. The only issue is choosing a brand when you first enter a bar. Belgian beers might cause a headache, not because of a hangover, but the overwhelming variety of alternatives. That’s why Belgium is one of the best countries for beer lovers.

Belgian Trappist Beer

  1. Germany

The Oktoberfest is on each beer lover’s bucket list. The largest funfair in the world, it’s annually held in Munich, lasts for 17-18 days (from late September till October) and gathers millions of visitors. The quantities consumed during Oktoberfest are impressing; almost 6,9 million liters of beer were drunk in 2016. Attend the festival if you can, but in case that’s not an option (for now!), make sure to at least try some of Germany’s world-known brews, such as Oettinger, Bitburger or Paulaner.

Large Glass of Pils in a German Beer Garden

  1. The United States

With over 3000 breweries, America’s beers are incredibly diverse, so much that everyone can find something that will suit their tastes. It is therefore definitely one of the best countries for beer lovers on the planet. Pale lagers are most popular in the United States, but not all connoisseurs find them delicious. In case you’re searching for stronger flavors, America has many small breweries where the magic happens. They serve the best beers in those microbreweries and brewpubs, so look for them when you travel through the States. Not only it’s a chance to a has a taste of some fantastic drinks, but also experience the growing American beer culture.

United States

  1. Ireland

Nobody can sing about beer the way Irish people do. Irish beers are always excellent, but they taste the best when the right sounds accompany the process of drinking. Even if you have a pint at your home, play some Irish punk or traditional songs in the background, you’ll see it works. The best thing you can do though is visiting an authentic, traditional Irish pub. Those places are legendary, with great live music, atmospheric interiors and charming locals drinking hectoliters of the golden liquid.

Pint of Irish Black Beer

  1. Australia

British people introduced beer to the land of Australia when they colonized it. The oldest brewery was opened in 1824. It’s a relatively short time (comparing to, let’s say, Czech Republic), but Australians managed to make beer their thing. They get off the beaten track and produce some interesting specialty brews, as well as traditional kinds of beers. Beer beats wine and other spirits and is the most prevalent alcohol. No wonder, in hot Australian weather nothing can be better than a bottle of cold lager.

Cold Beer on Australian Beach

  1. South Africa

Influenced by British and Dutch settlers, South Africa has become the Africa’s major producer of beer. Not only the production, though, but also consumption is higher than in other African countries. Just like in the case of Australia, the climate imposes drinking habits, and cold lager is the locals’ favorite type of beer. With a bit of research, you can find small breweries that bring to the world some truly unique flavors. Homebrewing is gaining popularity; a quite large community exists in the country’s biggest cities.

South African Young Men Drinking Beer

Where does your favorite beer come from? Did we mention the country on this list? Or do you have any other personal favorite countries for beer lovers? Let us know and leave a comment below!


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