Believe it or not, the season of the most enchanting Northern Lights in Finland is approaching! You know – Aurora Borealis, the stunning gift of nature that makes us gaze in the sky without blinking and admiring nature’s extraordinary creation. Have you had the chance to see them live?

Northern Lights Finland

Well, it’s no shame to admit that you haven’t – many of us out there are dying to spend at least 5 minutes staring at the spectacular show the Northern Lights are performing. However, the reason why many people haven’t yet seen the free natural attraction is that the same show up in particular locations on Earth, in specific periods of time. So, before we reveal you one of the most exciting hotels with a fascinating view of the Northern Lights, let’s take a sneak peak of the places and time you can catch the beautiful show in the sky.

Northern Lights in Finland

When and where can you see the Aurora Borealis?

If you are looking for the answer in a sense that it will tell you the exact place and time, then you are fooling yourself. Most people want to know exactly when they can see the Aurora Borealis and where so that they can plan their special trip. It is normal to be curious about this stuff, but what many people don’t know is that there is no simple answer to that question. The Aurora Borealis is a natural event showing up as a consequence of a natural cause, which is why it is hard to predict where they can be seen from the best and in which period of the day. But if you’re determined to see these wonderful lights, then have in mind the following.

Magnetic poles

Aurora Borealis occur near the magnetic poles of the earth, which means that you will have more chances of seeing them live the closer you get to the poles. Typically, tourists find it more accessible and convenient to plan a trip and see the Northern Lights. And luckily you have plenty of choices from where you can gaze at the magical sky; destinations found to be located in the following countries: Alaska in USA, northern parts of Canada, Iceland, Finland, Northern Norway, Sweden and the southern half of Greenland. However, when in Europe, the most visited destinations for passionate aurora viewers are Iceland and Northern Scandinavia.

Northern Lights

When to visit the Northern Lights in Finland?

And for the time? Well let’s just say that you can’t predict the occurrence of the Northern Lights in Finland, but there is a specific time frame when you can expect to see them up in the sky. For this natural wonder to appear, complete darkness is required which means that the lights can be observed from late August to mid-April. However, some experts narrow down the time frame and say that bigger chances to enjoy this beauty is after 6 pm starting from late September until late March. And about the time to be observing, let’s say that you should keep your eyes open and gaze at the sky from 6 pm to 4 am, but pay a lot of attention especially around 10 to 11 pm.

The ultimate accommodation to enjoy the Northern Lights in Finland

Finland is one of the destinations mentioned above, a country in Europe that lets you get a piece of the satisfaction of seeing the Northern Lights in Finland with your own eyes. But how would you feel if we told you that this country has a hotel so good that it brings this activity of admiring while staring at the sky on a whole new level? Take a look at this spectacular accommodation.

Spend your nights at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland

First of all, did you think that you will be going to Finland to stare at the Northern Lights for hours without feeling the cold on your skin? Well, you must be out of your mind – the temperatures drop to insane degrees which makes it highly impossible to enjoy your show in the night without constantly shaking. This is why it is good to book a hotel where you can stay the night and get all warmed up. However, the problem is that the Aurora Borealis usually show up during the night, so how can you combine watching nature perform and staying warm and comfortable? Well, this is why we recommend Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.


Incredible suites

This incredible resort offers accommodation like no other. It is not a regular building type of hotel, but rather various apartments located in different types of igloos and chambers. The most authentic ones and probably the most exciting ones, when it comes to watching the sky at night, are the glass igloos. These incredible suites are designed in the form of igloos and have a glass roof that lets you admire the lights and the twinkling stars from the comfort of your bed shared either with your friends or in the embrace of your love partner. The igloos can also include a sauna for an even more fascinating experience under the glorious sky. Can you imagine yourself in such accommodation, pleasantly staring at the sky and enjoying the show performed by the Aurora Borealis while being comfortable and warm? Seems like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Queens Suites

Photo credit: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Lapland’s nature

This resort is specially designed for its visitors to taste a bit of Lapland’s nature and culture. Well, despite the various types of rooms and suites they offer, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort also has some activities and events to provide you with, something that will make the time meant for waiting for the Northern Lights passes faster. Among the many activities, you can find reindeer safaris, downhill skiing and snowboarding, Lemmenjoki Cruise, hiking, snow tank safaris and many others. However, don’t get too excited and leave some energy for the splendid show of lights in the sky. On top of all, you can even organize your dream wedding here – wouldn’t that be marvelous?

Ready to explore the beauty of the Northern Lights in Finland? Eager to find out how it is like to spend a night under the wondrous lights and sparkling stars? Then start planning your trip on time and book your glass igloo – you won’t regret it!


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