Trick or Treat?! The day we’ve impatiently been waiting for has finally come knocking at the door. Are you ready for it? Have you already thought about the best mask ever? Great, you’re halfway to the most awesome night of this month – the spooky night of Halloween.

I’m not sure if you have noticed lately, but the festive euphoria has already started all around you. I mean come on, have you seen so many orange pumpkins in your entire life than what you’ve seen this week? And people buying masks and face colors like crazy? You can say that the Halloween spirit is in the air and it guarantees one hell of a night!

So, if you have already figured out what you’re going to be disguised as, then you’re only missing a great location for celebration, where the party will be crazy and simply amazing! Finding a right place to spend this Halloween is crucial for having the ultimate experience, so try to choose wisely. You don’t want to waste all that effort on creating a costume just to stay at home and take pointless selfies in the mirror. No, of course, you don’t want that! Instead, you need a place where the night will be celebrated in the spirit of Halloween, and you’ll probably have the time of your life. Eager to find out what are the best cities that are organizing killer Halloween parties in the USA this year? Check out the following:

New York City, New York

The streets of New York are always crazy and never asleep, so imagine how Halloween is celebrated here. That’s right – it’s a massive jungle of people in costumes, partying until the sun rises. Besides the long parties and shows, it is interesting how during Halloween many “haunted” houses open their doors to visitors to entertain them and apparently freak them out. Some of these houses are New York Haunted Hayride, The Jekyll & Hyde Club, Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel, The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare, Blood Manor and others.

Apart from the haunted houses, New York City is known to be organizing many exciting events taking place outside on the streets during 31st of October. The Village Halloween Parade is one of the most famous events of this kind, starting from the Sixth Ave at around 7 pm on the day of Halloween. There are plenty of museums and tours organized specially for the day of the Saints.

The Village Halloween Parade, New York City

Photo: Commons Wikimedia

West Hollywood, California

I’m not sure if you have seen it in the news, but West Hollywood already announced street closures for the annual Halloween Carnaval. October 31st is the date when 500,000 take-ups over the streets of Santa Monica Blvd. to celebrate Halloween’s day. This is probably where the largest Halloween street party in the world happens, so wouldn’t you like to be a part of it?

The main streets of West Hollywood are closing up to host the numerous visitors coming for the Halloween Carnaval every year. There are plenty of ways how to enjoy this day in West Hollywood, and the live entertainment on the multiple stages, food vendors, and photo stations are only going to help you achieve your pleasure goals. Plus, you can always get a drink or more at some of the bars along Santa Monica Blvd.

Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood, California

Photo: Flickr

Salem, Massachusetts

When you think of Halloween, there’s no better and spookier place to celebrate this day than the city of Salem. Why is that? Well, let’s go back in time a bit, in 1692 to be precise, when a group of locals was executed because they were practicing witchcraft. These so-called witch trials have made this place special for people seeking to find the perfect place to celebrate Halloween’s day. If you’re interested in spending your Halloween in the center of Salem, then you will most probably take part in one of the most legendary Halloween festivals in the US, and that is the Festival of the Dead. There are plenty of visitors coming every year for this festival, so for sure it is a problem.

The good thing is that the party never dies in Salem. The numerous clubs and pubs are organizing huge parties, and the best part is – your costume might be awarded if it’s perfect and unique. However, maybe it’s better not to dress as a witch since most of the people there have already put on their witch costumes.

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

Photo: Commons Wikimedia

Las Vegas, Nevada

We already know that this city knows how to party, but is there something special going on for Halloween? Well, of course, how can you even ask yourself that! Las Vegas is known to be the host of the wildest Halloween party in the country. Events like the Fetish and Fantasy Ball at the Hard Rock Casino or the Haunted Hotel Ball at the Mandalay Bay are known to be the most exciting festivals to participate in during Halloween.

During this festival, not only you will be awarded for the idea and realization of your costume, but you can also get a fine if you’re not wearing any costume at all! That’s how much Las Vegas loves Halloween and wants to party hard. And just imagine the casinos full of people dressed up as something scary, being all serious and gambling – so funny! Plus, you can never be bored if you’re surrounded by the various performances, haunted houses, belly dancers, etc.

Halloween in Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo: Flickr

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans knows how to party and the biggest proof is the huge number of visitors going to the city every year for Halloween. New Orleans is a host of many events and festivals, but the most popular should be the following. The four-day festival called Halloween in New Orleans is a great opportunity to have some fun and be a nice person since this event is one of the largest charity-driven parties in the city. Each year a good sum of money is raised and given to people that are really in need. The Monster Brawl is known to be the biggest party of the festival, apart from all of the contests and shows. However, for this event, it is recommended to buy your ticket in advance, since they might be gone within a minute.

If you’re not into visiting this festival, then you can always choose something from the delicious choice of alternatives: Bernie Baxter’s Haunted House, Day of the Dead/Fet Gede Celebration and Ceremony, Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball, Crawloween, Halloween Bash, Not so haunted library and so on.

Halloween in New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo: Flickr

I believe there are plenty of other places in the USA where you can have a very good time for Halloween, but these places that have been mentioned above are definitely worth the visit. So, if you’re not sure where exactly you want to spend this Halloween, take a closer look at the list of the wildest Halloween celebrations and pick one, even randomly – you won’t regret it.

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”


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