Fed up with annual family dinners, boring home parties and watching NYE shows on TV? What about going for a trip this time? Here’s a list of 7 ideas how to make your New Year’s Eve special.

  1. Romantic night in a mountain hut

Do you want to spend a quiet evening with your loved one, far away from everything and everyone? Take your partner for a lovely trip to the mountains. There are many destinations to choose from: French Alps, Scandinavia, American national parks. What you need is a mountainous place with snow-covered forests, a little log cabin and the sense of seclusion. Many ski resorts, hotels and guest houses in such locations offer New Year’s Eve packages. After a day of skiing, snowboarding and trekking around the woods, you can order a delicious dinner and a bottle of Champaign to your cottage.

Example: New Year’s Eve in the Hocking Hills, Ohio: http://www.oldmanscavechalets.com/cabin-rental-news/new-years-cabin-getaway-in-hocking-hills/ Lots of privacy and a scenic setting.

  1. Tour for singles

It can be tiring to explain again why you came to your friend’s party alone, but there’s no need to stay home just because you have no date. Instead of watching the dance floor full of couples and feeling like a fifth wheel, join other singles on an adventure. There are many travel agencies organizing tours for solo travelers. They prepare special offers for the New Year’s Eve, from party cruises and luxury holidays to venturesome trips to unique destinations.

Example: Best Single Travel specializes specifically in tours for singles. They’ve prepared a variety of offers for the New Years’ Eve, including all-inclusive holidays in Mexico, a Caribbean cruise or a trip to Vietnam.

  1. Traditional sleigh ride

Picture this: mystic woods, fluffy snow and majestic horses pulling an old-style cart and you inside of it, holding a torch. These kinds of sleigh rides are quite popular in some of the places with snowy winters, including the north of the United States, northern and central Europe. After a ride through fields and forests, there’s an atmospheric bonfire party during which people gather, sing, eat and celebrate. You can invite your friends and family and organize a small private event, or join a larger party and celebrate with a group.

Example: Charmingfare Farm in Vermont organizes this kind of events. Their offer includes a lovely ride and a delicious dinner. Full description can be found here: https://www.visitthefarm.com/

  1. Beach party on a sunny island

Luckily, the summer never ends, it just moves from one part of the world to another. If what you seek is a getaway from cold weather, spend this New Year’s Eve on a sunny island. Sandy beaches, colorful cocktails, warm sea and lots of sunlight – it’s all out there. Most of Europe is rather chilly in the end of December, but there are several destinations where winter doesn’t rich, such as the Canary Islands. In Asia and South America you can find plentiful islands to sunbath on. The United States has its forever sunny parts too – there’s a lot to choose from.

Example: You can go to Aruba – on 31th of December the whole island turns into one spectacular party. There are plentiful celebrations taking place on Aruba’s gorgeous beaches. Almost all the hotels organize some sort of special events for this occasion.

  1. Music&dance festival

Instead of going to a random party in your home town and complaining the music isn’t good enough, you can get tickets to a real New Year’s Eve festival. You’ll celebrate with thousands of people, listen to your favorite musicians and feel the festive vibe all around.

Example: Decadence is one of America’s biggest NYE Festivals, held in Colorado. It’s a sizzling, only-adult event with a variety of performances, parties and art installations. Thousands of people gather during Decadence to dance together in the surrounding of glimmering elegance. More info: http://decadencenye.com/co/info/#

  1. Fancy ball

A beautifully lit ballroom, women swaying gently in shimmering dresses and jewelers, chic men wearing perfect ties, musicians playing joyfully in the corner, red wine in transparent glasses and delicious foods on delicate tablecloths – has such a scene ever appeared in your dreams? This kind of events not only took place years ago, they’re still being organized.

Example: Held in a Victorian ballroom in the center of London, this party is as dazzling as it gets: http://www.8northumberland.co.uk/new-years-eve/ Attending the ball is also a great excuse to see England’s fascinating capital.

  1. Travel-themed party at your place

If for some reason you can’t travel during the New Year’s Eve, but the sense of wanderlust doesn’t want to leave you even for a second, let the world come to your place. Don’t just throw a party, throw an amazing one. Choose one theme, prepare decorations, inform your guests how they should dress and turn your house into a dream destination. Ask your guests to put on bright shirts, mix colorful cocktails and make everything seem like Hawaii. Make your friends wear berets and scarves, play one chanson after another and let your house become an artsy French café. Possibilities are endless; everything depends on your taste and imagination!

How are you going to spend this New Year’s Eve? Does any of the ideas above appeal to you? Let us know!


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