Tracking time has been of great interest for people even from the earliest ages. It’s quite fascinating how time makes people, and everything around them changes, and it often can be a bit frightening how it flies so fast.

It’s difficult to keep track of time if you haven’t got any clock around. Thanks to the great minds of the past, people have been able to keep track of time by using many devices that have occurred thousands of years ago. Well, in the Ancient Times they might have not known the exact hour, minute and second as we do now, but were able to approximately guess what time it is by simply following the pathway of the sun.

Nowadays, people are surrounded with time tracking devices that tell you the exact time and date. However, some proper respect should be paid to the clock towers around the world that charmingly create the mix of architecture and clock mechanism that’s helping the public keep track of time in an excellent manner. By definition a clock tower is a specially built tower with one or more clock faces, that can be freestanding or a part of another building. The clock towers that have been constructed in the past are still leaving blueprints in the city and can be found on the list of top attractions to visit. They are quite authentic, every one of them built specially, making the city memorable just by the look of it. If you’re eager to meet them, then here are the fascinating, authentic clock towers in the world:

The Clock Tower in Cape Town

The V&A Waterfront Clock Tower in Cape Town, South Africa, is a significant historical landmark, situated in Table Bay Harbour. This clock tower is used by the port captain that is assigned to take care and watch over the harbor activities.

Clock Tower in Cape Town

The Parliament of Barbados in Bridgetown

As part of the Parliament of Barbados in Bridgetown, there is a magnificent clock tower located in the west wing of the building. It is interesting how the clock tower has not been located in the west wing from the beginning of the construction. A previous clock tower was built in the east-side, although due to poor soil conditions and the problem of the tower sinking, it has been reconstructed in the west wing.

Parliament of Barbados in Bridgetown

Old City Hall in Toronto

The Old City Hall in Toronto, Canada, features a 103.6 meter-tall Clock Tower that had been the tallest in Canada for 18 years from 1899 up until 1917.

Old City Hall in Toronto

Reloj Monumental of Pachuca

Hidalgo’s largest city is the home of an incredible, monumental clock that was built to commemorate the Centennial of the Independence of Mexico. It is interesting that its machinery is identical to that of Big Ben in London. Its construction began in 1906, and today it is the best-known symbol and representative of the city of Pachuca.

Reloj Monumental of PachucaPhoto: Diego Delso

Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Minnesota

The fabulous St. Paul’s Cathedral in Minnesota, USA, contains a clock which today’s used mechanism was built in 1893. The whole architectural piece is fantastic, but the clock tower itself is spectacular.

Ottawa parliament building

The Peace Tower is just one part of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada, that is a focal bell and clock tower located in the center block of the Parliament Buildings. It is a very famous clock tower, especially for the fact that it appears on the Canadian twenty-dollar bill.

Ottawa parliament building

Rajabai Clock Tower in South Mumbai

This attractive clock tower in South Mumbai, India, is known for its Venetian and Gothic architectural style. It is 85 meters high and is located near the campus of the University of Mumbai.

Rajabai Clock Tower in South Mumbai

Husainabad Clock Tower in Lucknow

Lucknow, an Indian city, is the home of a very tall clock tower that together with the water area in front of it provides the perfect sight.

Husainabad Clock Tower in LucknowPhoto: Wikipedia

Ghanta Ghar in Rajasthan

The clock tower of Ghanta Ghar is a fascinating tower, part of it being a famous market attractive for tourists.

Ghanta Ghar in Rajasthan

Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi

This charming clock tower is a major landmark of the city of Bukittinggi, Indonesia. It was built in 1926 as a present from the Queen during the Dutch colonial era, and today it is a frequent place where tourists can purchase their souvenirs.

Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building in Tokyo

This skyscraper may be the 4th tallest building in Tokyo, but as a clock tower, it’s known to be the 2nd tallest clock tower in the world. Apart from the previous clock towers that have been a feature of churches, parliaments, and universities – this one is owned by NTT Docomo group, and it’s used for their purposes.

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building in Tokyo

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur

The 40-metres high clock tower that is a feature of this Government Office is a landmark of the city Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is a pure pleasure to see it live, especially for important occasions such as the National Day Parade on 31 August and the New Year’s Eve.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur

Abraj Al Bait in Mecca

Probably one of the most significant buildings of Saudi Arabia, the Abraj Al Bait Towers is a postmodern architectural complex that is also known by its name Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel.

Deira Clocktower in Dubai

The architecture in the United Arab Emirates is quite amusing, and so is the Deira Clocktower that is located in Dubai. This clock tower was erected as a symbol of Dubai, and it has an interesting and unique look, quite different from the other clock towers in the world.

Deira Clock tower in Dubai

Sighişoara Clock Tower

The Romanian city of Sighisoara is the home of a clock tower built in the 14th century that was used to control the main gate of the defensive wall and as storage for the city’s treasures.


Zytglogge in Bern

This city of Switzerland is proud to present you a landmark medieval tower built in the 13th century and used as a guard tower, prison, clock tower, center of urban life and public memorial. The tower’s 15th-century astronomical clock is a major tourist attraction.

Zytglogge Bern

Old Town Hall in Prague

The old town hall and its astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic, is a divine creation first installed in 1410 and it is known to be the oldest astronomical clock that is still working.

Old Town Hall in Prague, Czech Republic

Izmir Clock Tower

Located in the heart of the Konak Square in Izmir, Turkey, this historic clock tower is a number one attraction in the city. As part of the clock tower, there are four fountains settled on the ground level.

Izmir Clock Tower in Turkey

Victoria Tower in Liverpool

This clock tower located alongside Salisbury Dock in Liverpool, England, is quite an impressive building, mainly because of its Gothic architectural style. Unfortunately, this tower today is suffering significant consequences due to water and wind damage.

Victoria Tower in Liverpool

Big Ben in London

Of course, you’ve been waiting for the most famous clock tower in the world – the Big Ben that is part of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. This marvelous clock tower is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower, and it holds the second largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. It is the first landmark that pops to mind when you think about London.

Big Ben in London, Great Britain

Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester

A beautiful clock tower with Gothic Revival architecture is located in the heart of Leicester, United Kingdom and it is known to be a major landmark and a popular meeting point.

Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester, England

Brisbane City Hall

The most prominent clock tower in Australia is the one that is a part of the Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane City, Queensland.

Brisbane City Hall in Queensland Australia

It is 70 meters high and is mainly based on the design of the St Mark’s Campanile in Venice, Italy.


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