Your vacation in Mexico City will be like never before, as we will give you information on the type of places you should head for while on vacation in Mexico City.

National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology offers you tons of information on Mexican life with plenty of artifacts. You can also compliment your visit with a tour round the ruins of some places. The museum showcases the representation of ancient civilizations as well as many extinct animal species. The National Museum of Anthropology is an excellent place to take your kids to, but it seems to need an upgrade too.

There are some incredible collections here, which are divided into interesting, chronological areas. But most descriptions are in Spanish only, which is a problem for English speakers. I recommend hiring a guide before entering into the National Museum of Anthropology, just in case you do not know a lot about Mexican history.

Chapultepec Castle

The Chapultepec Castle is fascinating, and you will find people that give you a ride to the castle for 15 pesos, as there is a long way up the hill to this castle’s entrance. The Chapultepec Castle’s architecture is just fantastic with an excellent view as well. The view of Mexico City is breathtaking. And there is also a metro station nearby that you can use to minimize walking. If you are on vacation in Mexico City, this is a must-see place to visit.


Eat Mexico Culinary Tours

You will enjoy local taco tours, as the food in Mexico is just fantastic. The guides will give you access to excellent cuisine as well. Your food dreams will come true thanks to the Eat Mexico Culinary Tours. The Eat Mexico Culinary Tours website is very user-friendly, and Lydia will answer all your questions.

In La Mercedes – a little market – you will enjoy delicious food. The Eat Mexico Culinary Tours will introduce you to Mexico like never before. In addition to these things, you will be able to try the delicious street food, which is incredible.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is an impressive building inside and outside. You will also enjoy its lovely, little café. There are great expositions at all times here, and be sure you get to the Ballet Folklorico from time to time, as you will feel happy.

The Palacio de Bellas Artes can be considered as an art-deco masterwork, and its murals will surpass your expectations. The Palacio de Bellas Artes’s new and permanent exhibits are world-class. If you love art books, head for the bookstore, which is full of art books from cinema to muralists.


Murales de Diego Rivera

The Murales de Diego Rivera at the Secretaria de Educacion Publica is a beautiful site in the middle of Mexico City. You will see magnificent murals of Mr. Rivera all over the place. When museums are closed, you should head for the Murales de Diego Rivera right away. You will see tons of paintings about the history of Mexico as well.

The Murales de Diego Rivera site has lovely courtyards, and you will find the whole building adorable. You will love every minute as the art grounds are just fantastic.


Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico offers you an amazing spectacle for around US$50 as you will get a center orchestra seat to see the dances. This magnificent ballet performs inside the Bellas Artes building, which is worth the admission price on its own. The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico’s show is very well orchestrated, fascinating, and you will never get bored.

You will also love Mexico’s musical diversity, and your admiration for the Mexican culture will increase tenfold. And besides that, you will see tons of talented musicians and dancers, all of them performing well. Sometimes, presentations are presented in front of Castillo Chapultepec, which is a unique experience.

Paseo de la Reforma

The Paseo de la Reforma is an excellent place to enjoy yourself while watching people, pets, breathtaking scenery, and so on. You will not have to deal with cars as the whole area will be closed while individuals and families are accepted. The part near the Chapultepec Park offers a lot of hotels, restaurants, leisure walking museums, shops, and other things.

The Paseo de la Reforma is a great place to go at night, and it is a fantastic piece of architecture. You will also love this place if you head for it at dusk, as lights start to turn on at that time. This is the “place” to go for your vacation in Mexico City.


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