I know it has been said many times, but travelers are some of the coolest people in the world. It’s like they are an open and live encyclopedia, going into the unknown and looking for new experiences that help them shape their personality and who they are in life.

But what is it that makes travelers so unique? Why are that people feel the need to address them in a particular way, like they are something extraordinary? Does it mean that you have to be born as a traveler? Isn’t every individual different from another?

All non-travelers feel a bit left out when this topic is on the table, and they tend to ask these questions. The truth is, every individual has its personality, but all of the people that are obsessed with traveling the world have many characteristics in common that they can conveniently be put in a particular group of individuals, which is a group of travelers. And these are some of the main positive characteristics they possess that make them a great life partner or even just a good friend. Take a look at the following:

  1. Travelers are an open book

They have seen many things in life, heard many stories, experienced a lot of ups and downs and even survived difficult and life-threatening situations during their journeys. The heart of a traveler beholds a lot of amazing stories, many of them being an inspiration for books, poems, drawings or any creative expression. That is why, being a traveler will not only help you learn new things in life, but you’ll also have a very good time, and you’ll never be bored because they will always find something fun to do or someplace nice to go.

  1. They are independent and self-confident

No, they’re not like that type of people that are striving to look like they are a know-it-all. They are self-confident in a different way, a way everybody should try to become. They are young at heart but real adults when it comes to traveling. Travelers won’t wait for somebody else to finish their job. On the contrary, they are independent and proactive people that will always do what they are supposed to.

  1. They know how to be loyal and supportive

You might think that just because they love to roam through the countries, instead of staying in one city for a longer period, that they’re somebody, you shouldn’t trust and hold on to. But that’s total rubbish! And why is that? Well, these days it’s kind of hard not to keep in touch when we have phones, internet and many other cheap and fast ways of communication. Yes, travelers want to escape their reality for some time, but if you let them breathe and take their time, they will always be the ones who come back for you. And they almost always do come back, since travelers are that kind of people that want to share their joy with their loved ones, even if it means only for a day.

And yes, they will support you in any decision you make because they have understood how short life is and how we should do whatever we love to do to have a happy and healthy life.

  1. People who travel – know themselves

When you’re getting married, obviously it is important to do it with the one you love, but you also have to take some additional stuff in consideration. For example, imagine you’re marrying the love of your life, but at some point in life, your significant other tells you that he/she can’t be with someone if he/she doesn’t know himself/herself yet. Or when your lover makes a mistake, he/she might apologize saying that he/she hasn’t met this side of his/hers in life yet. Luckily, that is quite impossible to happen with a traveler, since they travel the world to see and meet new stuff, but also to get to know their true selves on a journey of conquering the world. They are mature and know exactly what they want from life and their future partner.

  1. Fun is their middle name

Travelers seem like they have already planned it all out, but the truth is they sometimes enjoy being spontaneous and making unreasonable decisions. However, this shouldn’t scare you since they’re doing this only with small, insignificant decisions. Moreover, you are quite likely to enjoy this spontaneous behavior since you’ll have plenty of fun in life. Additionally, they like to be active so you won’t have to worry if you’re going to have a lazy life partner, sitting in front of the TV the whole day and being against almost everything you suggest as a fun activity.

  1. They have friends worldwide

Friends are one of the most amazing things to have in life, and those people that have no friends are poor, no matter how much money they have in the pockets. However, it happens quite rare that a traveler has no international friends. It seems impossible because travelers go on a quest to visit many places, thus meet new people that are also tourists or locals of the cities they’re traveling to. And when you travel with someone or listen to the life stories of the locals, you’re slowly but carefully building friendships that can last a lifetime.

  1. Travelers appreciate the little things in life

They have seen what’s there beyond the main attractions of a city and they have learned how to enjoy the little things in life. Like for example, some travelers might have faced several difficulties during their trip so every kind of help they have got from the locals, they appreciate it for a lifetime. They have seen the real beauty of things and knew how to love sincerely.

Marry a traveler to experience the world you haven’t got to experience yet. Go on a journey of life with the one you love and dare to cross over the bumps on the road before you get to your dream destination. After all, life is a journey – not a destination, so pick wisely the person that’s going to sit next to you during the ride.


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