New Year’s Eve is coming closer and closer, and people are still looking for the perfect location to celebrate the craziest night of their lives. Traveling is what most people come up with, but even though you decide to go, you must think wisely which destination would be the best for you. There will probably be many people that will be going to Europe, and most of them would be all over the beautiful and spacious capitals such as Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Rome and so on.

New Year’s Eve in Europe

However, there are those who are not big fans of going to crowded and loud places, which will not help but only make worse their time of experiencing the city and enjoying the sightseeing of their desired destination. If you would rather spend the New Year’s Eve in a not so populated city square, than in some of the most frequent capitals, then we might just have the right solution for you.

There are cities in Europe, which happen to be capitals of different countries that can still guarantee you great fun and unforgettable celebration of the arrival of the New Year. One great thing about these beautiful capitals in Europe is that they are visited by tourists, but are not as crowded as many other more famous and dynamic big capitals. That’s why maybe you should consider welcoming the new 2016 in some of the following cities:

Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau might not have come to your mind as a place to visit, especially not this New Year’s Eve, but let us assure you that there is plenty of stuff to do while you enjoy in the arrival of the New Year. Moldova’s capital organizes plenty of events during the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you’re more of the outgoing type of person, make sure to check out the outdoor events, where you will enjoy the music, confetti, and fireworks show the city is going to provide you with. Also, check out the clubs and street parties, you might just get across a great party that will make your celebration unforgettable.

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is a beautiful capital and is visited throughout the year, but even though it might not be as crowded as Paris or Prague for example, you should not underestimate it since everything is probably already booked. Feel free to enjoy all the fireworks and countdown parties you get to attend like for example take into consideration visiting the main venue that will be located at the Sports Palace in Pobediteley ave. DJs, performers, sparklers, and champagne will be all over the city, entertaining you from the night until the next morning. Plus, you know that everything is better when you add a little vodka to your festive mood.

Riga, Latvia

Thanks to the low-cost airlines, many European countries have cheap flights to Riga, Latvia, which is great to know if you’re traveling on a budget. The main squares in Riga are fired up with crazy celebrations, and the people there make a great atmosphere, especially for New Year’s Eve. Also, what is ideal for Riga is that the hotels are organizing great parties for their guests and others interested in celebrating there. If you’re eager to welcome the new 2016, then it would be an excellent idea to do that at the Freedom Monument and Dome Square, where many people praise their happiness together of another great year that passed by.

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

If you want to feel the Balkan spirit this New Year’s Eve, then you should book your tickets and go to SarajevoBosnia Herzegovina. If you’re willing to witness some great live performances, then find your way to Trg Djece Sarajevo, where you will also be impressed by the fireworks show at midnight. If you’d like to have an excellent dinner, with pleasant music and classy people, then you should visit some of the restaurants there. Plus this is a great city if you want to combine the great wish to have fun and the even bigger wish not to spend a lot of money.

Skopje, Macedonia

If the Balkans don’t sound like a bad idea, then maybe you should try Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. In this city, you can find a celebration for every taste, but most of them are loud and fun. If you’re going to Skopje and you’re looking for a one of a kind experience for your New Year’s Eve, then maybe you should consider celebrating in some of the numerous and typical Balkan restaurants called “Kafana.” These restaurants are interesting to experience because of the delicious food, the warm atmosphere and the cheerful live music by the band that’s playing.

Tirana, Albania

Albania, the neighboring country of Macedonia, also has a fascinating capital to offer for the celebration of this New Year’s Eve. If you have some friends from Albania, then this holiday is probably the best time for you to visit them. The people in Tirana love to spend their New Year’s Eve in the company of their friends and family, a night for which they prepare a lot in advance, mainly cooking insanely good types of traditional food. After you get your tummy full, go out to see some amazing fireworks, since the people there love the colors and especially the sound of the fireworks that they make them last as much as they can.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The spacious Cathedral Square offers a very good time for those that are not sure where to spend the New Year’s Eve. From loud music to various fireworks and performances, this capital for sure can offer you some great fun! What tourists simply love to do is to spend the New Year’s Eve at the restaurant in the TV tower, which is, by all means, the highest building in Lithuania. If you like to party hard, then maybe you should try out some of the clubs and bars that are located in the city center and around the Old Town of Vilnius.

With so many ideas in mind, it shouldn’t be so difficult to choose the one you seem to find most adequate after all. The celebration of the New Year is something the whole world celebrates, and even though you might find different cultures to respect doing different things during this night, you would find amazing whatever you’ll experience for the first time. In the end, whatever you decide to do or wherever you choose to go, we hope you will have the time of your life.


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