Located on the very south of the continent, with its amazing landscapes, diversity of wildlife and bustling cities, South Africa is a dream destination for many travelers. If you’re one of them, organized tours in South Africa can make perusing this goal easier, allowing you to enjoy the journey without worrying about organizing transport, accommodations, entrances, etc. All you have to do is just choosing the right tour and having a great time.

All the animals we used to watch on Discovery Channel and in school books, iconic landscapes printed on covers of travel magazines, dazzling cities and a variety of cultures, that’s what makes tours in South Africa so unbelievably unique and adventurous. There’s so much to do and see in this rich, diversified country; you must set some priorities. Tour operators offer a broad range of alternatives, there are some suitable for families with small children, romantic tours for couples, relaxing holidays for groups of friends and more venturesome variants designed for those willing to explore the South African wilderness and have their adrenaline levels raised. When you imagine a perfect tour in South Africa, what do you see? Is it you and your loved one, watching night sky and stars dazzling freely, with no artificial lighting to spoil their shine, in gardens of a hotel that looks like a film set? Or perhaps is it you and a bunch of people you have just met, but share the spirit of adventure with, in an off-road vehicle driving through savannah? First of all, think of what you expect from this trip. Take under consideration these practical questions as well: how many days can you travel? Are you going to have company and, if yes, how many people are you traveling with? How much money are you willing to spend? Then check the options agents provide you with. You can either use an agency based in your country, an international company or a South-African one.

To give you a picture of what tours in South Africa are actually about, here are several examples of travel agencies’ proposals.

Luxurious honeymoons

Offered, among other companies, by AfricanSky, the honeymoons include accommodation in elegant hotels, comfy safari lodges and intimate camps located within nature parks. Kruger National Park, a private game reserve within the Sabi Sand Reserve and Timbavati Game Reserve are often on the list. Fancy some spa treatments or sunbathing on gorgeous beaches? All of it can be arranged as well. Check out specific offers and choose whatever suits you the most.


Camping in Kruger National Park

Geckos Adventures has something for nature-lovers who enjoy simple conditions and being close to the wildlife. Encounters with zebras, elephants, and giraffes, watching lions, hippos and buffaloes, bird-spotting, trekking and amazing views, this is what this kind of tours focus on. Kruger National Park is one of the biggest game reserves in South Africa, covering an area of 9,485 square kilometers. The drama of the animals’ everyday life visits the park fascinating, as well as the beautiful scenery in which it takes place.


Holiday packages for families with children

You don’t have to leave your kids at home; they can also enjoy tours in South Africa, exotic adventures, and discoveries. Such a trip for a child is an incredible experience, one that will always be remembered and appreciated. Some travel agencies, like for example Package Tours South Africa, compose schedules suitable for families with small children. Stays in family rooms, professional guides and easy transport will make the journey safe and pleasant. As for the activities, swimming in the ocean is possible, as well as visiting sites that will surely fascinate the little ones. An Ostrich Farm can be one of them, Walker Bay offering whale-watching, or the fascinating St Lucia Wetland Park with diverse wildlife and growing eco-tourism.

Longer tours

While most of the tours take 7-14 days, some agencies, like African Overland Tours, organize longer trips, lasting a month or even more. Such tours in South Africa give you a chance to see more of the country and its highlights. On the 32 Day Route to Cape Town – Johannesburg to Cape Town Overland), you get to have a look at the scenic Blyde River Canyon. There’s also the famous Kruger National Park and Etosha National Park, another wonderful wildlife sanctuary (located outside of South Africa, in Namibia, but included in the tour’s schedule). Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park in Botswana are on the list as well. Hence on your journey, you discover not only South Africa but also its neighbors. It’s a long, fascinating journey, perfect for everyone who wants to take his time and appreciate every single view.

Tours in South Africa

Short tours

You only have two or three days off, but instead of spending a typical weekend in the countryside or watching films and eating pizza all day long, you want to use this time to do something extraordinary? Well, here you go, South Africa is waiting. You can book a short tour and have an unforgettable weekend. It’s a good option also for those who are already traveling in South Africa and just need a bit of guiding. Viator offers “2-Day Western Cape Safari from Cape Town: Big Five Game Drive and Cango Wildlife Ranch” tour, including a visit to an ostrich farm (with ostrich riding) and Cango Wildlife Ranch. Optionally, you can do such exciting, crazy things like diving with crocodiles or ride an elephant. Wildlife Safari, a South African agent, offers three days of safari experience in the Kruger National Park. Children at the age of 6 or older are welcome. The tour includes five game drives, support of a specialist Kruger Park guide and accommodation at a rest camp inside of the park.


Luxurious tours

If you want to explore South Africa, its wildlife, and culture, at the same being spoiled by outstanding comfort and splendor, then this kind of tours are for you. Staying in exquisite hotels and elegant safari lodges, trying heavenly dishes in South Africa’s best restaurants, wandering across vineyards and tasting the finest wines, that’s what you get if you decide to book a luxurious tour. You can choose one of Zicasso’s packages or check out of other companies offering similar schedules.

Above are just several examples, tour operators do their best to meet expectations of all travelers, so there’s plenty of other alternatives too. Besides, most of the agents are open to suggestions, and you can discuss the schedule with them.

Before booking, remember to check what’s included and what’s not. Some activities may be optional and charged separately.


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