Sunsets in Europe are one of the daily beautiful moments of traveling. Every day, you are guaranteed a time of beauty and capturing these regularly is a great travel habit to embrace. You can enjoy them on a beach, in a bar with friends, on the coast, in the mountains, on a forest walkway, in the middle of a city. Each location offers a unique perspective and some sunset moments prove themselves to be unforgettable.

Tarifa, Spain

With the silhouetted mountains of Africa on one side and the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the evening views in Tarifa are exceptional. Located at the southern point of Spain, this small coastal city is only a 30-minute ferry ride from northern Africa. A long, wide beach stretched out for kilometers into the distance. Beach bars along the promenade offer perfect ocean scenery.

Sunset Tarifa SpainTarifa is famous for its high winds and water sports, making it one of the most popular destinations for kite surfers in Europe. In the light of the evening, kite surfers skim across the waves in front of the setting sun. The image is a peaceful and perfect one, and it’s a calm sunset to enjoy.

A quiet beach, a west coast view, great weather and open space – what more could you want from a sunset in Europe?

St Malo, France

Another beautiful coastal city, St Malo offers the perfect blend of ocean scenery and quintessential cute European streets. Every evening, the sun sets over the small scattered islands that surround the city. Full of historic ruins, the islands capture the dimming lights and give a unique sunset scenery.

Old city walls surround St Malo, which visitors and locals stroll along in the evening. With the beach below and the sea stretching out ahead, these walled pathways make the perfect place to settle and watch the sunset.

Sunset St Malo France

You can also stroll through the small quaint streets of the city to catch the evening lights. The city comes alive at night; full of busking music, entertainment and candlelit restaurants in the warm air. The sunset creates shadows through the street, slowly bringing in the night.

Munich, Germany

The iconic skyline of Munich, urban yet historical setting, quintessential culture and beautiful natural surroundings, allows this city one of the best sunsets in Europe. Often considered to encapsulate the best of German culture, with its large beers, traditional dress, and classic architecture, the sunset leads you into a great experience of Munich light life.

Munich at Dusk

Enjoy a consistently beautiful view from the famous English Garden in Munich. Catch the sunset at a local bar, park bench or chilling on the grass in the summer. There are also lots of towers to climb in the city. If you’re lucky, on a clear day, you can combine glimpses of the Alps with the light of the sunset for the perfect southern Germany scenery.

Santorini, Greece

Islands always provide amazing sunset views, and Santorini in Greece is no exception. An idyllic tourist destination, the colorful evening skies only add to its perfection. The island claims the best of Greek culture, with its typical white houses, surrounding coastal scenery, clean, simple streets, and friendly lively locals.

Santorini Greece Sunset

Beach bars and town square lookouts provide beautiful views, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the slowly dimming evening lights. There are numerous quieter spots scattered around the island for more private views of the sunset. Smaller hidden beaches, more peaceful streets, and old lighthouses, like Akrotiri, are some of the best and most unique.

Famously beautiful, the sun sinking into the Aegean Sea is a classic image and one of the best in Europe.

Liverpool, England

As an island, there are lots of great coastal views in the UK. Beaches make up the coastline, and there are great sunsets to be found throughout the country. But one of the few western city views is in Liverpool, and the urban setting on the banks of the River Mersey provides a beautiful sunset.

Liverpool Sunset

The waterfront is a world heritage landmark and beautiful area of the city. Joggers, cyclists, and walkers line the sides of the open, wide river every evening and capture the fading light. Grab a drink in the harbor or sit in the cold English air and enjoy the view before heading back into the fun nightlife of the Liverpool streets.

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

These sunsets in Europe are a great choice for hikers. Many would argue that watching the sun setting over natural scenery is more beautiful than an urban landscape. These mountains of eastern Europe offer spectacular and untouched natural beauty. Every evening the light of the sunset only emphasizes the magnificent views.

Carpathian Mountains

If you want to camp, hike and enjoy the best of nature, these sunsets in Europe are the ones for you. The varying heights offer unique perspectives with every step. If it’s your ideal travel trip to sleep beneath the stars, be sure to catch the evening sunset before settling down for the night.

Venice, Italy

Venice is well known as one of Europe’s most romantic cities – and its sunset is just as romantic. The unique architecture, with its combination of grand buildings and individual waterways, makes a beautiful setting. Romantic for a reason, the skylines of this magnificent city makes some of the best sunsets in Europe.

Venice Sunset

Enjoy it on a gondola in the middle of the grand canal, in one of the tiny side streets, or maybe in the large and famous square of San Marco, and watch the spectacular display. There is no limit to the amount of beautiful spots in Venice, and each offers its own unique perspective of the evening sky. So find your favorite and settle into a wonderful night in this famous Italian destination.

Whether for a romantic moment or some quiet time for yourself, watching a sunset is always a great idea. These are some of our favorites but let us know yours in the comments below. So get traveling and search for more of the best sunsets in Europe!


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