Sedona in Arizona offers amazing nature and rock formations you need to see

Sedona Arizona Red Rocks

Sedona lies north of the center line of the state of Arizona and is famous for its stunning rock formations and scenery. The giant red sandstone cliffs that tower above the rest of the landscape are quite stunning. As the sun sets and rises, the rocks shine a brilliant red or orange, enhancing the contrast between the rocks and vegetation. Some people consider it a spiritual place, while others love it as a great vacation spot. Whatever you classify Sedona as; you will have a good time by all in this beautiful town.

What’s in a Name Sedona

Sedona is a lovely name, although it gears more toward the female gender, and it is appropriate because it sounds like a beautiful lady. The name came originally from the first post master’s wife. Her name was Sedona Arabella Miler Schnebly, who lived from 1877 to 1950. She was known for her hospitality in which the town is known for as well.

Weather Conditions

During the summer months, Arizonians from the southern part of the state flock to Sedona and surrounding areas to escape the 100 plus temperatures that can arise. The average lows in the winter can be in the 30s and 40s which are chilly. But these temperatures are mild enough for many winter visitors. The average high in the spring hovers in the 80’s, while summer in the 90’s, making it cooler than the Phoenix area and southern part of the state.

Things to Do

It is for many a favorite place to visit, and there are also many activities to do, and the first is hiking. There are established trails to walk; offering climbs through the red rocks to stunning view points. Cathedral Rock is a favorite of hikers, so make sure to catch it at sunset for a sight you will never forget. Not a hiker? No worries, as many shops line the streets and things to see and do. Local artists also display their work to the enjoyment of visitors, and some offer their masterpieces for sale. Camping is also a favorite thing to do, and Oak Creek Canyon is a very popular spot to camp. See the rolling waters of the river, as the red rocks tower in the distance, a truly remarkable place to be.

Sedona offers jeep and ATV tours and horseback riding tours through the amazing scenery as well. A tour can take one hour or several hours, and some will have a fire lit dinner under the stars. Another favorite stop in is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic chapel that is an architectural wonder. The building looks as if it emerges from the great red rocks it sits on, high above ground level. The view from inside is beautiful, as the one wall is made out of windows, looking out onto the lovely lady of Sedona.


Where to stay?

The town offers a variety of different hotels and price ranges. Everything from high-end resorts, to motels and bed and breakfasts, are available to you. The L’Auberge and the Enchantment Resort are highly ranked and rated. And the Inn Above Oak Creek offers those views and excellent service. Try the Cozy Cactus Bed and Breakfast or the Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn of Sedona for a pleasant stay on your trip. Whatever your budget may be, this town will have the place for you to stay while admiring the stunning red rocks.

Sedona Can Work Up an Appetite

Walking the shops or taking a tour or hiking can work up your appetite, and you are in luck. The town has many excellent dining options, as well as wine and even the Oak Creek Brewery to quench your thirst and let you relax a bit. The Casa Sedona Inn has the restaurant with the best breakfast around to kick off your day. The Casa Sedona restaurant has rave reviews about the delicious breakfasts, so don’t miss out! The only catch is that you have to stay at the Inn, which also comes highly recommended. The Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market has large, delicious lunch sandwiches that even foodies rave about. Order a steak cooked to perfection at the Bella Vita Ristorante and combine it with the perfect glass of wine for a fantastic dinner experience.

Festivals and Entertainment

The town offers fine food, places to stay and things to do, including scheduled events and festivals. Come see the Holiday Central Sedona and all the beautiful decorations and lighted trees for the holidays. The Sedona Winter Music Fest in January will treat your ears to 5 days of a variety of musical artists. Throughout the year there are international Film Festivals and marathons, as well as many other events. Check your schedule and head over to Sedona because there is something for everyone.

Desert Oasis

Although it is situated in the desert, the red rocks offer castle-like scenery, as the rocks survey their domain. Shops, food, wine, hiking, tours, festivals, and more await you for your trip to this beautiful place. Don’t forget to take a peek at the night sky for an amazing star-filled scene, another amazing sight that this place has to offer. Go visit the famous Oak Creek and see the beautiful water or even camp in the provided camping areas. Sunrise and sunsets are the most breath-taking times in Sedona, as the rocks glitter with hues of red and orange. Come see one of the most beautiful places in Arizona, and the stunning red rocks Sedona is so famous for. Sedona in Arizona has brilliant rock formations you need to see


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