It’s strange and profoundly mysterious how some things are created following their natural way, yet it keeps amusing people and pursuing them to explore the surrounding and worship nature’s creations. How many places have delighted you lately that you didn’t know existed? And generally they keep on appearing from everywhere like the stories of your friends, social media, documentaries – the curiosity is just getting bigger and so is your appetite for new destinations. Would you go on a journey to find some unusual places? Fortunately, we’ve gathered a list of several natural features you would only see in the movies and believe they’re a product of someone’s fantasies. Well, in fact, incredible destinations do exist, you only have to know where to look for such. These are some you certainly haven’t been aware of, so mark them on your traveling map:

Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia

Sit down for this one because you are going to be amazed! There’s a national geological park in China, near the city of Zhangye, known by the name of Zhangye Danxia that can fill up your soul with delight. It’s been created to protect the beauty of the red rocks and the great rainbow ridges, a sight so rare – you won’t believe it. Covering an area of 510 square kilometers, Zhangye Danxia Geopark was formed as a consequence of the erosion of red sandstone, creating a natural feature that is hard not to fall in love with. The variety of colors, sizes, and patterns entertain the eyes of the observers as they hike through the mountains or watch them from the wooden platform. Make sure to visit this park during the period from June to September, to catch the efforts of the sunlight and rain mixing the colors of the rocks.

Zhangye Danxia


Benagil is the name of a small village in Portugal that, just like any other part of this marvelous country, is worth visiting. But unlike most communities, Benagil offers a natural feature you’ve probably never known before. Known locally as Algar de Benagil, we are talking about an incredible part of the beach with the same name. To be more precise, what’s been dragging all tourists to this part of Portugal is a fascinating cave with a private beach inside of it. For those who nurture a bigger interest in geology, this place is actually a grotto – a natural cavity and the only way to get to it is through the water. So if you’re thinking of the best way of accessing it, then it’s best to get on a boat or rent a kayak. However, if you’re determined to swim to this place, then that option is also possible. Don’t miss the chance on enjoying such a natural beauty while relaxing on a private beach located inside of a cave, with rays of sunlight breaking through the hole in the ceiling.

Benagil Portugal

Grand Prismatic Spring

A great thing about hidden natural treasures is that you don’t always have to go far to find them. Sometimes, they can be just around the corner. Therefore, you can easily get delighted if you travel to the US state of Wyoming, in the astonishing national park of Yellowstone. There, you will find something so amusing and hypnotizing – it will make you doubt your sight. The Grand Prismatic Spring shines with a magical spectrum of colors, which is also known as the largest hot spring found in the United States of America. It is also known to be the third largest in the world and is located in the Midway Geyser Basin. The vivid colors are a result of the specific conditions of the national park, creating a picturesque sight and mind-blowing natural attraction.

Grand Prismatic Spring


Socotra is the name of an impressive archipelago found in the Arabian Sea, as part of the country called Yemen. This place will guarantee you an amazing experience, even though this might be the first time you’re hearing about it. The landscapes of Socotra are enchanting and unreal – it is definitely a place you’ll wish to see in life. Apart from the magnificent surroundings, what makes this destination so authentic is the inspiring variety of flora. Just google the place and you’ll encounter an unusual type of trees you definitely haven’t seen before. It looks unreal, yet so attractive, which is why Socotra should be the place for your next adventurous trip. It’s also known that a third of the plant life spotted there is found no place else in the world. However, before you go and visit this exotic looking island, know that it is one of the most isolated lands on the planet Earth.


Turkmenistan – “Door to Hell.”

Even the name of this attraction sounds attractive enough to activate your curious mind, right? This natural feature is found in Derweze, in the country of Turkmenistan. It is a natural gas crater, also known as the Crater of Fire, and is a really scary and surprising natural phenomenon all at once. It was referred to as a natural gas field which after that, in 1971, collapsed into an underground cavern. The depth of the crater is 30 meters, and it has been a famous natural attraction for several years already. The inside of the crater has been burning ever since some geologists have been exploring the area and set it on fire due to prevention. However, don’t get too adventurous around it since this is not the place to be careless.

Turkmenistan Door to Hell

Fly Geyser

The Fly Geyser is a tourist attraction in Nevada, USA. Apart from the other destinations on this list, the Fly Ranch Geyser is a man-made geothermal geyser and is located on a private ranch, bought for the Burning Man Project in 2016. The color of the geyser and the surrounding make the perfect mix, pleasant for every sense. The area mainly consisted of two geysers, but somehow this one happened to survive during the time, becoming a great natural attraction made with the help of men. Nevertheless, it is still the natural conditions and substances that led to the creation of such strangely looking, yet magnificent beauty.

Fly Geyser

Would you visit any of these, now that you know they exist and where you can find them?


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