Parties can be found all over the world, and Europe is no exception. Europe is known for its famous DJ’s, clubs and house music and has many cities where you can party. So, do you fancy some intense partying in Europe?

Best party cities in Europe

Here’s a list of the cities you should go to if what you’re looking for is vibrant night-life. Clubs are insanely dancing to the rhythms of techno, sizzling beach parties, mysterious pubs and colorful discos, Europe has a variety of alternatives for all subspecies of the party animal.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the world capital of techno. Clubs are countless, and so are the party animals. Thousands of people meet there to drink, dance and go crazy together. Tourists, local students, international students, random wanderers, quirky individuals, all sorts of individuals pick Berlin as their party destination. If you’re a fan of techno, this city will be your paradise. If you aren’t, no problem, Berlin’s music scene is diverse, and there’s something for everyone. The city’s alive and insane all year long, but summer is the best time to visit because there are lots of outdoor parties.

Open Air Beach Party, Berlin, Germany

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has many fabulous pubs and bars that stay open till late, so for more of a relaxed experience, you can visit one of them. Of course, there’s also something way wilder and louder. Clubbing scene is lively, so if you want to dance the night away, there are plenty of opportunities. Trance is dominating, but you can also hear a lot of dream pop, hip-hop, deep house, and techno. In October the famous Dance Event is taking place in Amsterdam.  It’s the biggest club festival in the world. To check the program, tickets, etc., take a look at the official website ( The Amsterdam Dance Event will be held on 19,20,21,22, and 23 October 2016.

  1. Glasgow, United Kingdom

London is great, Edinburgh as well, but recently Glasgow has been proving to be the UK’s best party city. Most of its clubs are located close to each other, so if you feel you’ve had enough of techno, you walk for a few minutes and find yourself surrounded by the sounds of underground house. Wherever you go, don’t forget to try some Scottish whiskey. You’ll meet lots of tipsy Scots (mumbling with their charming accent) and equally drunk people from all around the globe (mumbling with a fascinating variety of accents).

Glasgow, United Kingdom

  1. Ios, Greece

Be careful when you go to Ios, you might stay longer than you’ve planned. A few days of the sparkling sea, spectacular sunsets and vibrant night-life and instead of going back home, you’ll send a postcard to your friends and family saying “Sorry guys, I’m staying.” Beaches are the center of everything on Ios – you can get sunbath during the day and party at night with the stars above your head. Besides, in the tourist towns, you’ll find plentiful clubs. As for the crowd, everyone’s happy, friendly and tanned. There are companies offering party tours in Ios, such as Life is a Beach party with the most accurate name possible.

  1. Hvar, Croatia

Not only the nature in Croatia is wild, but also its night-life. Other islands and cities are vibrant as well, but Hvar (to be more specific, the town of Hvar; some parts of the island are rather quiet) is this lovely country’s major party center. Numerous bars, pubs, clubs, and taverns keep visitors awake until the beautiful sunrise comes. Lots of young people (physically or emotionally) come to spend the summer in Hvar. The sun is shining, the music never stops playing, bars are full, and the atmosphere is great.

Hvar, Croatia

  1. Kraków, Poland

Kraków’s not only a charming historic city. Majestic during the day, it becomes crazy at night. Liters of beer and hectoliters of vodka are drunk every evening. Wherever you appear, locals will try to convince you to have one more shot of their magical spirit – and they’re very persuasive. Hostels pay a lot of attention to the partying thing, most of them do their best to get the people out and have fun together. Pubs are countless; you’ll also find some good clubs. Check this website if you want to know what’s happening in the city.

Nightlife Krakow, Poland

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s never asleep. Well, perhaps it takes a short nap in the morning, before the noon. But at night? No way! People go out very late, usually after midnight. The greatest madness begins around 2 a.m. Clubs are always fun and full. In the summer (and late spring) there are also some exciting events, such as Sonar, the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art ( or the Primavera Sound (

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s nightlife is not only captivating, but it’s also unique especially the ruin bar scene. Located in the old Jewish quarter’s abandoned buildings, those bars are incredibly atmospheric. It’s an original kind of partying, perfect for those who prefer slightly alternative, artsy pubs, but in other parts of the city, you can also find the “classical” clubs. Besides, in August there’s an amazing festival held in Budapest. Sziget Festival is one of the best events in Europe, and you should go there if you have a chance, it’s a great experience.

Have you chosen the destination yet? Let us know where you are heading to! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends; perhaps they’ll join your adventurous trip.


  1. Great list! I think that Warsaw is also great as a party destination, because it is amazing city and relatively cheap. Still, they have great clubs and places worth visiting. My favourite club there is definitely New Orleans. It is elegant and exclusive, not like many other overcrowded and loud places. Drinks there are delicious and open bar costs 40-50 euro. And their dancers… incredible. Sexy and very talented. It is the best place for an amazing party!


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