Tracy Arm Fjord is one of the many beautiful features found in the far north of America. Alaska is an untamed land of natural beauty just waiting for you to explore it. When you do, be sure to visit this stunning piece of environmental magnificence. Read ahead for more information and superb photos.

The Formation of Tracy Arm Fjord

A fjord defines itself by narrow inlets and steep cliffs. Created by glacial erosion, they are features of Northern landscapes. Tracy Arm is one of the most beautiful in the world. Mountains line the way; rock faces extend into the sky, and the clear, emerald water goes on into the distance. It is a place of waterfalls and icebergs – some of the most impressive in Alaska.

Swayer Glacier Alaska

There are other fjords in the area, all with mass areas covered in ice. In the summer, these melt in extraordinary ways. Huge blocks of ice float in the water, revealing the grandness of this natural marvel. Waterfalls go a mile high here. The texture of the landscape is smooth from a distance but jagged close-up. Layered ice spires line the valleys, slowly melting into the water. It happens frequently, and you can watch massive junks of icefall for yourself. 

Tourist Attractions

Aside from the stunning natural beauty, there are many tourist facilities. Most of these help you to explore the fjord more intensely. Cruise ships take you down its river, into the heart of the impressive scenery. Truly immerse yourself by taking a once in a lifetime trip. You feel overwhelmingly small in the vast, expansive beauty. Remember your camera – these are fantastic photo opportunities!

tracy arm fjord cruise

You can access Tracy Arm Fjord via boat, along Stephens Passage. Some seaplanes fly from major Alaskan centers; this is a fun experience in itself. Check out tour boat routes and catch one on route to this northern destination. It is sometimes even too narrow for boats to navigate. Do not let this dishearten your experience. Appreciate the wonder of nature – its always changing ways, yet consistent historical patterns.

Juneau is the nearest town, remote and small, yet significant for Alaska. It can be your base. Tours to Tracy Arm Fjord depart from here daily.

National Forest

Tracy Arm Fjord is part of the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness. It covers over 600,000 acres and holds unlimited potential. It is the largest national forest in the US. Part rain forest, hosting coastal mountains and glaciers, there is plenty to witness if Tracy Arm Fjord is not enough for you.

National Forest tracy arm fjord

However, do not worry, it will be. Its beauty draws you in. It is an engaging visual image. The mountains on either side join symmetrically. In-between, the glacier sits powerfully. It is steadily retreating into the narrow groove forming behind it.

Until witnessing this site, you might have dismissed the various shades of blue and white. Allow your eyes to travel slowly upwards. The clear emerald sea merges with the blue of the mountains. They become white at the snow-tipped peaks, which then blend into the clear Alaskan sky.

The Wildlife

There is a range of wildlife found here. The unique natural setting makes for varied and distinctive habitats. Whales, seals, mountain goats, eagles and bears all roam these lands. They traverse it in different ways. The whales rise out from beneath the water. The bears, deer, and wolves are on the forested shores. Eagles, Arctic terns, and pigeon guillemots soar the skies. Watch seals resting on the floating icebergs.

Beneath the waves, the animals are even more impressive. Rockfish hide in rare tree coral. The deep passageways of the Tracy Arm Fjord support a dynamic range of wildlife. These are mysterious creatures not found in many corners of the globe. Cold-water temperatures and high currents have forced animals to evolve in creative ways. Indeed, scientists gather here to research these incredible natural habitats.

Alaska has many natural amazing features, but Tracy Arm Fjord is possibly the most magnificent. Travelers of history have promoted its beauty. It has a timeless splendor that nobody could deny. Everyone who visits it endorses what millions of others have said before. Tracy Arm Fjord is a place worth visiting – be sure to do so as soon as possible.


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