What makes a beautiful sunset? It seems that some places show off their skyscape beauty more than others as the sun starts it’s decent down into the horizon. Splashes of brilliant pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges can spread across the sky, and clouds can add even more drama to the already beautiful experience.

Sunsets in the U.S.

Traveling and new places can offer a change in the magnitude of sunsets, and if you are visiting any of these places, make sure to grab a seat to watch the spectacular light show unfold before your eyes.

Key West, Florida

Key West is known for its sunsets, and the crowds that gather as the sun starts to go down are proof of that. Most people tend to gather in Mallory Square. As you are waiting for the gorgeous light show of all the colors among the clouds, live entertainers and performers will keep you entertained before and after the sunset show. Grab a chair as this area fills quickly, and don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful moment.

Key West Sunset

Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is a favorite beach in California and a great place to catch the sunset. It has an undisturbed view of the horizon, with no ships, buildings, obstacles, or anything else that would ruin the view. Sit on the sandy beach or make reservations at the Studio Restaurant, which is on a cliff, and ask for an outdoor table and 360-degree views of the coast! Have a nice dinner while you get to see the sunset over the Pacific from atop a cliff.

Laguna Beach California

Hopi Point, Arizona

Hopi Point is the northernmost place on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Here, the views of the Grand Canyon are some of the best, as much of the canyon can be seen from this point. This also makes a fantastic place for sky gazing, as the sun slowly creeps down over one of the most beautiful places in the world. Some state that they have never seen such a wonderful experience as they have at Hopi Point at the Grand Canyon, so be sure to capture this delightful dusk experience.

Hopi Point Arizona

Miami, Florida

If you’re in Miami, specifically, the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, you are in for a treat. This hotel is a high-rise and can capture the incredible views as the sun goes down behind the water. Not only is it a high-rise, but it is also one of the tallest buildings in Miami, letting the observers see the sunset without any obstacles, and providing photographers the opportunity to take some amazing pictures. Enjoy a cocktail on the beach, or head up the high-rise to watch the lovely colors that will appear over the water.

Sunset Miami Florida

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Old Fort Marcy Park is thousands of feet above elevation and gives sunset viewers the ultimate experience. Historic ruins also provide a unique setting as the colors of the descending sun dance across the evening sky. There is little human-made light interference here so that the sky can show its glory without interference. Bright oranges and hues of pink have been known to appear across the sky in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so relax and enjoy the beautiful show you are about to see.

Santa Fe New Mexico Sunset

Maui, Hawaii

If you’re on one of the Hawaiian Islands, chances are you will see a spectacular display in the evenings no matter where you are in Hawaii. Some places do offer better vantage points, and one of those places is Mount Haleakala on the island of Maui. You can drive up the Haleakala Highway, and then take the Haleakala Crater Road to the very top to see the best sunset you may ever see in your entire life. The drive can take an hour or two, so allow plenty of travel time, so you don’t miss it! You will be tucked in among the clouds at that height, making for gorgeous views of the ocean and landscapes.

Mount Haleakala Maui

Ensign Peak, Utah

The views from the peak looking out over the valley, so visitors and hikers can see the amazing landscape and then turn their eyes to the sky for more viewing pleasures as the sun begins to fade. You can reach the top of Ensign Peak by hiking. The hike is approximately an hour, so plan your timing to be able to see the beautiful colors of the evening sky.

Ensign Peak Utah

Photo: Flickr

Orcas Island, Washington

Orcas Island is a skip away from Seattle, and getting there to see the evening sky is half of the fun. To get to the beautiful Orcas Island, you must take a ferry ride over to the island where tree-lined coasts accompanied by some beach areas make you feel like you’ve escaped reality. Hop in a kayak or watch for whales that grace the surface of the water as the colors of the evening streak across the sky in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Sunset Orcas Island


It is hard to pinpoint an area in Alaska that produces the beautiful array of colors in the evening sky because virtually anywhere in Alaska you can see fantastic skyscape views! Try the Denali National Park area and enjoy the stunning landscapes as the sky changes color in the evening. The lights shimmering against the frosty snow create a magical ambiance as you catch one of the greatest sunsets in the world.

Sunset Alaska

Across the Country

No matter where you live or where you are traveling, you can see some amazing sky colors as dusk approaches. Try one of these places to view some of the best sunsets, but be sure to sit down and relax to enjoy this beautiful time of day no matter where you are.


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