Key West is found in the southernmost part of Florida and is an island town. Part of the Florida Key Islands, it is only 90 miles north of Cuba. Its reefs attract snorkelers and divers, and the sunny days and the golden sand beaches beckon some to explore or relax. The laid-back attitude and calm demeanor found in Key West will help you unwind and enjoy your stay.

Warm Weather in Key West

The weather in Key West is phenomenal. The winter months see an average of 60-something- degree weather, and there has been known to have a few 70 or even 80 degree days in the winter months. The summer hovers in the 80s, with July and August soaring a bit and staying in the 90s. Reaching over 100 degrees in the summer is rare. Key West has mild temperatures that don’t normally have a huge fluctuation. You will never see snow of frost in Key West, making it the perfect place to see any time of the year.

Magical Sunsets

Many people have heard of the Key West sunsets, but most have never experienced one. Mallory Square is the hotspot to watch this beautiful event, and hundreds gather to do so. The sunsets in Key West are almost like a fireworks show, splashing hues of orange, pink, red, purples, and blues across the broad horizon. The water offers a spectacular view, reflecting the colors and putting on a show that is sure to impress. Don’t miss a sunset in Key West, as they are beautiful. Bring your camera and arrive early for the best seats. As the sun fades behind the ocean, the night performers and their colorful entertainment are sure to impress and make you smile. Enjoy the famous sunset and the following entertainment in Mallory Square!

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Water sports and activities are the main attraction for Key West and the surrounding area. The sparkling blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico lure visitors to experience the water. Boat tours, kayaking, sailboat rides, dolphin watches, sailboat rides, fishing, and more are available to you, your friends, and family. Try a sunset cruise to see the sun settle below the blue horizon, but don’t miss the fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving that Key West offers. The reefs provide fantastic views of underwater life for snorkelers of all ages and levels. There are tours offered that provide transportation by boat to some of the reefs so you can snorkel in different areas to experience the various underwater scenes. Advanced scuba divers can dive to see the Vandenberg Wreck, a sunken ship in the waters of Key West. Scuba divers rave about this dive, saying the ship is so large, it would take dozens of dives to see it all. The guide is thorough and helpful, and the ship has swim troughs. Come and experience the blue waters of Key West, and find a water activity that suits you.

Pier in Key West

Live Music

Key West is a melting pot of live music and entertainment. Restaurants and bars line the streets, with most offering live music or entertainment of all genres, just choose which music suits your taste that day, or hop around to experience them all! The Green Parrot Bar is a favorite of locals and visitors, and its music calendar is quite impressive. With an assortment of local bands as well as nationally renowned bands, it is sure to provide you with an entertaining evening, and it has been doing so since its opening in the 1890s. Grab a cold drink and your dancing shoes and have a good time in Key West and the Green Parrot Bar or one of the many other venues to pick from.

Key West History

Key West has an extensive history, which may be a surprise to some. The best way to get a feel for the town and to locate things you may want to see in more depth is to take one of the trolley tours. The Old Town Trolley Tours point out over 100 points of interest, and you can get off at any of the 13 stops to see them. Don’t worry about catching your trolley back, if you miss it, you can catch the next one that stops. Ernest Hemingway’s home is a major attraction to history buffs, as well as the Harry S. Truman Little Whitehouse. Other famous attractions are the Butterfly Conservatory, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum and the Key West Aquarium. There are so many places to see and things to experience in Key West, and the trolley tours are an excellent way to start off your trip.

Southernmost Point Key West

Key West Offers Fun and Beauty

The southernmost U.S. city offers one-of-a-kind sunsets and lively entertainment. The crystal waters with their myriad of blues present some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving you can find in the states. The water activities available are endless, try one or try them all but get out there and enjoy the Key West waters. Catch a sunset one evening to be awed by some of the most dazzling colors and scenery you will ever witness, and then enjoy the street performers and entertainment as the city comes alive at night. Find some live music that gets your foot tapping, and grabs a cold one with friends or family and have a great evening.


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