One of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean is, without a doubt, the Dominican Republic. With near 2000 resorts, emerald-green water in the north and deep-blue water in the south, seven international airports, and affordable five-star services all over the country, it is not surprising that the Dominican Republic vacation spots are very popular around the world.

Gorgeous beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s beaches are so beautiful people tend to forget there’s much more to this country than the sunny coastline. Hard to judge it, though, it’s very easy to forget everything when you’ve got the warm, golden sand under your feet and azure waters in front of your eyes. The Dominican Republic has hundreds of kilometres of coastline, consisting of white-sand beaches, mangrove lagoons and spectacular rocky cliffs. There’s something for those who want to be secluded, cosy and private spots, like the picturesque Playa Rincón surrounded by jungle and shaded by rows of coconut palms.

If besides of the waves you also want to hear human voices, music and the sounds of active areas, then visit some beaches in small towns, for example, the Sosua Beach. In case luxury is what you seek, many beaches are lined with fancy all-inclusive resorts. That’s where you can wear a stylish swimming suit and sip a colourful drink while getting a tan. Examples of the last type can be found all around Punta Cana, a popular tourist destination with plentiful resorts.

Optional activities include catamaran sailing, discovery cruises, swimming with dolphins, even floating spas. You can also explore the reefs or visit nearby small islands. Water-sport enthusiasts might fall in love with Cabarete, a small surf town offering fabulous windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions. As you can see, the variety is endless. Whatever it is you fancy the most when it comes to beaches, you’ll surely find it in the Dominican Republic.


Punta Cana

Located in the easternmost part of the country, Punta Cana offers more than 50 hotels and one of the best golf courses in the Dominican Republic. Most of the courses were designed by famous golf players, which make playing golf a very relaxing and satisfying experience.
Shopping and nightlife also have something to offer to everyone, from modern to classic, from exciting to quiet. The secluded beaches are a real paradise on earth, where you can enjoy the breeze and the sound of the water without all the noise of the most populated vacation areas.

Punta Cana

All sorts of parties

The Dominican night-life has two personalities – one wears a fashionable makeup and goes dancing in the clubs, the other one puts on some traditional clothes and heads to street festivals. There’s also the third one, mixing the Caribbean music with vibrant, modern discos. Coco Bongo in Punta Cana is one of the most famous clubs: dancing, drinks and spectacular live shows. To experience the culture, participate in Carnival celebrations held throughout the while country. Don’t forget to listen to the fascinating sounds of merengue, a style of Dominican music and dance. Learn at least a few basic steps, the best way to do it is simply going to a party and joining some locals on the dance floor. There are many ways to enjoy the night-life, the traditional, the modern and the crazy. Either way, Dominicans know how to party, and you’ll surely not get bored in the evenings.


Picturesque mountains and valleys

The Dominican Republic boasts of varied landscapes, there’s almost everything you can imagine, from lush tropical forests, mangrove swamps and deserts to impressive mountains. The last ones make DR a paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts and trekkers. When you leave the capital, you’ll enter picturesque areas made of little villages. As you keep moving towards the inland, you’ll get surrounded by the incredible peaks, at the first sight reminding of European Alps. Rivers, waterfalls and lively jungle, that’s what can be found high in the mountains. What’s at their foot is not less attractive: the fertile lowland and remote deserts, a truly unique connection.


Secluded areas

The Southern Region of Dominican Republic is almost untouched by tourism. It’s an impoverished region, not very developed, so some complications in an organisation might come in the package with amazing pristine landscapes. You can still find some hotels and tourists amenities, though. Barahona is the south’s most friendly town, surrounded by wild, rocky beaches, lush vegetation and dramatic cliffs. The city itself is small but charming with its local bar scene and an impressive cathedral.

First of all, yet it’s a great base for visiting the surroundings, especially the nature wonder Lago de Enriquillo, a salt-water lake inhabited by crocodiles. Bahia de Las Aguilas and Jaragua National Park, on the southwestern coast of Dominican Republic, is another isolated area. Because of its remote location, Bahía de Las Águilas is a wonderful and unspoilt beach, rarely visited by anyone. If you want to escape all the hustle and bustle during your holidays in the Dominican Republic, that’s the place to go.


Las Terrenas

One of the most exotic Dominican Republic vacation spots is Las Terrenas, also known as the “jewel in the crown”.
With a population of a little over 12,000 people, Las Terrenas offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of amenities to the growing number of tourists who visit all year round. It is normal to find people speaking English, Dutch, German, Italian, and other European languages everywhere you go.
Needless to say, it is highly advisable to make reservations before you visit Las Terrenas.

Las Terrenas

Captivating towns

Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, is the oldest city in the New World, still keeping the historical spirit alive, full of treasures and fascinating sites. The enchanting cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, cathedrals and museums never cease to amaze the visitors. Santo Domingo is a definite must-see, and so is La Romana, a smaller town located on the south-east coast of the country. Casa de Campo, an excellent resort, is one of its highlights. Featuring a couple of hotels, fabulous gardens, a polo ground, a tennis court and beautifully designed rooms, it’s one of the most famous resorts and best places to stay at during holidays in the Dominican Republic. Nearby, only a few minutes away from La Romana, you can find the Altos de Chavón, a beautiful replica of a 16th-century Mediterranean village.


Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is traversed by the rich green and clear water of Ozama River, which is a sight that continually amazes all visitors to this capital city. But one of the most popular places to visit is Los Tres Ojos, which are three lakes located within a group of caves. What tourists are more attracted to is the colour of the water: it changes according to the temperature inside the caves. Many stories explain this geological mystery, all of them fascinating.

Being a city full of history traced back to hundreds of years, Santo Domingo offers a very exotic architecture in its museums, churches, and monasteries. This alone is worth taking the time to see and enjoy all the historical monuments and buildings that tell part of the history of the city.

Santo Domingo

Puerto Plata

One of the most beautiful Dominican Republic vacation spots is undoubtedly Puerto Plata, which Christopher Columbus once called “the fairest land under heaven”. Other than the usual entertainment offered by resorts and hotels, other activities are unique to this area, like horseback riding and hiking in the jungles. Scuba diving is also a very popular activity where you can see coral reefs exclusive to the area, or shipwrecks and canyons if you go deeper into the ocean. Other activities available are white water rafting, windsurf, and kite-boarding.

But if you are not into this type of activities, there are other spots which offer a different kind of amazement, like the Ambar Museum, where you can see a wide variety of amber gems from ancient and modern times. Or you can take a cable car and go to the peak of Mount Isabel Torres, where you can have a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea.
You can also go shopping to the famous resort Playa Dorada, visit old colonial structures like Fort San Felipe, or have a taste at the Brugal Rum Factory.

Puerto Plata

La Romana

When you do not know where to go in the Dominican Republic, La Romana is a place worth considering. It is perfect for tourists who want to explore or just relax enjoying the Caribbean. There are some clubs and resorts to enjoy an exciting nightlife and family activities as well, like scuba diving, golf, horseback riding, trips to Catalina Island, Saona Island, Bayahibe Town, and Fun Fun Cave, to name a few.

La Romana

When you need to relax doing your favourite activities, either with your family or with your friends, nothing is more worthy of your time that all the Dominican Republic vacation spots available for you. There are many places to discover in this paradisiacal country and nearby islands. It is a good idea to think carefully how long you are planning to stay there because probably you will want to stay an extra week or two.


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