The Hawaiian island of Maui is a destination many people have on their bucket list or dream of visiting. The island is surrounded by deep blue waters and famous beaches perfect for snorkeling. From January to May, whales can be seen in the ocean from the island as they migrate. The island is full of green vegetation and beautiful flowers, not to mention a stunning coastline with two other islands visible in the distance. There is a lot to do, see and explore on the breathtaking island of Maui. Try experiencing what one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands has to offer.

Haleakala Crater and National Park

The Haleakala national park is one of the main attractions on the island of Maui. The landscape is so different than the rest of the tropical vegetation because it was once an active volcano. The best way to see the park is by the tour guide, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can drive the narrow winding road to the top yourself. The Haleakala sunrise is famous on the island. Tour buses can pick you up in the wee hours of the morning to make the journey in the dark to the top, where the sunrise can be seen. The sunrise is popular because the crater is the highest point on Maui. It is so high in fact that you are up above the clouds and can see the entire island from this point. The sunrise at the top is extremely cold! The base of the mountain may be 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but the top hovers around 30 degrees in the mornings, so be prepared! The sunsets are equally as beautiful, but the sunrise tours are the most popular. The landscape around the crater look like dried volcanic ash and is different from anything you have ever seen. This is one of the top things to do on Maui and don’t forget your camera!

Haleakala Crater

Snorkeling and Water Activities

The ocean waters along the coast of Maui are popular for snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding and surfing. Swimming can be a bit difficult because of sudden drop-offs and strong currents. One of the more popular tours is the Molokini snorkeling adventure where a boat takes you out to the sunken crater where some of the best snorkeling around can be done. Whale watching tours are available from January to May, and your boat may be right next to a giant whale as they bask in the warmer waters. Paddle boards can be rented to attempt a try at the fun sport, or surfers love to crash the waves just off of the shore. Snorkel and diving tours and charters can be scheduled, and they will take you out to some of the best places to snorkel where you can see sea turtles and colorful fish and coral. There are many places and varieties of tours to see to participate in your desired water activity. Try the glass bottom boats, kayak rentals and even a submarine to see the amazing marine life that surrounds the island.

Snorkeling Maui

Luau Time

One of the must-see things on the island of Maui (or any of the Hawaiian Islands for that matter) is a luau. Luaus are traditional Hawaiian feast usually accompanied by dancing and music. The hula dances are usually performed at the luaus and are a crowd favorite. Other traditional dances, chants, music, and songs are also performed for an amazing and entertaining evening. One of the best luaus is the Old Lahaina Luau located on the island of Maui. Hawaiian style food is served as well as drinks and cocktails all strategically placed around the center stage. A lovely flower lei is often given to guests to wear as they dine, drink and enjoy the amazing dances and songs of Hawaiian tradition.

The Road to Hana

For those of you that dare brave the Road to Hana, there are many surprises in store for you. The road can be quite treacherous, with severe hairpin turns, 59 bridges, many of which are one-lane, hilly and mountainous terrain and all along the coast. Some areas have guardrails, and some do not so drive carefully. Often you cannot see around the bend, and the road is narrow and in many places one lane. Tours are offered on the Road to Hana for a more comfortable and less stressful journey. The Road to Hana has some of the best stops on the island, including beautiful waterfalls, a black sand beach, the most amazing views of the coastline and the island and much, much more. To make all the stops you would need a few days, but the main points of interest are usually covered on your tour. Pick out your favorite places you would like to see the Twin waterfalls at mile marker #2. Many people turn around and return the way they came upon reaching the town of Hana, or you can continue one and cover almost the entire island on your adventure. The views and sights along the road will not disappoint, but drive carefully or take a tour bus instead.

Road to Hana

The sandy beaches of Maui

Some of the best stretches of beaches can be found on the island of Maui. The Wailea Beach and the Ka’anapali beach are two of the best in America. The stretch of sand is large and can accommodate many people, and the water is turquoise which fades into dark blue. Try snorkeling, whale watching, or see a fantastic sunset on the beautiful beaches. If you’re staying at a resort nearby, there are towels and rentals for water activities available. The beaches are not overcrowded, and there is plenty of sun, space, and fun for all here. Experience the beautiful soft sand and stunning scenery of the islands off in the distance at one of these beaches.

beaches of Maui

Stunning Maui

While Maui is only one of the Hawaiian Islands, it offers its piece of heaven. The island has flowers everywhere, not to mention the famous Haleakala Crater and mountain, fabulous beaches and marine life of all sorts just off the shore. Snorkel, dive, relax and get some sun as you explore one of the best Hawaiian Islands. Rent a car or take a tour to see the sights and maybe even a whale or dolphin or two. The island has hidden gems like its black sand beach or waterfalls that can only be seen from a helicopter ride. See the best of the island both on land and see and discover the beauty of a tropical island paradise and the best things to do on Maui.


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