Roses are symbolic of love, care, and beauty. You can find roses and rose hybrids in many lovely colors, and the pleasing fragrance of the roses has tried to have been captured in perfumes and lotions for many years. Did you know there are rose gardens for the public to see, smell, and appreciate their beauty? Roses can be difficult to grow, and many find that visiting gardens or buying a bouquet much simpler. See if you can get a rose garden near you, and take time to stop and smell the roses.

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Over 5 acres of beautifully landscaped rose bushes adorn the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. It is hard to believe this rose-filled garden originally started as a prune orchard, but now exclusively hosts the beautiful rose bushes. In 2010, this garden won “America’s Best Rose Garden,” in the first contest of this kind. The garden is in bloom and worth seeing anytime from April through November. Located in San Jose, California, the garden is home to over 4,000 rose bushes and hundreds of varieties to see. May is a magical time to visit because of the aroma that all the roses are producing. A detailed map showing all the plantings and their names are available for those who wish to stop and walk through the acres of lovely roses.

Longmont Memorial Rose Garden

Head to Longmont, Colorado, to the Roosevelt Park. There, in the park near the west end, lies the Longmont Memorial Rose Garden. It was originally started as a tribute to our veterans and is now about to celebrate its 70th season. The rose garden is available for touring in the summer months, as the plants are healthy and full of blooms after the snowy winter. What started as 250 plants is now over 3,000 plants and many varieties of the rose. The gardener states that the best time to visit is in the morning, right when it starts to warm up, as the flowers come alive with fragrance and beauty.

Rose Gardens

The Park of Roses

The Park of Roses can be found in Columbus, Ohio, and has a whopping 13 acres of gardens for your self-guided tour. Labels identifying the roses are put out each year, along with maps and their locations. If you see a rose or rose bush that you like, you can simply read the label and use the information to go out and buy your own for your home. There are over 12,000 roses in the Park of Roses and 400 different varieties, some of which you may never have seen before. The park is open all year long, but late spring and summer are the best months to see blooms and smell that beautiful rose fragrance. The fall months will show all the trees in the park changing colors, and the winter months will offer a bright white silhouette of all the snow covered trees and plants.

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park is on the national register of historic places. Found in Hartford, Connecticut, this garden has over 100 acres of gardens, recreational areas, and walking paths. The park is open all year long to visitors and guests. The rose garden can be found at the center of Elizabeth Park and was the first municipal rose garden in the U.S. Over 15,000 rose bushes, and over 800 varieties can be found. The garden has a central square area, accompanied by two; semi-circle rose garden areas were added on either side to make for acres of rose enjoyment. Rose arches have been tediously cared for, and as they bloom in late June and the month of July, offer beautiful spectacles to walk through and to admire. The arches provide some of the most photographed and painted flora in the whole park and are enjoyed by many. Visit the rose garden area in Elizabeth Park, which has been delighting people with its beauty since 1904.

Arch of Roses in Rose Garden

The Berkeley Rose Garden

The Berkeley Rose Garden in Berkley, California, has a unique layout. The garden is laid out in a terraced amphitheater form, which creates a beautiful setting and surrounds you by lovely roses. A redwood pergola is covered in roses, offering a unique touch to the landscape. Not only does the terraced landscape present the beauty of its roses, but the garden also offers incredible views of the city, the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge, a perfect place to capture your photographs. 3,000 bushes call the terraces and the pergola home, and you can view and study the 250 different varieties that can be found in the garden. These views are hard to beat and are a photographer’s dream.

Beautiful and Fragrant Visit

Roses offer joy and beauty to people. These public rose gardens were created to pay tribute, or to provide a beautiful landscape for all to come and enjoy. The fragrance of these roses is calming and pleasing to the senses, providing not just a visual gift, but a gift to another of our senses as well. There are rose gardens littered across the United States, in all climates and areas. Most roses will bloom at their brightest in late spring and during the summer months. If any of these rose gardens are not near you, a little research will show ones that are. Take time to enjoy a lovely walk and reflect and catch your breath from this busy life for a moment, as you take time to stop and smell the roses at one of these rose gardens.


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