Visiting foreign smallest countries is exciting and informative as one gets to see and learn many things that are different from their home country. Tourists mostly visit sites that are unique and those that have gained reputation from all over the world, of having some features, belief or history that provokes human curiosity and hence result in being highly valued attraction sites. For those people who live in countries with large area coverage and tens of millions of fellow citizens, an interest of visiting the smallest countries is understandably a good adventure plan since they are sure to find different systems of survival and governance in such states. Here is an insight to the world’s 10 smallest countries and some of the amazing facts and attractive places to visit:

The smallest country in the world: Vatican City!

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and omitting it when visiting Rome is like eating the bone and throwing away the stake. It covers a small area of 110 acres and five million people go to this city every year just to see the landmarks of the great city and country. It is a holy city-state that also acts as the official home of the Pope. You would be amazed to see the elegant Apostolic Palace where he lives. You would also be interested to see the Sistine Chapel whose magnificent paintings make it known all over the world for its pristine beauty. It is right inside the Apostolic Palace and is used for religious ceremonies and also for the election of new popes. The site of great and in fact some of the finest artist works would only leave you dumbfounded.

Vatican City

You would also have the opportunity to see many more amazingly precious artistry work such as Greek and Roman sculptures in the Vatican Museums, which is a complex of museums including the Sistine Chapel.

The huge pedestrian bridge, lined with statues of angels, leads to the most recognized landmarks and it was originally built to connect Vatican with its mausoleum. The Trevi Fountain could have been only a movie scene for you but is a real and probably the most famous fountain in the world. It is 86 ft tall and 161 foot-wide and is associated with beliefs that travelers can throw coins to it for free trips to “The Eternal City.” It is a very beautiful site all the same. Other visiting areas include the Spanish Steps, Spanish Square, Piazza Venezia and Pantheon among others.


Monaco is the second smallest country that has only one city and is a home of many resorts and restaurants that are visited by the richest people in the world. It is mainly inhabited by the French and is known to be one of the most densely populated countries. There is also a casino, the biggest in the country called Monte Carlo Casino and only a few rich people manage to get in. There are also the beach communities, and their beach activities must be something worth knowing. There are gorgeous cliff-side gardens and the Oceanographic Museum at the harbor, which are an absolute beauty.



Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world and does not have an official capital. It is also the third smallest country in the world. You would not expect a lot of features on an island but being on the island is definitely an admirable site that any tourist would dream of. Nauru has amazing facts such as that over 90% of Nauruans are overweight. That’s Nauru.



Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country. This is a country you should consider visiting as it might not be there in 50 years to come due to the rise in sea level. It is close to other Islands in the Pacific ocean, and the beauty of a group of islands is unimaginable to someone who has never visited an island. You could also get an opportunity to learn about World War II since this island played an important role in the war as some American troops were stationed there. In fact, most of the construction on the island of Tuvalu were as a result of the war.

San Marino

On place 5 of the smallest countries in the world is San Marino. It is said to be the oldest republic in the world and is known for embracing liberty. Her constitution was written in 1600, and more than 3 million tourists visit San Marino each year.

The people who live here form part of the richest people in the world. This country benefits greatly from tourism since half of the income generated comes from the tourism industry.

San Marino


Snuggled in the heart of Europe, travelers often overlook Liechtenstein. Covering only 160 km², you can understand why some might miss it on the map. It is the sixth smallest country in the world, but this fantastic place should not be underrated. It holds all the same beauty as its surrounding countries. The stunning nature of Switzerland. The Alps of Austria. The fairy-tale features of Germany. Indeed, Lichtenstein is full of possibilities – a small nation with enormous potential.


Lichtenstein is a country immersed within the Alps, making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can traverse a whole nation in the most fundamental yet creative ways – ski, walk, bike. The hiking paths are untrodden, the ski slopes less ridden. In general, the country is less traveled. It lies in the shadow of the big nations around it. But it also lies in the shadow of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. The people of Lichtenstein are enjoying their quiet, untouched natural beauty – and you can enjoy it too.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

A nation made up of two separate islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis is the seventh smallest country in the world. Together they make up a Caribbean paradise. Although small, they have a rich history tied to the sugar industry. They acted as a principal export for centuries and evidence the thriving industry remains. Tourists can even stay in some of the old plantations that are now luxurious resorts.

smallest country in the world

There are plenty of chances to party on the island of Saint Kitts. The larger of both, it has a buzzing nightlife and bustling atmosphere. In comparison, Nevis is a place for nature lovers. It has various hiking trails with stunning coastal views. Epically dominating the space is the volcanic mountain. The scattered, white sandy beaches are the best place to relax after an active day.


The popular tourist destination of the Maldives is the world’s eighth smallest country. Isolated in the Indian Ocean, it is also the smallest nation in Asia. It has an extremely spread out population, combined over 1000 coral islands. Tourists can jump from one to island to the next and find individual paths through this magnificent water landscape.


Although it hosts some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Maldives is also a place entirely subject to nature. Entirely surrounded by the waves, the fragility of the country adds to its unique beauty. Tourists love the white sands and blue seas. But the magic of the Maldives goes deeper than this. Indeed, most of its beauty lies below the surface, within the waves themselves.

The Maldives are full of underwater tropical wonderlands. You can see fish, sharks and ocean plant life of all kinds. Colorful and peaceful, swimming here is every divers dream. Whale sharks are one of the most popular attractions. Giant but gentle, they travel between the islands and explore the crystal waters. Explore this unique haven for yourself and get lost at sea in style.


The Republic of Malta is another country made up of separate islands. It comes in at the ninth smallest in the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is an all-year beauty. It has everything – the perfect climate, a balance of nature and nightlife, places to relax, opportunities to be active, and over 7,000 years of history.


Malta defines itself by the waves that surround it. The sea has created stunning natural landmarks and rock formations. They are fun to explore, swim through, jump off. In its nature, the country is a playground for active outdoor adventurers.

The urban centers are also full of history. Numerous museums, cathedrals, temples and archaeological sites make up the towns. Indeed, the Ġgantija Temples in Gozo are some of the most impressive you will ever visit. As well as a deep cultural past, they host magnificent cliff top views over the country. They are extraordinarily old, dating back to 3000 BC.


The tenth smallest country in the world is Grenada. A Caribbean Island, it is a perfect example of Caribbean paradise. It has a strong French influence from past colonization. This creates a rich blend of history, with French architecture on the shores of sandy beaches. Locals call it the Island of Spice. Not only for its gorgeous warm weather and hot culture. The nation is famous for its production of mace crops and nutmeg. This is one of the most attractive areas in the Carribean for a good reason. Experience the sizzling beauty of this place for yourself.


There is something special about the smallest countries in the world

All these nations have something very simple in common. As the smallest countries in the world, it is fun and easy to explore these places. You can quickly get a sense of the spirit of the area. Yet behind every corner, there is something new for you to discover.


  1. I have been to Monaco and while I knew it was small, I had no idea it was one of the smallest countries in the world! It is a very beautiful place. You do feel the size but the way the country is laid out, you aren’t fully aware of just how small it is. They really did a beautiful job at managing their land. I was not fortunate enough to see the casino myself but I enjoyed my stay there. I guess it pays to have business owners in the family.

  2. I think the Maldives face the same issue as Tuvalu – rising water levels which could mean unless something drastic changes, sadly the country might not be there in a hundred years time. I’ve only visited the Vatican City on this list, so will have to look into visiting a few of the other places. I do loves the island life, so I’m actually surprised I’ve never made it to the Maldives. I’ll have to add it to the bucket list.

    • I do agree with you, Kelly. Some places you need to visit before they disappear. Unless you should scuba dive to visit those places in the future 🙂 The Maldives are on my bucket list too.


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