Rome, the ancient city of civilization and power that has continued its heritage to the present day; its succulent charm and everlasting beauty is in itself, a wonder of the world. Delve into a somewhat undiscovered universe taking a worthwhile, low cost trip to this break thanking European city. This article will guide you in the right direction of making sensible decisions on quite literally, how to conquer the enormity that is Rome, without splashing the cash.

Flight lowdown

If you reside in the UK, particularly the London area, flights directly to Rome can be cheap as chips, estimating at around $45 return in some cases. With low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easy Jet at your advantage, you can get some seriously cheap flights to Italy’s capital city. If you live further afield, let’s say the US, it’s a different story, but do not fear! Instead of hoping on board a direct flight which is a far easier way to travel, instead, you can embark on a flight that contains a quick stopover, as a means of saving a huge amount of cash. Although prices differ on where you are flying from in the US and where you stop over, the cheapest you’re roughly looking at is $335 return, which in reality, is priceless in the promise of the spectacular city of Roma!

Best time of year to travel

Interestingly, one of the cheapest times of the year to visit Rome is August, due to all the Italians heading abroad for the summer. However, if you’re craving a relaxing getaway weekend, we would steer you away from this scorching summer month, as during school holidays, Rome becomes a nightmare – not the way you want to experience such a stunning location. The other low-cost time of year to visit Rome is autumn to early winter, particularly November and the first half of December, as tourism is low and business even lower. Rome itself is also interestingly beautiful in the colder months, as you can spend a greater amount of time basking in its wonders, rather than sizzling in the blistering heat. Anywhere from January to March is also just as cheap to visit, because of the rain that frequently occurs, which the Italians refer to as ‘Marzo Pazzo’, meaning crazy march, due to the weather! But if this doesn’t pull you away from the awe of Rome, it is the perfect time to go in terms of saving your cash.

Spanish steps in Rome Italy

Accommodation – key location low prices

It often seems too good to be true to get that prime location, perfect room combination, but if we delve deep enough into your research, you can find that dream to be a reality. Whether you wish to stay in a hotel or self-catering, we can guarantee we’ve got just what you’re after, with this elitist list of must have accommodation.


  • Hotel Solis; this stunning 3-star hotel is located right next to the Colosseum, with rates centering around the €90 a night mark, which is incredible value for money.
  • Gambrinus Hotel: an exceptional 4-star 19th-century style hotel directly opposite termini station, is a steal. For rates as low as €71 a night, you’d be a fool to miss it.


Silvia’s House: this beautiful self-catering apartment from the one and only Airbnb has raving reviews about the quality of the home, and the welcoming hosts. Get it whilst you can!

Casa dei Papi: this perfectly located, low-value property will have you in awe of the rich Italian culture that is so heavily present throughout the city.

Cheap but cheerful restaurants

Delve into some authentic Italian cuisine, the right way. Here is a well-selected list of the finest Italian restaurants Rome has to offer, for far cheaper than you may expect!

  • Check out these stunning oval-shaped pizzas that are absolute to die for, at the gorgeous restaurant, just minutes away from the Vatican! Expect to pay around as little as €10 for the most incredible pizza you have eaten in your life.
  • Discover this low carb delight of a restaurant, named Que Te Pongo, which is the epitome of roman snack culture. Enjoy a range of smoked seafoods on the go, and satisfy that craving for something a little different.
  • Indulge in that long awaited, genuine Italian pizza, at Forno Campo de’ Fiori, which sells the most outstanding food by the slice, at prices you just won’t believe – it’s far too good to be true.

Piazza Navona and its restaurants in Rome ItalyFree events

Rome has such incredible free events to offer, that will spur you on and inspire you endlessly. Check out this list of events that are free and range in interest, happening this autumn time!

Festa Internationale di Roma: matching its iconic film status, this festival is the peak of its trade, attracting stars and visitors alike.

Rome jazz festival: get a taste of the magic of these gorgeous musical shows all the way from October to November!

Opera and Theatre season: don’t miss this spectacular dance, singing, opera extravaganza that begins mid-October; you’ll adore the vibrant atmosphere it produces.

Understanding the time of year you visit somewhere like Rome is crucial. You really can get the best for your money, so long as you do your correct research, which this article helpfully advises you on! Discover the absolutely unbeatable city of Rome this autumn, and feel completely and utterly replenished, after spending virtually nothing, and taking away so much.

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