Safari vacations are possibly the most popular way of seeing the nature of Africa. With such a particular and rare variety of wildlife, travelers from all over the world come to witness this beautiful continent. The animals that roam the savannahs of Africa are some of the most impressive and exciting. The combination of power, beauty, and danger that many of them possess is enticing. The original performances they display are captivating. Whether it is migration, hunting or just traversing their habitat, the movement of African wildlife is something travelers want to see.

Safari vacations make this dream possible

If you feel overwhelmed by choice, we have categorized the possibilities, making it easier to find the perfect safari for you. 


There are some destinations to choose from throughout Africa for a great safari experience. Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar; these are some of the many options available. If you have always had an ideal destination in mind, this is the perfect way to experience it. Safari allows you to traverse the land of a place and see the range of the country, as well as the variety of its wildlife. The landscape you do see will be particularly stunning as all the options are in National Parks. So choose a location and allow your trip to revolve around the place of your dreams.

Kenya is an extraordinarily beautiful destination as it offers not only the classic African savannah but also the sandy beaches of the Swahili Coastline. Holidays range from two days to two weeks. All of them offer the unique chance to experience the beauty of this country.

One particular holiday provides a 14-day tour of South East Kenya. Guests can sightsee the cities, and get lost in the wilderness on Safari. There are also possibilities to visit elephant sanctuaries and hike the wonders of nature, visiting some of the most significant waterfalls and springs on the continent. There is a diversity of nature exploration available. By traveling down the Nile, you can witness the magnificence of hippos and crocodiles in their natural environment.

There is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the safari experience, in one long and indulgent trip. However, perhaps for younger, or more budgeted travelers, there is less flexibility. The holiday is structured and planned – perfect those who want to sit back and relax, and let the beauty of Kenya carry them away.


For something a bit less expensive and possibly offering more freedom, there are many short trips available. By choosing through duration, travelers have more flexibility. They can use the Safari as an intense experience within a longer, independent journey, rather than a holiday. Either way, the duration says a lot about the trip. The choice is up to you – short and intense, or long and more relaxed.

There is an opportunity to spend 3 days in Namibia, at Etosha National Park. It offers the essential safari experience in a small and controlled period. You get the expert advice and local knowledge, without the huge long-term structure. It is intense, and culturally immersive, as guests stay ion African accommodation and eat national cuisine. With rooms overlooking the treetops, open walls and high terraces from which to watch the sunset, it is a small flare of paradise.

This trip is perfect for cheap travelers wanting a spark of touristy indulgence.                    


Would you rather walk than be stuck in a car? Have you always wanted to canoe down the Nile? Do you love the idea of spending the evening in treehouse accommodation? Your dreams are possible. For specific requests, the website has everything you could want. There are many opportunities for different preferences.

Under the categories tab, you can find single holidays, for those wanting to meet new people. There are also honeymoon trips for a creative, romantic getaway. There are vacations perfect for families and those traveling with young children. Safaris are an adventure attainable by anyone. Indeed, when you are horseback riding across the savannah of Africa, you will realize the real potential of safari trips.

For those who love the image of sleeping among the canopies of the forest, a 5-day treehouse holiday in Kruger Nation Park is a fantastic offer for budget travelers. There are views over the treetops, a lighted outside pool and of course, a daytime safari guide – all is natural, luxurious and exciting.

Ultimately, you get an infinitely wealth of experience for a very reasonable price.


If you have a favorite animal, this way of choosing a safari is perfect for you. Many trips are orientated around witnessing a particular animal or habitat. Lion safaris are available for fans of powerful predators. There are impala safaris for those wish to admire elegant beauty in its natural environment. Indeed, there are options for any African species you can think of, under the wildlife tab.

One of the most popular trips is to see the big five – the dominant animals of the African savannah. Forest tours focus on seeing creatures like gorillas. There are even migration safaris that allow travelers to witness the unique, natural movements of animal herds and families. These are planned trips as the migration is a rare and captivating event that visitors cannot disturb. 

One thing these trips all have in common: you will be traversing the country of natural Africa. You will immerse yourself in the wilderness. You will be constantly and immediately experience the vast and enticing beauty of Africa. However you choose to do it, and whatever species you want to see, this essential experience is amazing in itself.

Booking Safari Vacations

Discover the potential of safari vacations. The experience is available to everyone and anyone. From the early morning red sunrise to the lowering orange sunset over the savannah scene, you will not regret the decision to embrace the beauty of Africa. Discover the potential of safari vacations at this website.


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