South-west of the Gulf of Mexico and North America, north of South America and east of Central America, the Earth keeps some of its most precious and enchanting jewels. The Caribbean consists of over 700 islands and tiny islets. Crystal blue water, beautiful beaches, and striking landscapes are to be found on each one of them. There are more touristy spots, as well as wild and remote places. Whether you’re going for holidays to rest, to a party, to be all active and sporty, to meet people or explore the nature, there’s the right island for you. Here’s a list of the best Caribbean destinations to give you an idea of what is so great about it.

Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Even though it’s the smallest of all Virgin Islands, Saint John’s merits are not small at all. Virgin Islands National Park covers about 60% of its area, this fact says a lot in itself. St. John offers plenty of natural allures and, what makes it even better, the island is not as crowded as many of its neighbors, so you can truly enjoy these wonders without having to dig through crowds to reach them. Kilometers of trails crisscrossing lovely hills and valleys simply can’t be missed out, so make sure to pack some good shoes and walk as much as you can. You’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views and, since some of the trails lead to the beaches, you can always lay down on the white sand and take a rest, listening to the waves. Swimming with turtles is among star attractions, as well as snorkeling and bird-spotting.


Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Tourism capital and most populated island of the Turks and Caicos, Providenciales features an international airport and quite some amenities. Many of restaurants and hotels were built recently, so everything looks new and modern. Providenciales, like all of the Turks and Caicos islands, is serene and mellow, one of the best Caribbean destinations for those who prefer piece, quiet and nature over busy resorts and highlife. With miles of white sand on the land and coral reefs underwater, Providenciales is like heaven on Earth for both sunbathing enthusiasts and active divers.


Saint Lucia

Off the coast of central America, Saint Lucia features many small, elegant resorts. It’s the best Caribbean destination for luxurious and private holidays. Many honeymooners are coming to Saint Lucia, tempted by wonderful views, secluded, gorgeous beaches and wealth of cosy, charming hotels. Saint Lucia offers also a lot of unique attractions, hence it’s a great place for adventure seekers: a drive-in volcano at La Soufrière, the Sulphur Springs (beautiful hot springs; make sure to take a swimsuit and you can go for a dip) and the Diamond Botanical Gardens. One of St. Lucia’s highlights and the most unique part of its landscape is made of the twin Pitons, majestic cone-shaped peaks. You can climb Gros Piton, hike in the rainforest, swim and snorkel. From a variety of activities to amazing views, Saint Lucia’s gems are priceless.



The largest of Carribean islands, Cuba has it all: nature wonders and glorious beaches, but also vibrant cities, cultural events, lots of music and colors. Drive around Havana in an old-style car, discover historical heritage of the island, listen to live music and meet locals, a bit edgy, but charming, a bit sarcastic, but full of hopes and dreams. Cuban streets are full of art performances and old, American cars. The cities are bustling, while the countryside is peaceful and quiet. There are resorts for those who like to have it all organized, as well as many places for backpackers and budget travelers. It’s one of the best Caribbean destinations because there’s so much to do there. Cuba just can’t be boring.

Cuba cars


Are you a party animal? Here’s your place then. Each year, on Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, Trinidad becomes an explosion of music, colors, and fun. The Carnival is world-famous, crazy and vibrant. It’s the island’s highlight, definitely, the best time to visit Trinidad is during the festival. Yet even though for the rest of the year it’s not so loud and full anymore, there are still many things you can do around. Mangrove swamps and lush rainforests are always there to be explored.


Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is a rural island and, even though tourists get more and more interested in visiting it, it still feels like a village. Dogs bark at nights, chickens run in the streets and so do horses, there’s not much of a crazy night-life, shopping malls or resorts. There are some lovely hotels and restaurants though. The biggest attraction is Mosquito Bay with bioluminescent micro-organisms in the water. You can take a boat ride or go for a kayaking trip to see how the water glows and its colour turns to electric, intense shade of blue. Vieques, a small municipality of Puerto Rico, is goof for those who want to escape noise and chaos of everyday city life.


Which of the islands would you choose for holidays? Or perhaps you’ve already found your favorite place in the Caribbean? Let us know!


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