It can be very tricky to pick travel places for Teenagers that will keep your teenagers happy; as they get older, they wish to spend less and less time with their parents. This is why you should try to include them in the selection process. Below you will find a shortlist of the best travels places for teenagers depending on their interests, and you can utilize this guide when making your decision.

Identify the interests of the teenager and make a shortlist of potential destinations. Watch some videos and look at photos of what activities you can do at each respective location as well as learning about each distinct landscape. Allow the teenager to help whittle down the list of potential destinations. This way both parties will be happy with the chosen location.

Travel Places for Teenagers: Adventure Holidays

For those who enjoy wildlife, the Galapagos Islands have the most exotic mix of biology that is to be found anywhere on the planet. You can get close to all sorts of creatures ranging from seals and giant tortoises to exotic birds.
There are some adventure specific travel companies which provide packages to locations such as Burma where you get to experience day to day life by meeting the local villagers and exploring the ancient temples which are like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. Alternatively, you can go to somewhere like Turkey where there are plenty of activities to do such as scuba diving and kayaking.
Indonesia leads the way regarding adventure holidays as they have a whole host of activities to partake in with something to match every taste imaginable. You can take part in extended tours of Bali and Java where you can travel through the jungle by elephant and even trek up a volcano. There is also a whole host of smaller islands which are dotted around Indonesia which make for great fun when sailing around by boat.

scuba diving children

Sun Holidays

One of the most common destinations in Europe for families with teenagers is the South of Spain. Areas such as Marbella and Puerto Banus are particularly attractive. You will find magnificent villas and resorts for reasonable prices where teenagers will be among people of their age. There are plenty of activities for parents to engage in also with a wide range of water sports and land sports to partake in.
There is a whole host of places in Europe that are ideal for a sun holiday. In Italy, you can rent amazing cottages and villas which provide your teenager with some personal space and independence. They will get to experience the great Italian culture, food as well as engaging in fun activities. The coastline and islands of Greece are well known for being a great holidaying destination and are home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.
Outside of Europe, you can choose from a wide range of destinations. The Caribbean has many exciting places to be discovered. The island of Tobago has fantastic water activities. You can snorkel down into old shipwrecks as well as diving amongst animals of the sea such as stingrays and sharks. On land, Tobago possesses some fantastic beaches that are guarded by crystal clear water which instantly creates a peaceful and stress-free environment for the whole family.

Sun Holidays

Cultural Holiday

While some teenagers might find historical and culturally rich locations boring, many will be astounded and enthused by such a holiday. The most eye-opening site has to be Cairo, Egypt which was home to the great Egyptians. It has everything you look for in a cultural destination, the Ancient Pyramids, camel rides through the desert, a huge amount of markets and museums to visit and a whole host of five-star hotels to allow you to relax in comfort after spending the days seeing the sights and experiencing the culture.

For those interested in the Cold War or Russian history itself, Russia is a great place to visit. You will be hard pushed to find cities with more recent history than Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some of the standout features include the space museum, visits to the great theatres and buildings and even visiting one of the bunkers specially made for emergencies during the Cold War.

Great historical places to visit in Europe include Rome, Paris, and Berlin which are all steeped with their own long and fascinating histories.

For those wishing to visit Asia, Japan has to be the standout destination. It is nearly unparalleled for the excitement that it can generate. The towering cities are a hub of activity with a futuristic landscape as well as ancient customs and traditions such as the Samurai. You can travel at speed and leisure on the bullet train around Japan. Vietnam is also a vibrant hub of recent history. Everywhere you look there are examples of this, especially in cities such as Hanoi and Saigon. There are also some great beaches, tunnels, and temples to be found here, so there is something for everyone.

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Best of the Rest Holidays

If none of the above caters to your needs, then here are some of the rest of the best locations to visit for teenagers. New York is an exciting and energizing place for people from all walks of life. Teens will fall in love with the diverse culture as well as the great shopping. Visits to Cape Cod and the Hamptons provide endless fun activities to do outside of the Big Apple.

Las Vegas isn’t just for those of the legal age; there are many great themed resorts which are perfect for teenagers. You also have many different adventure activities. You can rent a helicopter to see the Grand Canyon and drive dune buggies in the desert.
Heading to Australia and New Zealand is a trip of a lifetime. The incredible landscape will blow the minds of teenagers and adults alike with the vast deserts, sprawling mountains, and dazzling beaches.

las vegasPicking the location of your holiday is only half the battle when you have teenagers. You must keep in mind a few key rules when on your travels. You should give them their space at times, and most of all accept that they will not always want to do the same things as you. By accepting this, both you and your teenager will have a holiday to remember.

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  1. We have been several of these places with our teens and loved the list! Costa Rica was filled with unbelievable memories on a fairly low budget, and Jamaica was incredible. You can never go wrong with New Zealand! It is one of the most beautiful places I can imagine.


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