Finally, the snow has melted, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are green as summer has stampeded back into our lives. Summer means school is out and family vacations are planned or underway. Where are you going this summer? Throughout the U.S., lakes, and rivers are full of kayakers, tubers, boats, water skiers, and swimmers. Traveling has increased both by plane and by vehicle, as people are flocking to the coastlines for the beaches and to the water for some fun in the sun. Try some snorkeling or a sunset cruise and have fun doing your favorite summer water sports this summer.

Float or Raft the Rivers

Floating down the rivers is a favorite of many young summer vacationers. Drinks, music and cool, calm water carry you slowly down the river as you relax and take in the sun with your friends and family. For more excitement, try a river float day trip like the one found in Las Vegas on the Colorado River. Want more speed? Try a rafting trip down the Colorado River in the mighty Grand Canyon that will amaze you with the views! Rafting or tubing down the rivers in the U.S. is a great and exciting way to see the beautiful scenery of the area.

rafting grand canyon

Hit the Beach

The beaches form the east, and west coasts of the United States attract thousands of visitors during the summer months. The beaches of California are popular for surfing and sunsets, while the beaches that stretch along the east coast are great for swimming and fishing. Laguna Beach, Myrtle Beach, Nantucket, Ka’anapali Beach and much more are visitor favorites. The east coast has the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the west coast has the cooler waters of the Pacific Ocean. Florida has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters like those found in the Caribbean. The southern coast has the Gulf of Mexico. South Padre Island and areas along the Texas and the other Gulf States are part hotspots and full of things to do in the water. Sail, swim, fish and build sand castles at some of the best beaches in the U.S. this summer.

laguna beach california

Cruise on your Boat

The U.S. has some amazing lakes for recreation if you can’t make it to one of the beaches along the coast. The bigger lakes are excellent for your boat, or many have boat rentals available. Rent a high-speed boat for thrills and water skiing or a slower pontoon-style boat to cruise along at a leisurely pace. Cruise along Lake Powell which is a gorgeous lake in a desert setting surrounded by red rock. Lake Tahoe and Big Bear Lake are heavily visited and are favorites for water sports and boating. Lake of the Ozarks and Lake Michigan are two more favorites with boat rentals, water sport equipment rentals and much more available during the busy and fun summer months.

lake powell cruise

Snorkel Adventures in the U.S.

You don’t have to go to an exotic island thousands of miles away when some amazing places to snorkel are right here in the U.S. The waters off of the states are home to fish, sharks, reefs, turtles and much more. Snorkeling can be done by both kids and adults and is a great way to exercise this summer and also to see the amazing underwater world beneath! La Jolla Cove in California offers glimpses of sharks, but you may need a wetsuit to snorkel in the cold waters of the Pacific. The Virgin Islands of St. Croix has a colossal reef that covers over 19,000 acres that will allow you to see turtles, colorful fish, and even manta rays. The Hawaiian Islands, as well as many of the waters around Florida, have fantastic snorkeling opportunities as well for the whole family. Bring your snorkel or rent one for your water activity.

Snorkel Adventures in the US

Kayak in the Best Paddling Towns

Kayaking is another favorite summertime sport, and there are some excellent choices available to kayak at. Paddle the turquoise waters of the beautiful Florida Keys or try Roanoke, Virginia, at Carvins Cove Park that has an 800-acre lake. Nearby at Blue Ridge, there are much more white-water kayaking options for those looking for a thrill in the water. In Eminence, Missouri the canoe outfitters outnumber the restaurants. Tree-lined banks surround the lovely calm river waters of the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers which are spring-fed. Lush forests, eagles, caves and much more can be seen kayaking down the water. Rent a kayak for your convenience and see what the rivers, lakes and ocean offer from the water.

Florida Keys kayaking

Are You Ready to Water Ski?

Water skiing and wake boardings are fun and adventurous water activities. Although they take some practice, these activities hold competitions that may come to see. Lake George in New York is a favorite spot for water skiing. This is a resort area with the beautiful Adirondack Park nearby as well. Lake Chela in Michigan is a beautiful state park with many rental houses available. Lake Havasu is a prime location for party-goers as well as wakeboarders and water skiers. With over 19,000 acres in Lake Havasu, there is plenty of room for all. Austin, Texas has Lake Austin and Lake Travis, and with the mild weather year-round, water-goers are always out water skiing, especially in the world-class facilities specially built for water skiing. Head to Pine Mountain, Georgia, where the longest human-made beach exists and also where the Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament is held each Memorial Day weekend.

wake boarding

Enjoy Your Summer Water Sports

Summer is a chance to get a tan, relax by the lake with friends and family and hop on a boat or go fishing or swimming. The possibilities are endless and, depending on what sport you would like to do; there is a place for you. Do you want to snorkel? Head to Florida, Hawaii, or California to see what’s under the sea. Rent a boat and spend the day at the lake with friends and relax in the cool breeze. Canoe or kayak down a quiet river surrounded by forests or whitewater raft down a river like the Colorado River. Lakes, rivers, and opportunities can be found in every state, so you don’t have to travel too far to find the summer water sports for you. Water parks are also common and can be found in most states as well for a day of fun and water slides and rides. Don’t forget your sunscreen and enjoy the cool water on a hot day this summer.


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