With its extraordinary nature, sunny weather, captivating history, and culture, Greece is one of Europe’s most-known destinations. At the moment it’s also one of the hottest subjects in the news, discussed by everyone who’s at least a bit interested in politics. Despite its problems, Greece remains a worth-visiting, alluring country. Here’s a list of 8 reasons why you should visit Greece this year.

  1. The situation out there isn’t as bad as media say (at least not for tourists)

Because of the political and economic turmoil, the press just won’t stop speaking about Greece. The country is facing lots of serious issues indeed. Greeks are struggling with a dramatic crisis, and so they have been for years. Now, because of the banks and the debts, there are problems with withdrawing money from the ATMs, so people are running out of cash. The negotiations with the EU continue, and some deals have been made recently, although nobody knows how long it is going to last until the next outburst of the crisis begins. Nevertheless, Greece is a safe country. Tourists can get their money out of ATMs without any significant difficulties. You should have some cash with you, just in case, and keep it in a safe place, but otherwise – life goes on, and not much has changed for tourists in Greece. Locals have a lot of problems, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want guests. In contrary, now is the moment Greece needs visitors even more.

Financial Crisis in Greece

  1. It’s as beautiful as always

Luckily, nature doesn’t bother much with the economy of humans. The sea is still stunning, water clear and sparkling. The cliffs stand proudly, flowers blossom, mountains reach the skies and Greece are as gorgeous as it has always been. The white houses and blue water of Santorini, the olive trees and spectacular beaches of Crete, the nightlife and golden sand of Mykonos – Greek islands are countless and so are their gems. The mainland’s enchanting too. Beautiful cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, traditional villages and cozy towns, there’s so much to discover you might have some serious dilemmas as to where to go exactly. Whatever location you choose though, it’s most likely going to be wonderful.

View of Meteora Monastery, Greece

  1. The food is so yummy you can’t believe it’s real

Thanks to its climate and fertile soil, the land of Greece is abundant in delicious fruit and veggies. Once you have a taste of the traditional cuisine, you’ll never forget it. You should try moussaka, a baked dish made of eggplant and tomatoes spiced up with garlic, sauce, and cheese. Don’t miss out on beans and lentils. Dishes such as fassolatha (white bean soup) or fakes (lentil soup) are as filling as delicious, perfect if you’re starving. Anything with feta is great, be it a salad, saganaki (fried cheese) or kolokithopita (zucchini pie). Olive oil is an essential ingredient of most Greek dishes, that’s what makes them so characteristic and healthy. For seafood and fish lovers, the country’s a paradise, but fans of meat won’t be disappointed either (order grilled meat in a tavern, and you’ll be happier than ever). Most of the traditional dishes are quite elaborate, but in Greece even fast food is yummy. If you don’t believe, try souvlaki.

Taverna in Malia, Crete, Greece

  1. The history stands still

Greece is known for its long and fascinating history. Not many countries in the world can boast of such a large number of well-preserved ancient buildings. A trip to Greece is like a journey in time. Athens, with its Parthenon and Acropolis, is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Not only Athens has captivating monuments though. Magical monasteries in Meteora, the Temple of Apollo on the Rhodes island, the ancient city of Corinth, Delphi, Olympia, Knossos – the historically significant places are countless. Many of the architectonic gems date back thousands of years ago, so If you want to understand how the civilizations have developed through ages, nothing will be as helpful as a visit to Greece.

Parthenon on Acropolis in Athens, Greece

  1. It’s affordable

As for the prices, Greece certainly isn’t the cheapest place in Europe. It isn’t costly either though. Despite the crisis, prices didn’t drop dramatically, but it’s possible to find affordable accommodations and enjoy the tourist attractions without spending a fortune. Comparing to the Western Europe and most known destinations in Southern Europe, Greece is budget-friendly. The best thing about Hellas is its diversity. You can find both fancy resorts and cheap hostels. The country’s equally famous amongst luxury-seekers and backpackers. Whichever group you belong to, finding the right accommodation and suitable entertainment won’t be difficult. There are excellent five-star hotels and exquisite restaurants. There are also beaches, mountains, traditional taverns and lovely cafés that can keep budget travelers (and their wallets) perfectly content.

Reasons You Should Visit Greece in 2015

  1. The hospitality of Greeks is charming

One could think the Greek hospitality comes from self-interest since tourism plays such an important role in the country’s economy. It’s true, Greeks know how to manage the service and treat their guests, it’s also true that comes partially from the fact they need guests to keep their businesses running. Nevertheless, they’re also authentically welcoming. Hospitality is a big thing in Greece. Whether you only order a cup of coffee in a tiny bar or a huge dinner in a restaurant, the staff will most likely be incredibly friendly and professional. If you hand out to locals, you’ll experience this hospitality on a deeper level. Most of them love to speak about their country, present their culture, share smiles and stories.

Friendly and Professional Staff in Greek restaurants

  1. And so is their joyful spirit

It’s generalizing, but one can’t describe a country and a nation with no generalizing at all. Of course, there are sad Greeks, disappointed and angry Greeks – especially now. No matter how bad the situation gets, the majority of Greeks manage to keep their joyful attitude towards life. You can see it on the streets: they walk around smiley, energetic and witty. They love to speak loudly, make funny jokes and express their thoughts. You won’t feel lonely in Greece. Wherever you go, you can meet people. Not only meet people, actually, but also make real friends.

Old Greek Woman in Southern Greece

Are you convinced that you need to visit Greece? Let us know what you think of it? And share this article with your friends, to break the stereotypes and share the positive view of Greece!


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